196- Rescue and retreat

Darrien is the closest to her and he sees her at the same time I do. He takes a step towards her and she whimpers in fear. He freezes and backs away slowly, trying not to startle her. I gesture for everyone else to stay back and take a few steps closer. I stop a good metre away from the little table and then slowly lower myself to the floor. Kneeling down so that I can see her properly. Kiara is covered in soot and I can see little trails of tears smudging around on her face. She is still crying and whimpering. I am careful to keep my voice gentle and calm.

“Kiara?” I call her name. She doesn’t answer or look up, but her whimpering quiets a little and I can see her tensing up like she’s listening carefully.

“Kiara sweetheart. You’re safe now. You can come out. We can get some something to eat, you can have a nice bath and some clean clothes. How does that sound?” I try to sound soothing. Her crying stops and she looks up at me with wide, teary, red-rimmed eyes. She doesn’t
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goodnovel comment avatar
Need the rest of the story :( It feels like we are waiting for ages... I know it's not true but the story is so great we need to know what will happen next!
goodnovel comment avatar
ragavi priya
awesome it.. when will we get the next updates?
goodnovel comment avatar
Vera Harris
I agree. So glad they found Kiara ...

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