Terra Australis: Ethereal Secret

Terra Australis: Ethereal Secret

By:  Feelsweebman  Ongoing
Language: English
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Ours is a southernmost land shrouded in mystery,a land cut off from the rest of the world. A land believed to be humanity's fresh start, but as a few people sought out to figure out the truth of this world, it became clear to them that it was far from the truth...

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waiting for the next chapter. by the way, is there any socmed to discuss your story further?
2021-07-21 19:16:05
26 Chapters
Terra Australis
Ours is a southernmost land shrouded in mystery…A peripheral land cut off from the rest of the world…Where nature herself plays god…And humans live under her rule… Though our families before us sought to pursue trade, peace, and protect the ever growing world,Sailing to the farthest corners of the world with ships the size of palaces,Circumnavigating from the largest of archipelagos to the tiniest of islands…They found themselves in a vast land with no way out… Ours is a southernmost land shrouded in mystery…Of moraines and crystals…Where a generation have passed with no more hope of finding a way to their ancestral home…Land claimed yet no monarch or republic to recognise…Life moved on as usual… Towns built, loyal and neutral…Armies formed but no war
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Chapter 0: Disturbances
Thick cold air rushing between the passageways of the labyrinth of large crystalline rocks.'Iyala, Terra Australis.'-Gen. Matilda FosterA platoon of colonial soldiers surveyed the area for a mission they knew little about. The floor was rough and pointy and reflected light it could reach. The large glowing rocks displayed a text no one understood. Looking above, they saw the majestic Aurora Australis playing with the stars. And several comets that passed through a luminous ring; connecting massive planet-like stars organised like beads covering Terra Australis.The hidden continent displayed an ethereal prowess no man in the old continents could ever imagine. Still, the colonials had no time to address the natural formalities.Their general had sent them to look for a structure lurking deep in this place. The general had also sent one of her finest leaders and a good friend of hers, Col. Sonia Campbell.They were led by an Iyalaala. A floating crystal kite believed to have been the
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Chapter 1: Rebirth
A girl stood by herself in a cold and dark garden, its source of life coming two rows of dimmed candle lanterns sharing their rows with lush plants cut in the shape of a square. Between the rows stood a narrow and wide pond with the lanterns reflecting the ripples of the water. The girl stood in front of it all. She could see her breath merge with the cold air as she walked around the surrounding pavement of the pond. There were no stars above, clouds, nor even the moon or the beads of stars, on the other side of the garden; large, tall pine trees that were rustling heavily, giving the air a smoky scent of pine cones. She approached the pond to see the water clear, she saw her own reflection and realised she wore a long, white sundress, and the girl had short, black hair and brown eyes."Right... that's me..." She watched the water reflecting everything she does as the cold airbrushed her body. She noticed large flowers with the colour of blood settling on the bushes beside the pon
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Chapter 2: Reunion
The town's eyes and ears were all about the arrival of South British colonial soldiers in their community. The platoon marched around the village with their red uniforms buttoned with bronze and white leather strapped around them with their haversack. They were led by a captain, a young girl named Iowa Campbell.She had blonde hair braided to the side and wore a blue shawl. Instead of a rifle, the captain carried around her a sabre and a Webley revolver. The captain ordered the platoon to stop as they marched to the town's centre."Spread out into groups", Iowa ordered as she raised her hand sideways, signalling dispersion. The soldiers immediately formed into groups of four, and each went on with their directions.A frail old man approached the captain. Upon first look, he does not look like he means to harm, reaching Iowa slowly and kindly with his wooden cane and curved back."Miss?" Asked the old man in a soft, weak voice."Yes, sir?"The people spectating the scene from their balc
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Chapter 3: Friendship
