By:  Tara Laker  Ongoing
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Isabella is tired of having a standard day to day life.But what she doesn't realise is that what she does already is not as boring as she claims.HackerCoderJust a few of the many names she's been called, well not her by her alias Sphinx.Not many know of her alterego, but what happens when a face to face is requested and she has no other choice? Can she trust the bad boy?________________________________ James' seeks adventure but already has a life filled with it.Insure of the next step...But what about when some unexpected nerdy girl throws him off course.Gang work suddenly becomes more wanted than ever.

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Love the characters and the story. More!!!
2021-07-09 13:00:59
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Dayu Awahita
nice book and ??
2020-11-03 20:38:00
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Angela Lynn Carver
Keep up the good work ?
2020-07-31 06:38:24
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Angela Tpk
nice book so far please update soon
2020-07-04 03:49:42
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Debbie R Clancy
Could you please finish it...
2021-09-15 14:13:48
32 Chapters
o n e
Chapter 1 Understanding Isabella 
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t w o
Chapter 2 Meet my Hell 
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t h r e e
Chapter 3 Miss Queen Bitch 
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f o u r
Chapter 4 He- Her?! 
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f i v e
Chapter 5 Talk my ass! 
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s i x
[Chapter 6]~Dairy-free Lasagna~When I got home last night my parents were pulling up in the drive way, which is luckily in front of the house, but because we have a corner house I snuck to the 'side' which is actually the back where the shed thingy is.They are super overprotective.I'm turning 18 in a month and few weeks, but if I leave the house they want there to be parental supervision. And they absolutely hate the fact that I'm only friends with 2 boys.That being said I'm always at home on a Saturday and Sunday. My parents don't work on Sunday but they both work on Saturday. Which leaves me either alone with Annie or alone.Which explains my current state of boredom. I've been coding and punching that fucking bag for over 6 hours, and I'm tired... But I don't take naps. So now I'm just laying on a poof chair, wa
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s e v e n
[Chapter 7]~Ooo Burn *Tss*~I hate this Sunday more than I could ever hate any Monday. We didn't lead a religious life, so no it's not church.But my parents had this brilliant idea to agree to a barbeque with our new neighbours. And here I was trusting their lack of social lives to spur me through unscathed.But no, my father convinced my mother to try and make friends to 'teach the children'.Teach the children my assMy dad was probably bored in the house, he doesn't smoke or drink so he normally just watched TV. As for my mother she smokes and only indulges in red and white wines. But I'm forbidden from looking at cigarettes and alcohol in general.Bunch of hypocrites. The hypocrisy in my house is massive.°°°
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e i g h t
[Chapter 8]~Tiles+Floor= Ow~ I think my father hit a nerve cause after that the air felt thick and heavy. The tension was high, Lora remained quiet and so did the rest of us. I finished the rest of my food. Wanting nothing but to escape this silence. "Excuse me," I say standing up, "I need to use the restroom." I mumble heading back through the back door. I've been to Mr and Mrs McCarthy's house before so I can vaguely remember where the toilet is. And if not then I could always just be a creepy house guest and open every door till I find the toilet. Opening the first door next to the kitchen,  I think it's in here... I was right, although their bathroom looked nothing like ours. Ours had large mirrors and dark blue tiles but theirs have light grey tiles and only one small cabinet mirror. After finishing my pee... Hehehe
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n i n e
[Chapter 9]~Detention Sketches~ Monday mornings will forever hate me. And I will forever hate them.  I'm normally an early riser with my alarm set and having everything planned out. But my parents had the brilliant idea to mess with my alarm to be funny. So now I haven't gotten dressed, I haven't gotten to my beautiful punching bag and school starts in 20 minutes. The bus left already, and none of my parents can drive me to school. So now I have to make what would be an hour and 45 minute bike trip, a 15 minute one. Dressing into black leggings and a tight dark purple singlet with a pair of converse.  Throwing my school bag into a duffel with clothes, so that I can change out of the sweaty clothes and take a shower at school. Shit! 7:43 am I have 17 minutes left... Saying a quick
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t e n
I'm feeling generous~ T (a/n) [Chapter 10]~"Probably can't throw a punch"~ I'm not gonna lie and say that the week went fast cause it sure as hell felt long as fuuurck. I had to practically beg my parents to let me go home with Zack on Friday (Today). I lied to them and told them it was a group project that I was assigned, and Cole was in my group so he was gonna bring me back home.  After hearing that Cole was in the group my parents relaxed a teeny tiny bit, but were still hesitant. They asked to speak to Zack's parents, so he pretended to be his dad for them to lay off. Which brings me to how I'm currently sitting in the passenger seat of Coles car. He's driving fast, because I think that he expected me to be scared.  I'm not. I love driving fast.  Opening the window slightly I stick my hand out and play with the
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