Take my heart

Take my heart

By:  유 애 이  Ongoing
Language: English
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Jason Bell is a man fighting with the demons of a judgemental society , he meets carefree Seraphina Williams who is determined to avoid the chains of society and he falls in love .After two years away from home the carefree Seraphina returns to the ever conscious Jason looking for a fake relationship to get her ever protective parents off her back but is tricked into a marriage that is supposed to last a year .What will happen at the end of the year , will Seraphina still insist on a divorce as agreed or will she stay with the man she married for convenience ?Follow Jason Bell on his quest to get Seraphina to take his heart .

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interesting story so far, next please... Do you perhaps have any social media that I can follow you on?
2021-07-14 14:14:05
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유 애 이
I think everyone should leave reviews
2020-11-19 21:02:11
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Usman Aisha
A very beautiful story that shows realistic trauma and the imperfections of human life
2020-11-09 04:55:23
26 Chapters
She's coming back
Aiden Schmidt sat with his best friend Jason Bell at a club listening to the music and watching sweaty people grind on themselves , Jason hated noisy places but he had lost a bet and he had to accompany his friend to the club as a penalty , he looked at the crowd uninterested until Aiden spoke to him" Hey , I heard Seraphina is coming back this sometime this week " said Aiden to Jason as he sat beside him on the sofa.  There was a slight change in Jason's expression before the look of indifference took over again " So I heard " he replied trying to sound nonchalant although his heart had begun to do the tango at the mention of her name . The woman whom he craved day and night , a woman who was yet to take his heart Putting his arms around Jason's shoulder Aiden chuckled lowly " You really shouldn't try so hard to act like you don't care it makes it even more obvious that you do " Throwing Aiden's hands off his shoulders with a glar
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Returning home
" Miss Williams your flight preparations are complete and you'll be leaving tomorrow ""Thank you Stacy" Seraphina said without looking up " and I trust that no one will be aware of the particular date of my return especially my parents "" I understand " Stacy said before walking out of Seraphina's office Seraphina put her head down on her desk as she thought of her return , firstly her mother would probably nag her about her love life asking questions about when she planned to get married . she had this feeling that she was going to be bombarded with blind dates the moment she stepped foot into her home town and so she had a proposition for Jason and therefore she'd probably go see him first before returning to her parent's house ,Standing up she looked outside her office through the large full length windows , sentimental about her last day in Dinuh which had been her home for the last two years , her office although it wouldn't close down was still a plac
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The return of an old friend
Seraphina and Samira arrived in the late afternoon and booked a hotel but they had already decided on an apartment which was originally the apartment that Seraphina had chosen before they left Dinuh but they didn't move in immediately because Samira's room had to be arranged and their things had yet to be put in place they had to spend the night at the hotel hopefully the crew would be done by morning and they would have time to go shopping for kitchen utensils and foodstuffs and some other things that they would need .The next morning they both checked out and headed out early , spending the early part of the day shopping before going back home and settling in , arranging closets and everyother things that came with moving into a new house "Mira I have to go see Jason now before my parents find out that I'm in the country and start nagging me over my non-existent love life " " I'm coming with you " Mira said picking up her purse " No you'r
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Marry Me
"Long time no see Jason Bell""Seraphina Williams " Jason answered finally snapping out of his trance " To what do I owe the honour " " I'd love to say I came to catch up with you but I'm here for something else " Seraphina said as she took a seat crossing her legs elegantly " Go on " Jason said obviously intrigued " Well I want you to go out with me " "what ?! " Jason was obviously shocked , happy but still shocked " I don't mean like really date me ... I just mean like pretend to date me so I can get my parents off my back " Seraphina was trying to stay confident after all the worse that could happen was him saying no and then she'd just ask AidenJason didn't know if he should be happy or perhaps amused , he'd been yearning for one woman for the last two years and God had just dumped her in his laps and he'd be damned if he didn't enjoy every bit of this beautiful gift , he sat back and relaxed ut
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Claimed that nothing happened
