Tango with the Alpha's Heart

Tango with the Alpha's Heart

By:  Judels  Completed
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The fire wolf mated to the snow wolf and ran away with the babies. ------------------- Alexander. He must be in there! I hesitated in my tracks, and before I thought it through, I stood in front of Alpha Alexander's office. I swallowed hard, hearing his and an unknown woman's voices coming from inside. Jealousy and possessiveness bubbled up inside me, and the urge to barge in rose in me. “Who is she?" “He met her at the training camp. She is a perfect suitor for him. It snowed last night, indicating that his wolf is happy with his choice.” Alexander took my innocence last night, and now he is taking that thing in his office as his Luna. ------------------- Emily never shifted on her 18th birthday and became the laughingstock of the pack. When her old crush, Alexander Black, returns from Alpha Training, she never expected him to be her mate. After a night of passionate love, Emily learns that Alexander has taken a chosen mate. Heartbroken, she runs off and disappears, leaving Alexander confused and in search of her. Now, five years later, Emily is a high-rank warrior in King Alpha's army and a mother to her four-year-old boy. Her friend invites her to a dance club, Alexander is the club owner. Will Alex manage to figure out that the girl in the club is his fated mate, and will Emily reveal her identity and dark secrets? Are you ready for an emotional rollercoaster ride?

