Online Game: the Super Healer

Online Game: the Super Healer

By:  He Dao Zhang  Updated just now
Language: English
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Online Game: Don't Heal the Others is a long fiction written by He Daozhang. Xiao Feng, the protagonist of the story was an ace at online games. By accident, he knew a game called Mystery which can reduce human’s energy consumption and improve the space-allocation on the earth.

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Ray Nichol Jr.
the book is pretty well written compared to most of the books I've read on here
2024-02-16 11:12:04
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Donald Leedy
this book is awesome. very well written and very interesting storyline. a few twists you don't expect to keep you on your toes. hope new chapters keep coming!
2023-10-29 10:28:36
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jaypee doktoor
Hey author, I'm on chapter 391 when you will update new chapters? And from the looks of the ending chapters right now,there will be more story to come. I'm looking forward to your update......
2022-12-27 17:40:25
574 Chapters
Chapter 1 The Waiter of the Gold Medal Bar
“Let’s queue up for this one! Come on, let’s teach those smug bastards from Science and Technology a lesson.”Gold Medal Internet Bar was near Xia University, so most of the customers were students. These five strode in to play as a team. “Miss Ting, these players were on the USTC’s professional team. Do we really have a chance?” Xiaopang, a shorter student in glasses, asked. “I will not slink away like a coward. We challenged them in a public forum thread, remember?! Our university will lose face if we mess this up, so we have to win this!”A different young man gave the nervous team member a sharp look, and Xiaoping was afraid to respond."Don't worry, I have a secret trump card today. We’ll teach them a lesson!” the leading woman said confidently, leading the others behind her.“What card? Did you buy off our opponents?”“Do you really think I’d do something that nasty? I’ve just found an ace who can help our team!”“I mean, that’
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Chapter 2 The Little Girl with Golden Hair
"Are you crazy? You’re courting death, rushing at them like that! Hold them off and wait for us to revive..."Wang Qiang was still yelling, but, as he watched the screen, he stopped in his tracks. It wasn’t just him, they all gazed at the screen in disbelief.In Xiaofeng’s hands, Alleria came to life. It felt as if there was really a soul inside the image on the screen as it rushed into the USTC and showed them how this game was meant to be played. It danced among them, slashing and dodging. This was the essence of Alleria, strafing and jumping. It was not a battle, but a performance. One by one, the heroes around it fell.“You’re being way too aggressive!”"Double kill! Wait, triple kill!""Oh my God! Four down!""What the fuck! He got all five! It's impossible!"While Tingting and the other four people were frozen in amazement, Alleria took all five down with elegance and grace. With all five down, he could teleport into the USTC te
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Chapter 3 Myth
"Myth will officially open service at 12 o'clock tonight! I believe that countless players all over the world are looking forward to playing it! Today we have the honor to invite the editor of this game, Xia He, to give you a public interview for this game. Hello teacher Xia!""Hello host, hello to the players who love Myth across the world!"The interview was being played on the TV. The one being interviewed was a Chinese man with gray hair. He looked very spiritual."Mr. Xia, as the chief designer, how do you view the sensation caused by Myth? The global players are looking forward to it and the United Nations also publicly issued a statement to fully support the promotion and popularization of Myth around the world.""This is a simple question. As we all know, nowadays, our resources are becoming scarcer and the population is growing. Therefore, the living environment is constantly being compressed. In order to reduce the excess resource consumption of hum
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Chapter 4 Can A Priest Attack Monsters?
"Well... Alleria?" Xiaofeng asked tentatively."This ID has been archived in the Hall of Fame. If this is your ID, please go to the Hall of Fame website for official identity authentication and account binding. Otherwise, please enter a new name."Feng Xiao.""The name ‘Feng Xiao’ is taken. Please enter a different name.""...Hua Tuo.""The name ‘Hua Tuo’ is taken. Please enter a different name."""Bian Que.""The name ‘Bian Que’ is taken. Please enter a different name.""Damn it!""The Name ‘Damn It’ is taken. Please enter a different name.""Fuck you!""The name ‘Fuck You’ is taken. Please enter a different name.""I..." Xiaofeng was speechless. Something occurred to him and he blurted it out. "Dad!""The name 'Dad' is available.""Yes!"Xiaofeng smiled."The character 'Dad' has been successfully created! Next, we will scan the basic attributes of the player. The average is five, the ma
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Chapter 5 Bang Bang Bang