A young Isuzu watched over a baby inside the nursery in the orphanage. The baby rested on a small wooden cradle complete with a small pillow and blanket. The baby was taken in a few weeks ago, and she had dark hair and dark skin.Isuzu was told by the nuns to watch her over as they cleaned the mess hall after dinner. The nursery had individual rooms for babies that were months old, and the younger ones were housed with other babies in a long bright place where the nuns would watch over them.Isuzu was all alone with the new baby. Not much was known about her parents. One night the head nun, sister Maya, left the orphanage to see a baby in a basket in front of the door in the middle of the night.She, of course, took her in and asked the town's night watch if they had seen anyone who left the baby there. The village was small, everyone knew everybody else, but they didn't know who the baby was or who her parents were.Isuzu leaned over the baby to see her fully awake, trying to maintain
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Chapter 4: Tango
An hour before the rising of the sun, Isuzu walked back to her room, unable to find Eleya. She sat down on her bed with so many thoughts lingering around her head.She then heard someone climbing quickly. She rushed to the window, but before she could even get close a person suddenly busted out of the window, it was Iowa."Shhh", Iowa said as she placed her finger on her lips. Isuzu nods and carefully opened the window. Iowa vaulted in, brushing the dust off her uniform."What is it?" whispered Isuzu.Iowa did not answer. Instead, she looked around the room, searching the drawers and corners."OK, we can talk now", Iowa whispered as she finished her inspection."What were you looking for?" Isuzu asked."Things that could hear or see us, insects or anything else", said Iowa. Sighing as she finished checking everything."So," said Iowa, "Have you made up your mind yet?""No, why?""I'm sorry, but it has to wait. I need you to come with me to the capital, and there we'll sort things out,
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Chapter 4.5: A Town in Terra Australis
 Venture forth lads for a new settlement awaitsCarry your luggage, let not tiredness delay usWe must build anew, mankind's first town in this barren continentLe
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Chapter 5: Angel of the Animal Tongue
The carriage marched on with Isuzu and the colonials on board. The sun had finally risen, but there was a problem."Didn't I tell the scouts to regroup with us every thirty minutes?""It could be something worse ma'am." he answered."What do you mean?" asked Iowa. Then the soldier pointed at the road ahead,"Who goes there?!" shouted the driver upon seeing the running men."It's us, the scouts!" the men shouted back.The soldiers instantly recognised them, calling out their names as they asked what happened."Hop in, you two!" Iowa told them. The men on the back pulled them in as they scaled through the carriage."Our horses, ma'am! They mysteriously ran ahead of the path, we're sorry!" one of the scouts explained."It must be the enemy", Iowa muttered."Wait so they could control animals?!" one of the soldiers asked."From what I have observed, yes", Iowa answered."An angel?" the other scout asked."I think Isuzu here is a huge deal for us both South British and whoever they are. I s
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Chapter 6: Reinforcements
"Where're our reinforcements?!" shouted one of Iowa's soldiers as they fought through the enemy onslaught."Just shut up and keep firing!" Iowa shouted back as she reloaded her weapon and went straight back to firing.The soldiers were well trained, managing to take down their enemies in only one or two shots, but due to the enemies' overwhelming numbers. It meant that they're the ones who'll be out of bullets first.The skirmish was at its peak. Bullets flew from all sides, and as the sun raged on with its heat, it started to exhaust both sides.Isuzu watched from the back. Hearing the echoes of gunshots and whistling bullets, sometimes she even had to hide behind a tree as stray bullets landed near her."You should keep your head down, lest they see you here." told one of the scouts to Isuzu."Oh, right, sorry!" apologised Isuzu."It's odd seeing the captain like that no?" said the other scout."Yeah, ever since she heard about the mission about Iyala. She had been pretty blue ever s
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Chapter 7: Colonials
"In the name of the British crown, with this, I declare this land be the new addition to her vast empire, The Colony of South Britain in the continent of Terra Australis".'South Britain, Terra Australis.'-Post-captain Sir Jonathan Jones, Royal Navy, HMS Ripple.Isuzu sat beside Iowa inside the carriage. As the night started to engulf the continent, lamp streetlights slowly took the place of sunlight, spanning across the colony in perfect symmetry with the smooth stone road. Workers walked home to each of their houses where their families waited. The horses of the vendors trotted away as they took their goods with them. Isuzu witnessed the progress the colony has made with its massive buildings and technology she thought ahead of its time."It's still a few hours before we get to the capital. You should get some rest." Iowa said as Isuzu looked at the apartments. "What am I going to do here?" asked Isuzu, "Since I'm a 'target' or something, am I going to get locked up somewhere safe
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