The Vengeance of the Crimson Blade

The Vengeance of the Crimson Blade

By:  BlackKnightYuriz  Ongoing
Language: English
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Zitrey d' Nightroad is a former assassin known as ‘Crimson Blade of the Dark Moon’. To protect herself from people that want to take her life, she pretends to be a man and live as Benedict's son. Though living peacefully as a normal student at Lumiere Academy and receiving full of care and love from her new family. She still can't forget the burning hatred she has for the man who killed her mother. All this time, she has only one goal in mind to search for her mother’s murderer and to have her vengeance!Unexpectedly, who would have thought that in her journey of seeking revenged, things happened? A person who is cold and feared by everyone could attract into this idiotic and feminine Nathan Colfer? Furthermore, she obtained some trustworthy friends, Nikka Steinmetz? Very well known for being a hot-blooded and violent student?But no one knows what will happen later on as she was the most wanted person in the dark world. ["Let's play a game, you a hunter, and I'm your prey, be sure to draw the arrow correctly 'cause if you'd miss, this rabbit will hunt you instead...”]Warning: All information written here are work of Author's Imagination.

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92 Chapters
A cold harsh wind blows in this moonless night. Rain poured heavily making a 'tip-tap' sound over the roof. Just then there was a rumbling in the skies, twisted lightning crawled across the gloomy clouds flashing white and blue; illuminating the darkroom inside. A child couldn't even scream on what she had seen, she just knew there's a crimson warm liquid spurting out from her mother's chest. “Ma…” the only word came out from her trembling mouth. Her mother leaned at her shoulders while looking at her “I'm sorry… I couldn't keep my promise,” she said while fighting the excruciating pain in her wound but still she remained calm. She tilted her head and gently wiped the tears falling on her daughter's round eyes. “Don't cry, darling.”When the child heard it, she held her tears and repeatedly bowed her head as a symbol of yes. Her mother smiled seeing the cute reaction of her daughter. “L-let me see your smile, once again darling,” she said while brushing softly the long raven hair of
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Chapter 1: Smells like Jasmine
The warm golden light shone and slowly eaten the wide horizon. Droplets of water on the leaves of trees and plants were sparkled with the gentle light. Behind the crystal window, the white thin curtains swayed gracefully with the morning breeze. Nonetheless, inside the room, a person in a black school uniform was emitting a dark aura while staring intently at the picture of a beautiful woman smiling together with her cute little daughter, sitting on her lap. “Mom, I made a promise to you and Uncle Ben, but...” she gently touched the mirror that shows the reflection of a teenage boy and his obsidian eyes burning on fire. Clenching her palm, she said in a cold monotonous voice, “I, Zitrey d' Nightroad will definitely catch him! I really will!!!”The veins in her forehead bulging with rage were somehow gone when she heard a pleasing and concerning voice of a woman, “Zeth, it's still early in the morning. Did you have nightmares?”This woman was sitting on her bed while facing Zitrey wi
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Chapter 2: Revealing the Secret to a Stranger
The Owl logo guy thought for a moment that this pair of Obsidian eyes is gleaming. However, when he blinked, those eyes glaring at him look like a sharp knife – thirsty for blood. He jolted and stands up immediately. Thinking, “This person is dangerous.”He stepped back when Zitrey gets up and patted the dust on her uniform. While Zitrey is busy doing her work, the Owl logo guy notices the imprinted logo on her right chest – an Owl. He rejoiced for a moment and wanted to ask this person in front of him if he could tag along going to their school, yet, he dared not. He startled when Zitrey walked in his direction. His scalped tingled. He couldn't help but walk backward, but as he walks back, Zitrey continued to walk forward. “What to do? What to do?!” His mind was messed with negative thoughts. It was his first time to meet a person with such an intimidating aura. The Owl logo guy had already backed away to a corner of the wall when Zitrey stopped her step. His entire body froze, sti
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Chapter 3: The Annoying Nathan Colfer
“Eh?! Don't be like this big bro. I know, I exasperated you. You seem even hated me to call you such nonsense name but don't make excuses like that. It's clearly not true.” Zitrey sighed a breath of relief. Thankful, that Nathan didn't take it seriously. She even has a gut feeling that this person is an idiot. “So, Big bro what's your name?” Nathan strikes the iron while still hot, but he is still failed.Zitrey ignore him and walked again. “Jeez, I just wanted to know his name, why'd he made it hard for me.” Nathan thought and run to caught up to her. He stared at these 15 feet (4.57 meters) tall, thick wall; amuse, he said, “The school administrative really don't want us -students to escape the school.” But then, he changed his mind when he saw a gateway without a gate nor security guard instead it only had horizontal steel blocking the way. “Zeth!”, a lady in a white coat uniform shouted behind the entrance of their school. He wondered why this beautiful lady waves her hands che
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Chapter 4: Crimson Blade's Last Victim
