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"Oh my little kitten you're mine to hold and touch" his husky voice said seductively.Soledae Young is a girl with no memory of her past life who was saved by a rich billionaire known as Sebastian Hunter. There relationship starts off as Boss and employee,but something changes and the rich billionaire wants something more than just a night stand will Soledae accept?As their love story grows new enemies from Soledae's past come back to haunt her and her past is somehow connected to Sebastian Miller her stepsister's fiancée could he be the same man?Soledae is torn between many emotions and what she truly feels for Hunter her life became a mess when she met him.But something dark and dangerous is lurking in the shadows threatening to ruin her soon found happiness.

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Wow🥰🥰🥰love ur introduction. Your cover is so beautiful.
2021-01-23 19:26:12
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Wow🥰🥰🥰love ur introduction. Your cover is so beautiful.
2021-01-23 19:26:11
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Vuyelwa Ncube
Cool storyline i guess but the songs are just too much like half of the book is copied songs
2023-01-13 14:15:23
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SOLEDAE POVI wasn't always an orphan in fact I had two loving parents who adored me and treated me more like a princess. My birth mother would braid my blonde hair just like a doll. She bought me beautiful dresses and she always sang me to sleep. She had the most beautiful voice my father and I loved to watch her play the piano and sing. But life took a drastic step when she had fallen incredibly sick.My father had taken her to the hospital. The reports were very bad. She was diagnosed with leukemia a few months later and she passed away.I didn't want her to go and leave me alone. I was shattered and life was not the same without her. The house went silent because her beautiful angelic voice was no more.I became a lonely child. I would refuse to eat anything and lock myself in the room. Because I terribly missed her so much the light of my eyes was gone and I was left in darkness.Father was always there for me,but it wasn't enough one piece of the puzzle was still missing in our
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SOLEDAE POVOf course I didn't hate Lucinda even though she treated me horribly. I still considered her as my mother no matter how cruel she acted towards me. I sighed and cleaned the dusty floor I wanted to be on my best behavior.So far it's been quite a stressful day. The suitor saved me from Lucinda's rough life."Soledae!" Lucinda yelled and I covered my ears her voice was too loud even for my own sensitive ears.I bet it was only going to be more chores and orders I better get going before I upset her Majesty I wouldn't want to be thrown in the dark creepy dudgeon."Am coming just a minute" I replied softly and I grabbed my bucket and mop. I rushed upstairs and knocked on her bedroom door."Come in child" she muttered quietly and I opened the door.I shut the door behind me silently and bowed my head."Yes you called mother" I answered softly."Yes I need these clothes washed before breakfast you should take Maxima's clothes as well. She has an appearance in London this evening."
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I reached the bus station at 1am in the morning. It was a one hour walk. I met a few men and women who were waiting for the bus as well. I politely greeted them and sat on the bench waiting for the bus. It was quite cold. I was shivering and my teeth were chattering.
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A scream escaped my lips when I landed on the concrete pavement my head bounced with a sickening thud.
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She was the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. She was the definition of perfect. I touched her golden locks. They were so soft and silky to touch. Her cheeks were a bright pink,her lips were a shade of strawberry. 
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SOLEDAE POVI sat upright though my head felt heavy and it was arching badly. I stared at him puzzled trying to remember where I had seen him,but I couldn't recall where I had seen him. All the images were blurry and I moistened my lips nervously. I swallowed hard.We kept staring at each other."Who-who are you?" I asked curiously and his penetrative gaze lingered on my face.There was an awkward silence between us. His gaze made me feel hot and bothered."I should be asking you the same question" he answered in a deep husky voice. He cleared his throat quietly, his gaze never leaving my flushed face."Anyway I'll introduce myself" he says quietly."My name is Sebastian Miller, but I prefer being called Hunter and who are you?" He asked, still staring at me thoughtfully.I racked through my brain searching for answers,but to my surprise I got none."I don't know" I whisper tearfully."I don't remember anything about myself" I sob.A tear rolled down my cheek and I quickly wiped it awa
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SOLEDAE POVThirty minutes later we arrived at Hunters house and I was lost for words to describe its beauty. I was stunned and left in shock. I couldn't believe that I was going to live in such a big fancy house.It had a rose garden and somehow I seemed attached to the flowers. They constantly reminded me of something, but I didn't know what it was.It had a horse stable and a very big swimming pool.Wow. I felt so lucky my life had just changed for better and I had Sebastian to thank if it wasn't for him I'd be probably dead.HUNTER POVIt was obvious that Adrianna was in total shock by the size of my house.What can I say?" I only choose the best and the most top quality things. I kept stealing glances at her wondering how she survived with such a cruel family for so many years and still be strong willed? " She was just a mysterious girl with no memory of her past life. I would change her and mould her into an independent strong young woman.She would be educated and be very soph
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HUNTER POVAfter taking a cold shower my body felt much relieved and more calm. I wiped my damp black curly hair with a white towel and I left the guest bedroom and went to the living room.To my surprise when I reached there I found Adrianna setting the table instead of the servants."Where is Mira and Oswald?" I asked curiously."Sir I asked them to go home. Their 7 months old daughter suddenly fell sick. They needed to take her to the hospital," she said softly and my anger slowly varnished.When I moved close to her she had my scent thanks to my shampoo. Her wet hair was lingering of my scent."But they could have informed"."Yes,but I couldn't find you so I just told them to go since the health of their child should always come first."I nod sternly."Besides it's not that hard sir I mean you know cooking is just a normal thing for a girl to do. It shouldn't be bizarre to you" she says confidently."So what have you prepared tonight?" I asked intriguingly, staring at the closed pl
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Four weeks later Adrianna had gotten much better and her memory had become more accurate. As time elapsed she had greatly improved and she was ready to become my personal assistant.ADRIANNA POVToday Sebastian was going to take me to his company so that I can start working. I wanted to look repressible and elegant.I took a shower early in the morning and began to prepare myself while I sang my favourite song.I curled my blonde golden hair letting them flow freely over my shoulder. I applied a bit of makeup with bright red lipstick. I was dressed in a soft pink blouse with a black pencil skirt that reached my knees.Angel said it was the latest trend so I should wear this outfit plus Sebastian will like it and that made me feel nervous.Impressing Sebastian Hunter wasn't an easy task.I paired off my outfit with golden hedge sandals.I looked so pretty and blonde.I stared at my reflection in the mirror. I truly looked very beautiful and lovely. In the end I wore a pearl necklace tha
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