17 - The Morning After


Standing by the window, the early morning light painting the horizon in shades of gold and crimson, I find myself lost in thought. Last night we discovered something that turned our world upside down—Rhiannon is mated to all three of us.

It’s a revelation that seems to defy logic, yet here we are, bound by fate, or perhaps the gods themselves, to be the bridge to peace between our worlds.

For the first time in what feels like forever, there’s another person in my life I find myself genuinely caring about, willing to lay down my life for.

Glancing back at the bed, seeing her there, tangled in the sheets, nestled securely between Soren and Gavriel, a smile unwittingly finds its way onto my face. It’s a sight I never imagined I’d see, yet it feels right, as if all the pieces have finally fallen into place.

Soren stirs, the shift in the room drawing him to wakefulness. He joins me by the window, his presence solid and reassuring. We both stand there for a moment, taking in the sere
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goodnovel comment avatar
looking forward to the next update, enthralling story
goodnovel comment avatar
Louise Uperesa
Did she leave GN again? It’s been weeks and weeks since there was an update, so it makes me wonder if she left
goodnovel comment avatar
Nicky Esparon
Hi. I know you are busy with other books but will there be any more chapters at all. Don’t want to pester

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