Godfather World

Godfather World

By:  DestinyAitsuji  Ongoing
Language: English
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In a world ruled by criminals, civilians live a shit life. A cook gets shot to death for saving a man's life and gets an audience with God. "Civilians are humans too!" he complained. As compensation, God shoved him into the body of Zen Taro - the Taro Family’s useless third young master. Given the ability to learn at hyperspeed, Zen has to find a way to survive this crazy deathtrap of an academy. Armed with only his superior gaming, civilian common sense and cooking skills, watch him survive the crazy VR battle royale in true Zen Fashion. Status: Season 6 in 2024! Join my discord for updates.

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Thomas Bland
Having finished chapter 119, I highly recommend others read this story. I can't wait for more to be written. It has continued to be a refreshingly enchanting story that rises above most everything here.
2022-10-30 09:09:43
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Thomas Bland
Only 31 chapters completed of the current 118 but refreshingly written so far. The grammatical errors and spelling mistakes are far fewer than similar stories, making this a much more pleasurable read. The endless repetition of other stories designed to inflate the length has also not appeared.
2022-10-18 15:41:36
243 Chapters
Devil’s Luck
"Run faster! Run faster! These legs are not mine!"What a lie. If only these words were true. Zen could feel his lungs burning and blamed the previous owner of this body for not exercising more. If they did, his flawless plan wouldn't have turned against him.Something whistled past his head, and Zen ducked narrowly. The forest was realistic... too realistic for a VR game. Why did they have to replicate even the physical capabilities of the player?"If this is truly a game, I should be able to use some cheat abilities. These lungs are not mine. These legs are not mine. Even if I can't dodge everything, I can still survive by taking damage in non-critical areas! GAH!"Just as he said it, a bullet embedded itself into his left shoulder from the back. The pain was nothing like Zen remembered. The last time he got shot, he died.With a yell born from his last burst of courage, Zen followed the increasing sound of roaring water. This was it! He was near
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A Frustrating Death
It was just another dull day at his job. As a civilian with no kin and no government to care for people like him, civilian #3207 got used to all the trashy things that life threw him. He worked at a restaurant as a cook and fed people on an empty stomach. The restaurant didn't pay him very well, but it helped him cover the rental of his shitty apartment in the shadier part of the town.It wasn't uncommon to see a body or two lying around somewhere in the alley. The residents here knew better than to meddle in the affairs of the underworld. If they lived in a claimed territory, the easiest thing to do was send a report to the protecting family and wash their hands off the case.Today, it was colder than usual. Winter was arriving, and civilian #3207 sighed. The grey skies mirrored his mood very well. As usual, the customers were being difficult. How could there be roaches in soup? Someone must have put it in deliberately as an excuse to start a fight. However, because o
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Unfair. This was too unfair! What did he ever do to deserve such a death? All civilian #3207 wanted was to live a meaningful life. He always tried to do the right thing even if the world continued to wrong him. He always believed that if one person persists with the act of kindness, eventually someone else will be touched by the act and pass it on. All it took was a spark to light the forest ablaze, or so he thought.Drifting through time and space for an unknown amount of time, civilian #3207 wondered what he would do now that he was dead. There were no more customers to serve, no more bills to pay. No more starving nights, no more living in fear. No more worrying about paying his bills or if his landlord was going to evict him. For the first time in his busy life, civilian #3207 was bored. There was absolutely nothing to do in the afterlife.“Civilians are humans too! Why does God favour the mafia over civilians? What have I done wrong? This death
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A Name
Celine, no, God didn’t have to kick him twice! The first time, there was no pain. The second time, it hurt like crazy. Shouldn’t God be a little more caring about his soul before sending it back to Earth? “You’re finally here!” a young voice greeted, and civilian #3207 turned around. The child that he saw earlier in the milky way! What was he doing here?If civilian #3207 heard himself, he would definitely blame God for that kick. Of course, the kid would be here! They were twin souls. God already said that this child’s ability was weak, and he was here to assist his twin soul brother to succeed as the next Godfather. Naturally, civilian #3207 would never pass up the chance to become someone capable of improving lives!In-person, Zen Taro looked no older than fifteen and was on the shorter side. He was scrawny, had fluffy chestnut brown hair and didn’t look like a young master of a mafia family. His warm brown eyes
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Dead Last
