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Charlotte spent half of her life on the run, she has a blood mark curse and for that reason witches like her want her dead. she later finds herself in the middle of a love triangle, between an Alpha Prince who is destined to be King and also a Vampire King. She finds that she is the mate of the Alpha Prince and he wants her and doesn’t care about the blood mark but she is also be the reincarnation of the long lost love of the Vampire King. Which one is she really? The two men are both powerful but totally different, Sebastian is ruthless, dangerous and unpredictable but this rough and heartless man loves her and only her. Logan on the other hand is compassionate, gentle and also patient. How can one woman fall in love with two different men? And which one does she chose? Sebastian brings out a dark side of her which she never knew existed( which isn’t always a bad thing) while Logan brings out the good side in her (which isn’t always a good thing).

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36 Chapters
chapter 1: the handsome stranger
Charlotte’s pov “I can’t believe I will be an official member of our coven, I heard that once you are a part of a coven you get access to all the magic In the world” I said to my father who smiled. “hey, calm down kiddo, and not just all the magic in the world, but also in the afterlife. You will be able to get access to all the magic of the million dead witches in the world, from the witches of Salem and those before them” he explained making me even more excited. We were coming from our vacation trip; we take those every year and we had to come back early for this one because I am going to join the coven. When you turn sixteen covens throw a ritual where you officially join the coven and become one with everyone. This is to help witches and to make sure that we all have access to magic, and we use it responsibly, it means I will be officially an adult. We stopped by a restaurant to have dinner because it was getting late, and mom didn’t want to get home and cook so late. “Wow
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Chapter 2: the spirit of true evil
Charlotte’s pov “come on open up already” May said knocking on my door like a maniac. May is my best friend and cousin, we are both 16 years which means that she will also be joining the coven alongside me and other 16 year olds. I looked outside and realised that the sun is already out, I couldn’t sleep all night, so I decided that I finish up my painting of the mysterious stranger I saw last night. I opened the door and May engulfed me in a hug, “I missed you so much, there is so much I want to tell you about the things Jake did when you were away” she said pulling away. She then sat on my bed and was about to say something when her eyes landed on the painting, “OMG who is that? why is he so handsome?” she asked practically drooling at the sight. If she is drooling at my badly drawn painting then I don’t know what she would do if she was the one who met him. I locked my bedroom door and started telling her about him, I told her every single detail and by the time I was done h
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Chapter 3: do you remember me
Sebastian’s pov I watched from the private room at the girl that resembled Scarlet, she looked so much like the younger version of Scarlet that the moment I saw her I let myself hope that it could be her. I watched as she was talking and having fun with her family, maybe it’s a good thing that she isn’t Scarlet because fate never really favoured her ever. I know she isn’t Scarlet; I checked her neck and its clear that she doesn’t have the blood mark curse, so she can’t Scarlet. Scarlet is my first and last love, she was a witch when we first met which was about a millennia ago, that’s right, I have been around for almost a millennia waiting for one woman. Every century she gets reincarnated, but she never really lives that long because they kill her, the moment those witches see her blood mark curse they kill her. Maybe they have already killed her even in this century, I looked at bracelet the girl gave me, and I felt my cold heart warm up. “My King, your car is ready” said one
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Chapter 4: mate
Logan’s pov“what?” my brother Justice said after hearing what my father had to say to all of us. “you heard me son, I will crown both you and your brother as Alpha Prince so that anyone of you can become King in the near future” he repeated himself as a curtesy. “what? I am the oldest father, everyone knows that the oldest son gets the crown. You cant expect me to fight for my crown especially with him” he said pointing at me with a frown. Honestly I don’t care about being an Alpha King, I just want to live a quiet and normal life which isn’t an option when you are a royal werewolf. “Justice spade you will respect your father and his choice. He took a very informed decision and just because you were born first it doesn’t mean you are entitled to the throne” my mother said to Justice who just frowned. “but mother its mine, everyone knows that its mine. I am going to be the Alpha King” he said even beating his own chest like Godzilla. “not with that attitude you wont, I will remind you
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chapter 5: 8 years later
Charlotte’s pov I looked at the city, I love big cities, but I also miss the small town I grew up in. they were a loving community and of course the air was much purer compared to the air in the city. My coven, ohhh they aren’t my coven anymore, now I am a rouge witch without a coven or parents. Its been 8 years since we ran away from that place, my dad died 2 years ago and ever since then I have been alone on the run. It gets kind of lonely, but I promised my father that I would do my best to survive and that is what I am doing now. For years my dad and I did a lot of research on the blood mark curse, I tried to find as much as I can about this witch they say possessed me. with dad gone I am left to do research on my own, I am also left to survive and fight this entire world all by myself. But I have grown quite a lot in the past 8 years, although I don’t know what the future holds for me or how I plan on getting my life back I know that something good has to come out of this.