"Hey, did you hear about the new transfer student in Class Sage?" "Yea, I heard that guy is really good-looking but looks like a girl."" Really? Lol, why do we have a transfer student in the middle of the school year?""Ah, Shit! He's right there.""Where?" A group of students in Black Uniform lined up in a cafeteria to get their lunch. One of them points out Nathan, who's just arrived with Gilbert and other Sage's students by his side."Dude... Yea, she's pretty but where's the transfer student?""Tsk, you get me wrong. That's him."The other guy and other people who heard him were in shock, eyes widened, and confused while looking at Nathan.Nathan and the group didn't notice this and continue picking up their tray and line up. "Hey! Nathan. When did you get closed to Zitrey? Are you his, childhood friend?", Gilbert asked while wrapping his one arm around Nathan's shoulder. Nathan glance at Gilbert's face and his arm on his shoulder.All of a sudden, a glimpse of the past, flashed
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Chapter 5: The Insane Robbers
Twilight fell: the grayish-white moon shines brightly causing the silver tiny stars to show up in few. Nocturnal animals begin to start their night task; even the human on their shadowy job. In a small convenience store where Zitrey was in. There's a four-person in black-masked that only covered their eyes entered the said store. One of them nervously changes the sign 'open' to 'close' and followed his mates. The Security guard that supposed to guard the convenience store, had run where the loud cry of a child has been. He was about to go back to his position at the entrance of the store when he saw the four guys in masked and in armed, entered. Just then, one of the masked men instantly fired his silencer handgun towards the Security guard as soon as he saw him. The pistol the Security guard holding on was fallen to the ground when the bullet penetrated his hand. He was second late firing his gun. Another three shots follow that hit his limbs. This made him laid on the ground, out
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Chapter 6: The Dark Moon's Tattoo
Nathan walked under the moonlight at an unfamiliar alley where only a few people passed by. Stray cats could be heard arguing, making the strange and weird sound of meowing that echoes throughout the alley. This made him goosebumps out of fright. Furthermore, an idea that he didn't want to admit since awhile ago seems true, "I'm not lost am I?" he thought. It's already evening, yet he still didn't reach his home.After a few minutes of walking, he stopped his steps when he meets a fork alley: one path going to the east and the other one going to the west. Nathan has felt that this scene seems Deja Vu, more so at every time he faces a fork alley, there's something bad always happen to him. "I guess,... I'm totally lost."Nathan searched his surroundings, only to notice that he was the only person left in this narrow path and cold night. Just then, the streetlights beside him suddenly flickered nonstop, adding to the fuel of fear for Nathan. Because of this, he hardly read the written wo
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Chapter 7: I Volunteer
“Let's hurry!” Y said nervously.“No, not yet, X bring a hostage. They will be our key to escape if those officers catch up to us.” Their Boss ordered. “Even without hostage we can escape but the boss that's a good idea and exhilarating,” X said smirking. He pointed his fingers toward the customers. The customers start to quiver once again, afraid they will be chosen. “Then, I will choose... you!” he pointed towards the Little girl. The grandmother suddenly tightens her embrace to the child.“No, not her please!” she begged. But X spare no mercy, he continued his walk towards them; however, Zitrey stops him by blocking his way. “Don't touch her!” her obsidian eyes were darker than usual, she glared at X like throwing a dagger. “I'll go instead,” she added with her chilling voice. X suddenly laughed like there's no tomorrow. “You? Who would believe your a hostage and not one of us? Give me the child.”Zitrey blocked him once again, “I. Said. I'll. Go. Can't you understand human langu
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Chapter 8: We're not Shibai
“Zeth, stop the habitual tricks someone might recognize you,” Kate said walking closer to Zitrey. She was followed by the Boss, hands in the back, and in handcuffs.“Mn.” Her extremely short reply.Kate noticed that Zitrey was still on the peak of rage. Her bloodshed eyes were still flaming yet in stygian. This kind of demeanor will only happen if she encounters a thing from her past. “Is it because those robbers imitate her old work? Or something more complex than what I've imagined?” Her coffeelike eyes suddenly laid to Zitrey's neck. Dried blood came from the wound was clearly seen on her neck and some part of it are still bleeding. This sight made her heart tightened.Kate took a step closer to the two people on the ground. She bent her leg to face them with the same level of height. Then said with a playful tone yet has a wicked smile, “Please, excuse me...”In a blink of an eye, a loud and crisp sound of slap can be heard coming from X's face. Five reddish fingers were vividly i
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Chapter 9: A Tooth for a Tooth!
Gunshots echoes and slowly fading away...Zitrey suddenly felt the fierce force coming from her side pushing her all over, making her rolled at the rough solid ground while still embracing the child in her arms tightly. When the momentum was stopped, she immediately scrutinized the child underneath her.Little Christine's silky short hair was disheveled, the body was trembling, and her eyes were tightly close as if she was afraid to witness something terrible. In instant, Zitrey breathed a sigh of relief, when she found out that the child is safe and there's no single wound on her body, not even a single scratch can be seen on her. She successfully protected the child. Zitrey then scans her surroundings, trying to find the person who helped them. She then saw a young woman in a torn flimsy white dress, and spots of blood can be seen through it. Her thin clothes were swaying gracefully with the gentle breeze, exposing her translucent and slender legs making it look irresistible. This
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