" I knew that was bound to wake you up " Sera said as she walked an angry Samira towards her room , Samira got off the ground and followed her friend into her room " Are you serious or you were just trying to pull my legs ?" Samira asked Seraphina thought of her situation again and wondered if she was really crazy , she could just tell her mother to butt out of her life so why  exactly did she let herself be conned into a wedding " Well I guess I really am getting married " Seraphina said with a smile as she slipped out of her clothes before collapsing tiredly onto her bed , Samira who had followed her to her room finally burst into laughter " What's so funny ?" Seraphina asked in confusion " Well I always thought I was the crazy one between us but you've just proven me wrong , you've landed a fiance in just two days " clapping she continued " You really are amazing Seraphina , you are indeed something else  "&nbs
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Shopping to visit
'Eager much? 'Seraphina wondered but she smiled and nodded , pushing Jason off of her she got up and walked to the kitchen to get him the cup of coffee he'd asked for earlier .Jason watched Samira closely , he still wasn't sure he liked her yet , part of him was grateful that she'd stopped them because he wanted their first time together to be special not just a quickie on a couch but the other half that was previously very excited made him want to curse her . Samira looked at the extremely handsome man in front of her , she wouldn't say his features were perfect but still they suited him beautifully but the first thing one would notice were his eyes at first they looked like they were light  blue, giving you this feeling of looking at the sky or being surrounded by clouds but when you looked closely you'd see that there was a darkness within them and then they looked like the ocean drowning you in it's depths , he had somewhat large ears , they were on the medium side b
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Pick a ring
" why did you sell that ring ?!" It was the sales girl from earlier and a girl who Seraphina couldn't recognize , the girl was obviously really young , she looked like an eighteen years old and at most she'd be around twenty but she was obviously very angry but the sales girl looked conflicted " I'm sorry ma'am but I told you earlier that it was impossible for me to reserve the ring as it's against our policy " " What do you mean by it's against your policy ?!" " I am a regular here , don't you know who I am ?!" " I'm sorry " the girl repeated , she'd stopped trying to explain probably because she'd realized that explaining to someone who wasn't willing to listen was a waste of her time  " Does sorry fix everything ? , do you think I'll let this go if you just apologize ?" the girl asked again " Tell me who you sold it to " she demanded Seraphina didn't know that they were arguing over th
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All this fuss over a few million dollars ?
" well since I can pick whatever I want then I'm willing to let go of my ring " Seraphina announced " I knew it , you are just I gold digger that can't resist money " the girl said while laughing " Of course I like money and who doesn't ? , why do billionaires still work even when they have so much money ? , it's obviously because they want more so who am I to refuse more money ?" Seraphina asked smiling " Here you can have it " she said throwing the bag with the ring at the girl turning back to the manger she continued " And now let's go pick out a new ring for me but Miss Ross here will have to come along so incase you aren't willing to part with my choice I can get my ring back " " That won't be necessary " the manager said as she was sure that Seraphina wouldn't be able to pick an expensive ring and so what if she did she would just cover it up and the boss would never find out after all they have many copies of various
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Return my ring
"You aren't even sorry " she reprimanded " because if you were you wouldn't just keep saying return the ring , you'd try to persuade me to buy it but because you still look down on me you don't even think I have enough money to afford something like this " The manager buried her head but didn't reply proving that Seraphina was right , to her it was obviously true. Seraphina might be able to afford a few branded clothes but at most all the outfits she'd bought would be around twenty to thirty thousand dollars and one carat of the red diamond was worth a million dollars and the ring had was with a total of  of four carats of the red diamond putting it together it was worth around four million dollars , it was originally supposed to be kept inside the VIP room  and shown to VIP customers but she'd wanted to brag about their store having a red diamond so she'd ignored orders and kept it in a regular display case for everyone to see and now she had lost it to a rand
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I'm not a baby
she opened the door and saw a delivery man holding a package and she suddenly remembered Jason telling her that she would get her ring in the morning , she smiled and hummed to her self as she signed and collected the small package , when she opened it immediately revealing a small pink diamond on a silver band with a note attached to it " I'm sorry that I'm not there to put the ring on your finger but I can imagine how beautiful it would look on you love  "  she smiled at the sight of the note and looked at the beautiful ring again before putting it on and surprisingly it was a perfect fit , she went back up to her room picked an old picture frame , removed the picture and put in the note before carefully placing the frame with the note by her bed , she went back down with her purse and left for her parents' house happily , she wanted to call him and thank him for the beautiful ring but she decided to thank him in person and she could also use that opportunity
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