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chapter 6: monster
Sebastian ‘s pov I looked at a photo of Charlotte, where could she be?? I know for one that she isn’t dead because even the witches are still looking for her. Its been 8 years but I still haven’t found even one thing to tell me about her whereabouts. And sometimes I don’t know whether to be happy or angry that she is so good at hiding. I mean if I can’t find her then those witches cant find her too which is a good thing. Someone knocked and opened the door before I told them to come in. “relax brother it’s just me” Eliza said with her hands up. I didn’t say anything but kept looking at the photo, she came and stood next to me and looked at the picture. “I guess your obsession with her isn’t over yet. I heard that you are once again turning the world upside down looking for her” she said with venom in her voice. She didn’t like Scarlett back then. and ever since then she hated all her reincarnations even though she never met any of them. I don’t know her story or what went
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chapter 7: the treaty
Logan’s pov “I can’t believe this; you want to make peace with those vampires” my older brother Justice said coming in our father’s office without even knocking. “yes I don’t want to, but it needs to be done” my father replied, and Justice scoffed. “I cant believe this, the Vampire King killed mom and yet you want peace? We should be declaring war” he replied. Dad looked at me as if asking for my help. “war is not the answer at the moment, and father thought about this very well and this is the best option” I told him. He looked at me and scoffed. “of course you would say that you are a coward who fears war” he answered and left the room. My dad shook his head, and we went about what we were doing when before he even came to disturb us. I was looking into something that was happening which I found to be weird. the witches have been looking for something, but we don’t know what. We know that for years now they have formed groups and seem to be hunting something or someone. b
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chapter 8: old friend
Sebastian’s pov “sir someone is here to see you” Mark said as he came into my office. and someone pushed him out of the way. “hello old friend, do you really need your butler to announce me as well? I am offended and honestly hurt” Chris said standing at the door with a huge smile on his face. “because he knows that you cant be trusted, and I also need to mentally prepare myself to deal with you” I said with a small smile and his got bigger. “still as cold as always, long time no see buddy” he said coming to sit on the chair opposite me like he owns the place. Chris has been friends with me for years. for more than a millennia and he was there when I met Scarlet for the first time. He was there when I fell in love and when I lost her. him and Eliza are the only people remaining who know the full story about what happened back then. Somehow everyone else who knew about it dropped dead. I think that those witches didn’t want the truth to come out. They wanted their story to
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Chapter 9: cool
 Logan’s pov“everything has to go well” May said running around the pack mansion and giving the workers orders.May is my best friend Dean’s mate and almost the only woman left in the pack house ever since our mother died.Dean’s parents never really liked being around after what happened with his father, he had a fight with a witch, and she paralyzed him.I guess he couldn’t handle it and he felt like a burden, so he quit being my father’s beta and now he probably lives in the middle of nowhere with his mate. Now all the responsibilities fall in May’s hands and Dean helps around where he can because he doesn’t want his mate to work alone.You see May studied event management so her working and organising events for the pack mansion and my family isn’t just because she is the only woman left. Its also because she gets hired as a paid client and sh
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Chapter 10: the Alpha King
Logan’s pov “that pervert slept with married women” Justice said the moment he came into my father’s office. “I know, but its not like he forced himself on them. We cant make a big deal out of it because technically he did nothing to violate our peace treaty” my father responded. The whole pack has been a mess since this morning when one of the maids found our guest Chris In a room full on naked women. Some are married to their mates, and some were still mate less she-wolves and from what I heard he had about 10 women in his room. “so, you are just going to let him get away with this? he slept with married women father” Justice repeated himself. “and those women made it clear that they did it because they wanted to. We cant blame him for what happened, and honestly other people’s marital affairs isn’t our business” Dean answered him this time around. “I cant believe you, you would let them walk all over us. you should be making him pay but you just let him go back home untouched
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