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An immortal girl in a mortal world with a mysterious and miserable life. She is a girl who wanted to be love. A girl who wanted to be true. A girl who wants to be herself. A girl who can fight and put things right. A fearless girl over her life full of lies. She didn't know who really she is. She doesn't have any idea about the world until she changed when someone killed the person who always there by her side. She changed when she's been fooled by the person around her. When she lived in the life that didn't belong to her and when she has been one she will never be. And after that, she has begun to be aware of life. But she only knew one thing. One word. ----- REVENGE -----

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Third Person's Point of ViewWhat will you do if the person you love suddenly get tired of you? Will you let him free? What will you do if he hurt you over and over again but he keeps on coming back to you and you keep on accepting him again? Then time passed by, he does the same thing again, he hurt you again but the only difference is, he didn't come back again. What will you do if you found out that the reason is because of your doppelganger? Because of the person that has the same copy of your face? What will you do if you found out that this world you belong to is just a fantasy? Just a replica of another world? What will you do if you can see the past and the future as well? What if you found out that something in the past needs to be fixed and if it won't be fixed someone will die? Will you change and fix the past to make someone live even if the only conditi
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Love Bet
Arice Point of View  " Try to hurt her again or even to go near her again. I will make sure that your every life will be as miserable as hell! "They were consumed with fear and kept quiet. " UNDERSTOOD??!! "The girl who helped me shouted. " Yes! / Okay! / We understand Alexia! " They forcefully answered at the same time. Then she let go of the girl's hand and they rapidly run. The girl who helped me walk close to me. I think her name was Alexia? " Are you alright girl? "She asked me. " I'm okay! Thanks! "I stooped and was embarrassed to answer. She helps me to grab my things on the floor. " I'm Alexia! "She said. " My name is Arice! "I shyly answered. " Does they often do that to
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Hanging Bridge Fight
Aeroll's Point of View * BOOGGGSSHHH * Jake stands up and then they let me go when I stand up too.Jake switch the lights on and he has seen no ones there but I saw something moved. But all of them are confused and wondering. Jake turned around and at the same time, someone switched the lights off again but Jake rapidly switched it on. " Arice? "I muttered. Arice stunned while looking at Jake. Jake glanced at her as she simply moving her pointed finger from the light's switch. The other three guys are also staring at her. They all stared at her and give her a 'who- the- hell-is- she- look' " Hi! "She said then she rapidly switch it off again. Suddenly, the hands of the two guys that's holding me disappear. Then Jake switch the lights on again and then I saw those two guys lying restless o
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Saved Life
Alexia's Point of View LAAZEERR!! " ARICEE!! " I pushed Messy and ran through Arice. I immediately pushed her and missed the bullet. I fell on the ground and then Aeroll immediately shoot that sniper who will shoot Arice. She shot the sniper while the other gunmen rush towards us at the same time. I fight and shoot them. Arice and Aeroll do the same. I'm still lying on the floor when I saw another lazer again, but this time, It's located at Aeroll's head. I follow and sighted where the laser was coming from. It's coming from the forest, I saw the sniper and I shoot the sniper before it shoots Aeroll.I suddenly look at the forest while standing up and I can't see anything because of the lazer. The lazer is pointing at my eye. But it last because Arice immediately shot it. Messy run towards me but I immediatel
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Love in Bullet
Arice's Point of View I'm now in the park alone while thinking about what happened and while talking to myself. It is the year 1958 but still, we're experiencing shits like this. It's been almost 'I can't count years'. " The bullet that Alexia catches was so painful! " " You're right! "-? " It is because she saved me! " " Yeah! That's true! Even though she knew that it's dangerous, she still saved you! "-? " Yeah! Even thou-- "Wait a minute! I stop talking and then I take a look who's this shit, talking at my back. I glanced and hit the shoulder of this whoever person that's interrupting my intrapersonal conversation. " OUCCHH!! "He shouted. " JC! You're so annoying! Have you've been there fo
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Enemy or Ally?
Clark's Point of View Arice is still chuckling while looking at JC and Aeroll's fight. Anyway, I'm Mark Clarence Poblete, short for Clark. Most of the time they call me a serious guy. I'm one of the heartthrobs and charming man on our campus, they said, so you should take note of that. But I'm just saying the truth! My peers always told me that I'm always talking nonsense, almost about love, nonsense love says. I don't know why I always do that especially when Arice is around me. She is my crush since High School. She is very kind, she can control her temper, very funny, smart and everything.  She is actually...   'Perfect!'   She is always bullied by the girls and boys before. They bullied her because of her big eyeglasses and her nerdy face. Some
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The Other World
Third Person's Point of View  * The other World*  ( Kathrina Deveraux X Redxan Sillhouette)  " Where are we going Red? "Katia rapidly asked Red while Red is still pulling her out of the car.  " The sky is so beautiful. I will not go home until I get tired staring those beautiful stars... "Red explained to her while they are sitting right next to the tree on the edge of the cliff.  " ... And I want to stare to those stars with the one I love. "Then Red stared at her. He touched her cheek and rubbed it.  " I love you Kathrina. "He said then he kissed her for a second.  " I love you too Red. I wish I can be with you forever. "Katia stated.
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Red's Point of View We are still sitting here and looking at the lovely and beautiful stars.I wish we could always be like this.I attempted to stand up when I suddenly saw a light in front of me.  It's a car!!  " WATTCHH OUTTT!! " I shouted.  " What? Red are you okay? What happened? "Katia asked me. Fuck what is that? I suddenly look up the sky.  Is that a steering wheel? Why did I saw a steering wheel up the sky?  " FUCKK WHAT'S HAPPENING!! "I shouted again.  " RED! WHAT IS HAPPENING? "Katia looks annoyed.  " Get out of my head! "Shitt! Who's that? Where that voice came from? &n
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Mark Philipe Demedez
Alexia's Point of View  " Guys calm down! We are in front of our room! "Aeroll muttered while smiling in front of our room. We just stop arguing and then we enter our room innocently.Arice and Aeroll will seat in the front row but I pulled them in the back row.  " Why you even run when the bell rang if you know that the first subject is history? "I asked and emphasized it. I'm triggered!  " What? We just figured that we have a new handsome professor. We just want to see and get to know him. "Aeroll said.  Arggg! These two are nuts. They didn't even inform me. I look at the professor in front. What? Him? It's Professor Lee? I immediately whispered to them.  " He is the profess
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Fix the Present of the Past
Third Person's Point of View " Is that your calendar? "He asked.  " Yeah! The--Why I even talking to you? "Alexia said.  " This what's happening is real. But what's making my mind complicated is your calendar. "Red said.  " And what's wrong with my calendar? "She asked.  " Look! "Then Red went to his calendar.   " Fuck! "Alexia cussed.  " See? It's really fucked! Where the hell you came from? "Red asked.  " It's the year 2020 here. But your calendar, it was the year 1958. "He added.  " This was our current year! I should've been the one
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