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I enjoyed reading this book, beautiful ending too
2024-07-09 05:13:46
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Such a good book though I am skeptical about when there is going to be a update
2024-06-06 17:35:26
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Loving this book so far. I need the rest of the chapters to be released ASAP!
2024-06-02 13:51:08
120 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Pack dance
Emily's POV"Ple-e-e-a-se, Emily!" Mila, my best friend, begged over the link. "I really want to go!""I'm not standing in your way, Mila. You are welcome to go and attend the pack dance," I linked back. "Go and have some fun with Jax."Jax was Mila's mate, and even though we got along just fine, I always felt like a third wheel, tangling long."But you know it wouldn't be the same if you weren't there!" Mila sulked, her voice quivering. "And you owe me one!"I sighed, annoyed.I knew she would draw the "you owe me one card" sooner rather than later to force me to go.The only reason I owed her was that I needed to copy her homework when my shift ended late. I was exhausted that night and had even skipped dinner."So you are cashing in on a favor I owe you?" I growled, frustrated."Is it working?" She asked, giggling.I pinched the top of my nose, shaking my head—this friend of mine! She knew exactly how to manipulate me into saying yes!Mila and I have been friends since kindergarten
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Chapter 2- Intoxicating Scent
Emily's POV The trip down to the pack house was quicker than I had hoped, and before I knew it, Jax stopped the car in front of the pack house. Jax got out of the car and went around, opening the car door for Mila. He held his hand out and carefully helped his mate from the car. "Mila, my love," Jax said, kissing the top of her hand. "I will be right back. Wait for me!" My heart pinched at the tenderness of his voice. He spoke to her with so much love and care. Mila nodded her head, and Jax got back in the car and drove off. Two minutes later, the dark-headed wolf appeared next to Mila. "Ready?" He asked, taking her hands in his. Mila giggled like a typical schoolgirl and blushed. I turned my gaze away, giving them some privacy. Some days I wish I had what Mila and Jax had. Their love for one another was so tender and unconditional. A small smile followed at the corners of my lips, remembering the night Mila found out Jax was her mate. We were all in the clearing, waiting
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Chapter 3 - Mate
Emily's POV The cool autumn breeze shook me out of my trance, and I yelped out in fright as the door shut closer behind me. I shook my head, confused, looking over the gardens. Why did I have the urge to come here? There was nothing out of the ordinary out there. Everything was quiet, except for my racing heart. The immense pull was unavoidable, and I took a step forward. I ended up making my way down to the huge fountain centered in the gardens and sitting down on the cold white marble bench, overlooking the water and fountain. I sighed. Was I losing my mind? I lifted my gaze toward Mother Moon's sculpture standing in the center of the huge bowl. She stood protectively among powerful wolves who were howling at the moon. "Why have you kept my wolf from me?" I whispered. An unnerving silence answered me back, and my temper flared out of control. I jumped to my feet as anger and pain rippled through my chest. "Why did you punish me like that?" I cried out and dropped to my k
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Chapter 4 - Secret
Emily's POV I woke up with a bang, with my alarm clock screaming his red numbers next to me. 8:30 a.m. My eyes widened. I was late for training! I jumped out of bed and landed on my feet with a groan. "F*ck!" I swore under my breath. My body felt like a bulldozer had run over it. It was sore all over, and my breasts were tender and swollen. I knitted my eyebrows together, confused, trying to remember what had happened last night. I slowly moved toward the bathroom, feeling the tenderness between my legs. Did I have..? I shook the thoughts off just as fast as they came. I couldn't have—did I? "Sh*t!" I gasped under my breath, startled, when I saw my painted reflection in the mirror. My nape was covered in all colors and sizes of bruises, running down my breasts and stomach. Hickeys! What the f*ck! Who did this to me, and why? I sighed, frustrated. There was no way I could go out to training looking like that. I wiped my hand over my face, shaking my head in disbelief. "
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Chapter 5 - Red flames
Emily's POV The pack house was fairly quiet when Mila and I arrived. My parents, the Beta pair of the pack, asked me to come and help clean the community center. It wasn't a normal occurrence for the Beta family to be involved in helping clean after a pack function. I guess Alpha Cole must have asked them to help after he gave everyone a day off. "Where is everyone?" Mila asked, surprised when no guards were stationed at the front door of the pack house. "I think everyone went down to the clearing to enjoy their snow day," I said, gesturing to the cold, wet, fluffy stuff lying all over the place. Mila sighed. "Why did you talk me into helping?" She asked, shivering. "I could have been lying under the blankets with a cup of hot chocolate in my hands, watching a movie." "Because I needed help," I said, shrugging. "And you are my only friend." Mila rolled her eyes as she entered the pack house. The main reason Mila was sulking was that she was a bit disappointed that Jax went s
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Chapter 6 - A perfect suitor
Emily's POV Mila and I headed back to the kitchen, taking a shorter route through the square. "No cheating this time," I called behind Mila. "Oh, come on, Em!" she yelled over her shoulder. "We both know that you will beat me by far if I don't use my wolf's abilities." I chuckled, knowing she was right. Mila's parents were only high-ranking warriors, but everyone knew that her father came from Delta rank. He forfeited his title when he decided to switch packs to be with Mila's mom. I watched as Mila grabbed the door handle, swung the door open, and ran inside. She only had a two-second lead. I swung the door open, seeing Mila sprinting down the hall, and she disappeared around the corner. There was no way I could catch her now. I started running at a slower pace, passing my father's office. I knew that Alpha Col's office was situated next to his, and I didn't want to disturb an unknown meeting. I quickly, but as quietly as possible, tried to pass them. I froze in my tracks,
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Chapter 7 - Promise me
Emily's POV I shifted the truck's gears back into third as I took the steep, rocky turn-off towards the White Moon Pack, my home for the last five years. I have been on an assignment, and it felt good to be able to come home again. It was Mila's idea to come to live here, and even though it was hard in the beginning to leave my family behind, I was proud of what I had accomplished by myself. My thoughts wandered off to that night. My mom had mind-linked Mila, telling her that I wasn't feeling well and that I needed a friend. Mila didn't even wait for my mother's scent to fade from my room when she sneaked in through my window. "Em," she whispered. "Are you awake?" I nodded my head, unable to utter a word. "Are you okay?" She asked, climbing through the window and into my bed with me. Mila pulled me to her, and I rested my head on her chest. She gave me a moment before she started asking questions. "Can you tell me what happened?" She whispered. I shook my head as tears welle
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Chapter 8 - A first in the werewolf world
Emily's POV A huge white building greeted me as I drove up the driveway. I lived in the building—the pack house—for almost a year and knew the place like the back of my hand. A youngish blond guard rushed closer as I set foot out of the truck. He looked about nineteen. "Morning Parker," he bowed. "King Xavier is waiting for you." I nodded and handed him the truck keys. "Parker?" He asked, looking at me confused. "I'll be running back in wolf form," I said, smiling. "Willow wants to stretch her legs." The guard nodded and opened the driver's door. He looked quite happy to be driving my black truck. "Don't scratch her," I warned, and I ran up the stairs. As suspected, Xavier waited for me in the gardens, and a tender smile followed on his lips as I made my way down the steps to meet him. "Welcome back, dear!" He said, throwing his arms wide open for me. I didn't shy away from the embrace and ran into his arms, hugging him back. Xavier is Mila's uncle, and he has become a fat
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Chapter 9 - Tidal wave
Emily's POV Mila took an urgent step back, her hands moving to her lips as she gasped wide-eyed. She looked terrified, yet she refused to leave my side. The doctor rushed in and froze in his tracks when he saw me partly shifted. "What the f*ck!" he yelled out. I assume he never saw a she-wolf give birth and shift at the same time. "How the f*ck did this happen?" He rushed to my side, unsure what to do. "The pup!" I yelled, grabbing his shirt and pulling him toward me. "Get him out!" I suddenly had the urge to push... Mila stepped closer, sensing the time had come to deliver the pup to the world, taking my shifted hand in hers. She had no idea how much that meant to me. "Em!" Mila called my name over my moans. "It's time for you to push!" Seconds felt like minutes, minutes like hours—I whimpered and yelled, and everything around me became one big blur. The second the doctor freed the pup from me, I let go and handed all control over to my wolf; she took control and completed
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Chapter 10 - Feel guilty
Emily's POV "We're here." Willow's voice pulled me back out of my thoughts. I lifted my gaze to the exit of the forest overlooking my home. My four-wheel baby is already parked in his spot in the driveway. Willow handed me control, and I shifted back to human. Just four feet further, I found the clothes hidden in a hollow stump. Mila must have placed them there; they were still crisp and smelled like laundry detergent. I got dressed while making my way down the forest path toward my home. I lived in something similar to a duo home, sharing the house with Mila and Jax. We shared the same garden and driveway, but our entrance was allocated to the opposite side of our home. When I first decided it was time to move out of the pack house, Mila wanted me to live with her and Jax. I refused. I knew Mila didn't want me to be alone, but I didn't want to invade their privacy. Yet Mila pushed; she was determined to have me live close to her. After numerous arguments, Jax came up with
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