For some reason, Zen felt as if he’d slept for a very long time. While he was somewhat stiff, he felt more rested than he ever remembered. The mattress beneath him was also soft and smooth. Did his bed sheets ever feel this smooth? Wasn’t it itchy and scratchy after so many washes that it looked more like a rag?Bolting upright, Zen snapped back to reality. That’s right! After that speech, they were transported into the VR game where only a hundred would live. “If I made it, that means four hundred have died…”The number of deaths seemed weightless to Zen. After all, he didn’t see their bodies. People were born to die, and they die every day. These four hundred were just unlucky, and Zen didn’t spend too much time thinking about it. Now that he was within the top hundred who made it, he shouldn’t throw this chance away. There was much to be done.First, he needed information. The ro
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Zen wanted to cry. The invigilator at the cafeteria taking meal orders looked like he ate children for breakfast. Initially, Zen wanted to ask if there was a way he could have a discount. Even if he drank tap water and risked a stomachache, the 300 credits will only last him one meal.The cheapest food item was that ugly tuna and cheese sandwich slapped together by some other invigilator. It costs 200 credits. The can of cola was the most affordable drink item, and it costs 150 credits. A regular set meal costs 500 credits. This was going to be impossible. Anyone ranked 90 and below wouldn’t be able to afford to eat with the skyrocket prices!“Uh… do you have any leftovers I can have?” Zen grinned awkwardly at the stone-faced invigilator who observed him with a cold, calculating look.“No leftovers. If you cannot pay, go away.”Zen made a face. “Possible to get a discount? I’m on a very tight budget here?&r
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A Unique Skill
There were some real monsters in this school. Zen found out that not everyone had accurate rankings. The more famous individuals didn’t show their full potential in the starting game. It was a wise decision, and those individuals were the ones Sasha advised Zen to stay clear off. They were simply too dangerous to handle.“They’re usually within the top 20 for the benefits. Class A and Class B are very far from our reach, even for me. If you see them coming close, run away. Immediately. Understand?”Zen nodded. So far, Sasha told him about the three scariest students in the academy. The first was “Death Princess” who was currently ranked 5. The second was a crazy psychopath, better known as the “Terrorist”, who ranked 11. The third was a blind and effeminate man with the nickname “Seer”, ironically. He was ranked 9.“Do you have their character profiles card?” he asked, and Sasha shook her he
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Michelin Star Quality
Nobody who saw the Seer smile ever lived to talk about it. Yet, as unbelievable as it was, Liu Feng was seated beside Sasha with a very contented look as Zen took his order. The sniper almost fainted when Zen didn’t immediately do as told. Instead, he demanded something in exchange.“My character profile card? Sure. I have nothing to hide so you can see it first.”===Name: Liu Feng (Wind) “Seer”Age: 18Abilities: Bone CrushingCredits: 9,200Items: NARank: 9===Zen raised a brow. “Bone crushing? What kind of skill is that?”Then, he paled. The title of “Seer” and rank 9 belonged to one of the three monsters in the academy that Sasha told him to be wary of before they came to the kitchen. Why was one of the three terrors acting like a coy kitten, sipping on oolong tea before him?Liu Feng was surprised to know that someone in this academy didn&
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The Seer’s Man
“An omerta is a verbal promise similar to the “Oath” ability of a Godfather. However, it usually takes three people or more to make an omerta valid. Assuming that you and the Seer are the parties involved in the vow, I’m going to be the observer of this vow. The vow can only be rendered invalid in one of two ways. The first is if there is a mutual agreement to nullify it, and the second is to kill the observers before taking actions. You usually make a vow and state a sacrifice if you break the vow.”Liu Feng was more interested in Zen now. The child grew up as the third young master of the Taro family. Why did he not know about the omerta? The Taro family must be hiding a lot of secrets. In that case, they must have really sent Zen to this school, hoping for his death.“I’ll start. Liu Feng, second heir to the Lau Triad Family, vow to take Zen Taro under my protection from this moment forth. If the omerta is broken, I will cut
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Special Exception
After a quick shower, Zen crashed onto his bed. He was exhausted after a long day, and the adrenaline was finally wearing out. Several years ago, Zen wanted to open his own restaurant. To think that his dream would finally be fulfilled in the least likely places! He fed a total of fifty people because, after a while, the word got around and even the invigilators wanted in even though they did not have character profile cards to show. Instead, they traded a meal for some of their interesting stories or tips for better survival odds. Zen had never felt more grateful for his civilian upbringing.“Let’s see, I have 600 credits to spend. I don’t want to waste it all on any character profiles. Besides, my big brother and big sister should know most things about the other participants even if I don’t. I need to review my game highlight clip before anyone else’s!”Logging into the system, Zen entered the home lobby of the VR game. It was hig
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