The gray wolf whimpered as it finally ran out of health. It collapsed, eyes closing. In the whole fight, it had only gotten one hit in while Xiaofeng was distracted. He’d dodged the rest."Hey! You've killed a 5th-Level Wild Wolf and gained 50 points of experience!"There was a pleasant chime and half of Xiaofeng’s experience bar filled. After all, he was a level 0 player. Killing a level five monster was rewarding.Still, even if the experience was good, the rewards weren’t impressive. It had only dropped a few copper coins.Xiaofeng looked for better loot, found none, then picked the coins. If he tried to exchange these for real money, he’d be lucky to get a couple of cents.Xiaofeng shook his head and looked for the next gray wolf. It took him ten hits to bring down, and the experience was enough to level up. All he needed to do was avoid being hit, something that came easily to him.With his high base stats, he could level up here easily.
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Chapter 6 Onlookers
"This BOSS seems difficult to kill. Let's work together and share the drops. What do you think?" The bloody wolf was huge and strong like the rhinoceros. The name on its head was Bloody Wolf King. There were four white wolves guarding it. Besides, it was also guarded by a group of black wolves. Xiaofeng had not studied scouting, so he did not know the rank of the Bloody Wolf King. But he thought that it was difficult to deal with, so he immediately encouraged Night Cooer to cooperate with him. At this moment, Night Cooer was hesitating. He used scouting to see the attributes of the Bloody Wolf King and found that players who just came out of the Novice Village couldn't deal with it. Even for him, it was still difficult to kill a white wolf guard. However, he turned to look at Xiaofeng, and immediately made up his mind. For Xiaofeng, the white wolf guard was easy to kill but the attacks of the Bloody Wolf King may send him back
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Chapter 7 Midsummer Rose
Finally, no players rushed to the periphery of the forest, but there were also hundreds of players here. There was no space in the refresh point of black wolves. All of these players were from the major forces or relatively strong small teams, or they could not get through the refresh point of gray wolves and arrive here. Myth just opened service a few hours ago, and now most of the players in the Novice Village were only level 1 or level 2, while the gray wolf was a monster of level 5, which could attack the players actively. So the ordinary players didn't have the ability to come over here. Even if the news of the blood king wolf was not deliberately hidden, in this No. 9191 Novice Village, only these people could receive the news in time to arrive quickly. Among the hundreds of players, a force called Midsummer had the largest number of players, which was close to 40 or 50. The leader was a female player named Midsummer Rose and she was o
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Chapter 8 The slightest Slip of Attention
"Who are you? Do you really think you can represent Doomsday League? Even Doomsday God doesn't dare to speak to our chairman like this." Midsummer Lily was still proud and she was standing behind Midsummer Rose. The people she just mentioned was the chairman of the Doomsday League, and he was very famous in the online game world. "You! Wait... What are you talking about? Your chairman? Is chairman of Midsummer standing here?" Doomsday Law God was blushing and then asked with some uncertainties. "Yes, this is the new president of Midsummer Guild, Midsummer Rose!” Midsummer Lily looked respectfully at Midsummer Rose who turned around slowly. "What? You have a new chairman?" Doomsday Law God was shocked. It was breaking news. The chairman of Midsummer had changed and the new chairman was a woman! "Night Cooer is my man. Please do us a favor and gave up this BOSS."
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Chapter 9 Great Drop!
The eyes of Night Cooer were filled with coldness and hatred, which turned into the desire of killing. He did not show any mercy in his attacks as if he vowed to kill Xiaofeng here. Xiaofeng was confused and didn't know what he had done, he thought that they had just worked very well together. "Do you want to grab my equipment? Then, you are the one who starts the fight." It was not the habit of Xiaofeng to endure others' attacking without striking back. After the invalid warning, Xiaofeng no longer dodged and picked up his wooden stick and knocked on Night Cooer. "Bang!" "-40! Crit!" They passed near each other. Night Cooer stiffened after hearing a dull knocking sound of the wooden stick. He was knocked by Xiaofeng on his head and the number of damage floated from his head. Actually, it was a crit, and the Health Points of Night Cooer were directly reduced by more than half.
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Chapter 10 Run Wild in the Novice Village
He also had two green suits and no whiteboard. These were definitely the reward for the first killing of BOSS in the game. One of them was jewelry. You should know that in the introduction of Myth, jewelry was the most precious equipment. Although the attribute was low, the value was very high, because the drop rate was the lowest, and players could equip with many pieces. For example, the players could equip with four rings. In addition, there was also a staff that seemed to be composed of a few wolf thigh bones. After all, it was a green suit, so its attributes were normal and it had no attack ability. But this was the official weapon of the priest. Xiaofeng equipped himself with all of these, including the armguard dropped by the white wolf guard earlier. In this way, he changed all his equipment and opened his attribute panel which was completely different. Character: Dad Level: 5 Profession: tra
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