Steel Soul Online

Steel Soul Online

By:  Jaxer30  Ongoing
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David is a lawyer with a passion for videogames, even if his job doesn't let him play to his heart's content he is happy with playing every Saturday or Sunday in his VR capsule and, like everyone else, waits impatiently for the release of Steel Soul Online, the first VR Mecha game that combined magic and technology and the largest ever made for said system, But his life changed completely one fateful night while riding his Motorbike. Now in the world of SSO, he'll try to improve and overcome his peers, make new friends and conquer the world!... but he has to do it in the most unconventional way possible in a world where death is lurking at every step!

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38 Chapters
The end is where he began
The First VR capsule, The V-1, sold to the market in 2035, was a turning point for the world. The entertainment industry experienced a revolution when this platform came to people's life: VR games, concerts, interactive movies, and books, even tourism! A lot of companies and countries had to keep up with the changes or get left in the dust.But, the new technology first conceived for entertainment purposes got new uses. Like Architecture projects, martial dojos, military training, prototype testing, even schools, and colleges opened online. The new community born from these advances grew as the technology got perfected over the years.Ten years later, Steel Soul Online came to bring something new to the table: Magic and science coexisting in one universe. It was the most ambitious project from TriDa games, the official distributor of the first VR capsule model. They promised hundreds upon hundreds of worlds, quests, unique classes, and races, all in just one game.Thi
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Corpse Party
[You have successfully possessed the body of Haakon Völundrsson!][Your stats updated!]In his chest, a blue flame started burning, and blue light seeped through every crack in his skin. A weak ember floated above his severed neck. David got up and patted his ragged clothes and stretched, he heard some popping sounds as the ice started to melt and his muscles were warming up, then he threw a few punches to the air until feeling satisfied.-The feelings are similar to other games, this feels a little more realistic, but that's not an issue--Stats!-[Name: Haakon Völundrsson (???)][Level: 1 (83 XP left to lv2)][Race: Zombie (Ghost)][Life points: 20 (∞)][Mana points: 20 (10)][Attack: 10 (N/A)][Defense: 10 (∞)][Dextery: 14 (N/A)][Agility: 5 (N/A)][Inteligence: 11 (N/A)][Spiritual Force: 20][Abilities](^)- Possession (Lv 2)- Soul devour (Lv 1)- Weak mind bla
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 "Huh, you're not that strong after all, but why did your soul blade have that amount of damage?" David crooked his head a little before the dog released his leg, he watched him in disdain and snorted."That's pretty basic, just grinding the ability, just cast mind blade over and over and voilá, you level it up" Kevin rolled his eyes and started walking, poking with his nose in some snow piles searching for a human body."Oh...i almost forgot that point, silly me" David shook his head and decided to grind that skill. He needed a better edge against more powerful ghosts. "Moving on, have you find another player beside me?""No, this world is to
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Walk like an egyptian
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Into the breach
When David opened his eyes, he was in a strange 'tunnel' made of different colors. There were a lot of things traveling beside him at different speeds, some objects were as fast as a bullet, while others were slower than him. But there was only one thing that remained at his speed just a couple of meters in front of him: The shadow man, his sword was still piercing his chest, and he was visibly struggling to summon his dark flames.[You have entered a space rift!][While you travel inside the space channel, you cannot use mana nor spiritual force!][Beware of flying objects!]
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Unexpected circumstances
David was examining his new appearance and doing some movements to get used to having no skin on his body. But the world suddenly went dark, he panicked a little and searched for an answer to what was going on. And it came very soon. A short and bald middle-aged man appeared in front of him, he was wearing a lab coat that had the logo of TriDa on one pocket. David was a little scared for a second but calmed down soon after.
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The future
 Back in TriDa games, Santiago Torres left a capsule and stretched his body until he heard popping sounds coming from his joints, then he got up walked into a room full of people in different attires: some of them were wearing suits, other lab coats, some of them were even in pajamas, but all of them solemnly watching a single monitor in the center with the "anomaly" Called David. When Santiago coughed, the monitor turned off, and everybody looked at Santiago's direction."I know what are you thinking about all of this, it's a complete mess" Santiago shrugged his shoulders, "but it can't be helped, that player was lucky enough to select that path, and the system did what it thought it was correct in that situation.""You sound like you don't care about it..." grumbled a bald guy in an expensive suit with a little golden label with his n
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"...How?"Skeletor appeared in the same place where it "spawned," it was the same, but his sword was nowhere near, he checked the inventory and the surroundings searching for it, he asked in the help section, and a little notification appeared in front of him:[When a Conqueror and a Heart of the Abyss disconnects, their troops remain to execute the last instruction they received before the disconcection][You don't keep items in death]David sighed and subconsciously bit his virtual nail, rubbed his face for a couple of seconds, and finally groaned. He turned his attention again to the little skeleton, that was stari
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Crystal age
For the next hour, David transferred Skeletor to a gathering role and made it "mine" some of the purple crystals. Mining went up three levels in that process, but the changes weren't that noticeable. Then, he used the heavier ones to hit the smaller ones to break them into useable chunks. As an experiment, he used a rock to do the same process. Sadly, it didn't work. After requesting and receiving a notepad, he noted down all of his discoveries.
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