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Beauty they said fade which is true. But beauty within never fade. Tehzeeb a young and elegant lady. She have grown up without knowing what opulence is rather she have grown up to know what penury is. Would she be able to know what opulence is? or would she forever remain in penury?. Opposite they said attract. Does that means that the rich and the poor will attract. Fate can't be change and Destiny they said can't be predicted. What would her destiny be? What does destiny have in store for her? Could it be love? Or what?. If you want to find out what happened to Tezheeb the press the add button © Zeeekadir

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TehzeebI welcome you all to my new novel.Sneak peakTehzeeb a young and elegant lady. She have grown up without knowing what opulence is rather she have grown up to know what penury is.Would she be able to know what opulence is? or rather would she forever remain in penury?Opposite they said attract. Does that mean the rich and the poor attract.Fate can't be change and Destiny they said can't be predicted.What would her destiny be? What does destiny have in store for her? Could it be love? Or what?If you want to find out what happened to Tehzeeb den click the add button.~~~~~~~~~~~For those that have been reading Behind The Facade am sorry, the novel got deleted mistakenly not with my intention. But I promise to write another one even if it will not be the same write up but i
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Dedicated to all my followers and readers. Love you allGhost Readers pls vote. It's take just a second to click on d star. Thank you•She stretch her body for a little while before finally opening her eyes to adjust to the darkness of the room. She gets up from her laying position and sit down on her bed that there's no difference between the bed and the mat.She ambles out of her room and check her surrounding maybe she will see her mother because she knows by now her father would already be in the masjid. She couldn't see any sign of her mother which was unusual but decided to pray maybe she didn't wake up on time. With that thought she perform ablution and went back to her room to prayShe finish praying together with her morning azkar before going out to do her morning duties, since she would be going out a bit early for her morning lectures. She didn't see her mother on sight which is unlike her. She walk to there room and said Salam but got no reply after waiting for some minut
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She was in a haste to go home that she was not looking at her front and bumb into someone."Am sorry" she said and continue walking without waiting for the person she bumb into to say anything nor taking a second glance at him. She hail a cap and enter to go home. She arrived at home and was about to Sprint inside when the cap man talk"Mallama Baki biyani ba fa" he shouted which stop and hit her forehead with her hand before she turn to him"Sorry. Mantuwa na yi" with that being said she paid and Sprint inside the compound. "Umma. Umma" she begin to shout even before she reach the room."Ke yarinya na yaushe Zaki girma?" Baba asked "daga dawowar ki da Kiran sunnan Umma ki ko" her Baba said laughing at her behavior. She pout "Haba Baba. You know she was sick before I left for school that's why" she replied still pouting"Diyata manta da Baban ki. Na samu sauki lafiyata kalau yanzu" her Umma said smiling. Sh
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"Ni kika Mara" the guy said angryly"Na mara banza" Tehzeeb reply him anger evident in her voice."You don't know who you're messing with" the guy reply in the same tune Tehzeeb used to talk to him. He have never been humiliated in his life before nor have been slapped before by someone and now a lady have lay her filthy hand on his face that from a low class"And who the hell are you? I don't care who the bloody hell you're. All I care is that no one. I repeat no one dare insult or look down at my parents. That's again from a guy that doesn't have proper home training. You lack manners" Tehzeeb shouted and continue talking "it's better you go back home from where you're coming from and learn some respect" with that being said she turn to her parents "Umma let's be going. You need to rest, that's why I was insisting you stay at home to rest. But nevertheless that's your fate and we have nothing to do with Allah have destin
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Immediately they arrived at home Tehzeeb burst into a series of tears streaming down her face. She was in pain about what happened. She easily get emotional when it's comes to her parents. She abhor seeing them in pain or being look down on just because they're nobody. The wealth which she knows Allah can take it away from whosoever he wish to take it away from but because of that worldly thing some look down on her parents.When she remembers the look the guy gave her parents she cried more than before and clutch onto her chest more tightly"Haba Tehzeeb. Why are you crying now. You slapped him which I think you feel better but here you are crying. Why?" Mallam Audu her father asked"Am sorry Baba. I just" she hiccups "I just don't like it when someone look down or disrespect you. I can't do that to someone's else parent's but look at what happened. Someone like that guy who's nobody say what he feels like to say wi
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Tehzeeb has been busy with her studies because they were already in test week. Which most of the lecturers will not announced the day they will write, they will just come to the class and asked them to tear a sheet of paper for test. She don't want to be left behind nor come to class unprepared so she's seriously reading her books even when she's at home."Umma" she called her mother"Na'am Tehzeeb" her mother answer"Let me get going. I don't want to be late and there's sun""Okay toh. All the best dear""Thank you""Wait" her Umma called out to her before she left "your father said I should give you transport fare. Here take it and quickly leave before you get late""Umma keep it. I still have some change in my hand" she said returning the money to her Umma"Take the money and leave or you tell me the reason you don't like collecting mon
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She did as she was told before going out to join her parents to eat"My daughter. How was the lecturers" asked Baba Mallam Audu"It was fine. Alhamdulillah" replied Tehzeeb"That's good. May the Lord see you through""Ameen Baba" with that they ate there food in silence. Tehzeeb pack the dishes to the kitchen before she performs wudu and enters her room.She was not in the mood to go out to gist with her parents today, because if she does then they will know that something was bothering her which she don't want them to know."Tehzeeb dear. Aren't you coming out?" Umma asked from outside her room"No Umma. I want to go through my books first""Oh dear. You need to rest. It's not been long you came back from school and you want to read again. Let's your brain rest for a while""Hummm" she sighed before she replies "Okay Umma
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Tehzeeb woke up with headache because she couldn't sleep throughout the night. After praying she didn't have the strength to check on her parents so she lay down to rest for a while maybe the headache might reduceUmma finish her morning azkar and she have not seen Tehzeeb so she got worried and decided to check on her daughter because it's unlike her. She walked to Tehzeeb room and saw her laying down"Inallilahi Tehzeeb. What happened to you? Why are you like this?" Umma asked her in one breathe"Umma don't stress yourself so much. It's just a magrin that's all" She said to her mother in a low voice"Don't say that. Look at the way you're laying down and you're telling me it's just magrin. Wait. What did you do through out last night?" Umma question"Nothing Umma""Nop, you can't tell me nothing. Don't tell me you were worried about what transpired between your fat
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In life no matter what you do people will suspect or point finger at you. So it's better to stay in a clear cost. We own our life not others_______________________________The tension in the room was too much and becoming unbearable for Tehzeeb but she dare not walk out on her parents since she was not brought up like that. She hang her head low expecting the inevitable because she knows her father will give her his piece of mind. There silence was disturbing her but she couldn't talk since she have spill the beans. She was about to say something when she heard her father cleared his throat. Which she sighed in relief because that alone lessened the tension in the room"Tehzeeb" Mallam Audu called her name. She shivered with the way he called her name. The tune in which he used to call her name was rarely used by him unless it's something
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The best relationship is that which is built on trust, understanding and respect. If a relationship lack this, then there will be alot of circumstances which the two will face and that will give room to there foes to intervene in there life's. Build relationship on trust, understanding and respect. Not on material things---------------------------------------------Tehzeeb woke up today happily and energetic. She just don't know why she feels happy and at ease after her discussion with her parents and the out come of it. She's super happy and can't wait to see Khady to tell her about the good news, but there's no lecture today so she decided that she will visit Khady since it's been long she visited her and atleast she will get to know about the work maybe there's a vacancy for her to fit in.She
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