Demons within Me: (The Incubus Slave) Book 1

Demons within Me: (The Incubus Slave) Book 1

By:  Kate Granada  Completed
Language: English
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*COMPLETED*Do you believe in night entities such as night demons, werewolves, and vampires? Do you agree that succubi and incubi exist? Do you experience sexual dreams and night terrors? I'm Diana Scott, a nineteen-year-old student. An incubus demon fell in love with me. I was trapped within a succubus demon at the same time. I believed that demons exist for real and this is my story. Warning! Read with your own risk. Scenes may contain abuse, sex, strong language, and more on killings. Parental guidance is recommended.

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85 Chapters
My Playmate
Chapter 1Diana pov As far as I remembered during my childhood days, I had this so-called playmate but he only appeared in my dreams every night. Yes! It's true and he was a guy, a fucking hot beautiful creature. A demon. With my innocent mind, I didn't recognize his actions if they were good or bad. I was only fifteen years old back then. I had wet dreams! Oh my God!!! Yes at my young age, he made me feel dirty during my sleeping phase. I didn't understand the feeling since I was too young and I just considered him as my older brother. I wanted to tell my mom about my filthy nightmares but he kept telling me inside my mind even when I was awake that if I disobeyed him or if I let anyone knew it,  I would be punished. I keep this secret of mine for these past
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A blissful entrance
Chapter 2Dreaming...Diana pov" shit! What was this feeling?", I mumbled.I felt something weird going on in my body. I felt it inside me connecting through my inner core. I ran as fast as I could looking for a girl's restroom." Found it!", I said. I immediately find an empty cell inside and quickly pulled my tight skirt up and straightly moved my hands at the hemline of my undies down to where my g-spot is located." I'm hot now Diana! Let Tore enters inside your mind and body", said the whispering voice from my head." Gosh what was this?", as I'm trying to calm myself but this demon within me was very strong. I think she's possessing me to access her goal. I think I was being controlled by some strong entity."To mate with the demon longing for me and my playmate since I was a little
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Black Butterfly
Chapter 3 It's almost eight in the morning and Diana's first-class should start at seven. he's late by about thirty minutes!She entered the class rasping her breath due to exhaustion from running." Good morning sir ", is the only word she released from her drained mouth. Everyone from the class stared blankly at her as if they're not interested in what she was talking about while her subject teacher raised one of his eyebrows and uttered something that made her jump in huge surprise." Are you done fucking yourself inside the bathroom Miss Diana Scott? he said it loudly that everyone inside the classroom could hear it.
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My Guardian Angel
Chapter 4Thamer'spovShe was the girl of my dreams. I knew it. I saw her in my dreams! Really!What a coincidence that my dream came true. I didn't expect that those image of a girl from my dream was real and she was right beside me alive and smiling at me. Earlier in our class when she suddenly appeared at the door entrance, I closed my eyes and made a second look again. I wanted to make sure if she was just my imagination or was she real then it makes sense because she was totally real!I didn't like what our professor said to her in front of us. It's not a good manner to approach a late student like that even it was only a joke. I started to hate him that way.Anyway, my happiness and excitement doubled because she was also my seatmate for our Mythology subject.
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Bite marks as Authority
 Chapter 5Damon pov"Yes, this it! You're mine now for today Diana", feeling excited for the next picture of her inside my brain. But I was a parasite of this body for almost five days and now is my chance to mate with her without any obstacles.I want this to be real. I wanted to break her virginity today.Finally, I couldn't wait for another day anymore. I was there staring beside her bedroom enjoying my gaze on every flesh of her. I was invisible to her. I was the type of vampire that could not be seen by a keen human being.***************"Sorry, Diana but you're my prey tonight! then Damon slowly vanished leaving a dark smoke in her darkroom.He used his invisibility power to taste her great inviting hot young body ready to mate with someone.
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The Parasite with me
Whispering voices..." I love you, my came back for me after those painful and useful years of my love to you", a voice as soft as an angel spoke. It's like a normal voice but it's full of deep emotions and sincerity."It's not my fault that I killed your wife. It was an order in my head and because I sold my soul to him I have to do what he wishes me to do", she continued." I was also his slave once I was a human-like her".Now that I slowly brainwash her sanity she will get sick, forget her memories and fantasies to others but only to you.She would beg for your lust and would dwell inside your heart forever.Zoe's voice said then leave Diana's body for a while to let her energy come back to nor
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Thamer Reid- Cambion
Thamer povI reached my alarm clock when I heard it's unstoppable ringing sound. My ears could explode anytime if I don't stop it.I checked the time and it's only five o'clock in the morning. Too early to rise from my bed.  Again it's snoozing alarm woke me up.I turned it off.I went back to sleep again.After five minutes it rings again.I grabbed it this time I turned off my phone and sleep a little.--------Dreaming,I saw Diana again. I saw her angel-like face.So enchanting and captivating.Her beauty...Her smile...Her soft skin...Her
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What do you want?
Chapter 8Diana pov15 minutes earlier before the classThe second day of school and I hope that this day would be a good day for me but I was wrong.As I walked in the hallway of school I spotted my professor at the corner of the alley like he was waiting for me.I noticed him smirked at me.He's looking at me again as if I didn't have clothes on my body." fuck this teacher", I mumbled. I made my way without putting a glance at him but he quickly grabbed my arms and dragged me inside the girl's restroom." what do you want?"!I yelled at him but he was fast and covered my mouth instantly." ssshhhh, you better shut up miss Scott, or else so
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The Untold memories
Chapter 9Summertime sadness by Lana Del ReyKiss me hug before you goSummertime sadness I just wanted you to knowThat baby your the best.The FlashbackTore and Isabelle" fuck she was so godamn beautiful ", he uttered as he was hiding behind the tall grasses.He wandered his eyes to her from head to toe.Then he smirked and bit his lower lip when she began to take off her clothes.He gulped twice when this girl was naked and moved her body down the running river and splashed herself with water.
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She was her
  Chapter 10Alexer povI loved the feeling to be wasted sometimes.From a far, I saw a stripper club and because I was so damn hot today I decided to be one of the customers." oops no teens allowed", said the security guard to me fiercely. I was in a restricted area.  He's wearing a black fitted sleeveless that made his big muscles more visible and frightful. He was a bouncer and not only him there are lots of them but he was assigned to guard the entrance." Fuck", I mumbled and started to walk away from that club.I navigated the small slim space alley beside the club. I didn't know where I am going. I lost my sanity because of the drugs I take awhile ago from my friend's house. We pla
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