The Alpha Luna

The Alpha Luna

By:  Author Chuks  Ongoing
Language: English
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Melissa woods,a young Werewolf was forced by her mother to be the the Luna of a wicked Alpha. Well Melissa is a loner and find it hard to find friends in highschool, but after five years of no friends she became friends with Kyle,a young teenager who is also a loner like her. Melissa insisted on being a Luna but she was later the Alpha's Luna. She became mated to him. Though it was complicated, and Melissa finally knew everything was all a plan.

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Still needs editing though but i love the way you wrote the book, it's thrilling
2021-08-23 03:28:29
18 Chapters
Chapter One
Alpha Ramon,the most dangerous alpha in the pack sat on his specially made couch and began to take a look at the pack.he was the most feared and most wild Alpha. He controls the other werewolves and made sure they did whatever he wanted and if they dare not to do so,they would get into the werewolves jail and would be there two or three months. That was how wicked he is. There is something about him that makes him unique from and that's his Power. His Power is said to be the greatest in mankind..his power can create another werewolf and turn it into his servant. And that is one of the reasons why other werewolves feared him. "How dare you disobey my order?He asked with his deep voice which echoes through the park. "I'm sorry Alpha Ramon,I did it for the safety of everyone"The werewolf apologize. "I didn't tell you to defend or save me,I told you to make sure the boundaries between us and the zombies are what is the sa
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Chapter Two
"I've found a Luna for you"Ria said to Alpha Ramon who was still meditating on a particular spot.   "Really?"He said opening his yes immediately.   "Yeah,she is my daughter and I'm willing to give her to you, though she doesn't want to be your Luna but I would make sure I force her to be yours"She said and Alpha Ramon smiled.   "Thanks so much you've helped to accomplish my first mission from the Alpha God."He replied.   "He was the one who told you to get a Luna?"Ria asked surprisingly and he nodded.   "He gave me a thousand mission to complete in a werewolf year"He said and Ria muttered an"ohh" silently.   "How did he expect you to complete such mission within a short period of time?"Ria asked.   "I still don't understand why,I must not disobey his rules..if not he would send me back to where I came from..."He replied.  
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Chapter Three
Alpha Ramon went to his domain and sat down on the ground like he always does.he was looking for a Luna for the past few months and that was because he was asked to do so by the Alpha God.   He hasn't find one yet because no one is willing to give his/her daughter to the most feared and dangerous Alpha.   But since Ria to promised to give her daughter to be his Luna,he has rested from finding a Luna..and then focused on how to grow the park.   But wait..come to think of it Alpha Ramon isn't a person who would love to grow a park,he is someone who is as heartless as a beast..but why would he be growing a park?.   It is something weird to see Alpha Ramon having plans to grow the park..not by making people werewolves but making them to know who truly they are.   Can it possibly be Alpha Ramon doing that?.   And that's was why Ria planned on knowing what's wrong
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Chapter Four
"I had travel all over the world finding for my beautiful daughter, ever since she ran away she never came back home and if any one of you finds my daughter,I would give the person who finds her a thousand dollars and also the person would marry her without paying the bride's price"Mrs Chloe said. "Are you for real ma'am?"A young man asked. "I'm not joking at all,I just someone to bring back my daughter.i just want to have her in my arms again"Mrs Chloe said. "So when do we begin the search for your daughter?"Another young man asked. "You would all begin the search tomorrow,but you all are not to pass the same way.. but different ways, streets and routes."She answered the young man question. "We would find your daughter ma'am,but promise that you would fulfill your promise"A young man in red said. "I promise,and if she doesn't agrees..I know exactly what to d
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Chapter Five
The next day Ria woke up stretching get arms,she looked at her side add was surprised not to see The man age met yesterday. She stood up properly then used her eyes to search for him but she still didn't see him. "Looking for me?"She heard him asked from behind. "Yes,I thought you had left me alone.. because I was just a stranger"Ria replied. "I can't do that even though you are a stranger"He said truthfully. "Really?"Ria asked. "Yes,I don't know you doesn't means I would leave you alone when I'm not supposed to do so"He replied. "Ohh,once again thanks for helping me"She said. "So what do you do early in the morning,like your chores or routine?"Ria asked. "I go hunting for game every morning and once I find any,I kill it,boil it and then eat it for my breakfast"He replied as he began to boil the g
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Chapter Six
The man moved back and watched as Ria talked to the the voice.He was terrified and scared because he feared werewolves and that was the reason why he hate them so much. And since he didn't know what to do,he had to save his life by moving back. "What do you want?"Ria asked still in her werewolf's form. "Don't come near the book or else you would get hurt.. werewolves ain't allowed to touch the book."The voice said. "Why aren't allowed to do so?"Ria asked but there was no reply,but instead she began to see shadows coming nearer. The Shadows turned into someone and Ria was surprised to see the person. His eyes were completely black and he was muscular and gigantic. His hair was curly and his clothes were made of leafs. "Who are you?"Ria asked."i should be the one asking you that question"He said."Why?"Ri
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Chapter Seven.
Melissa woke up the next day by the blaring sound of the old alarm.As she woke up she wonders why she hasn't burnt the alarm clock because it was an alarm which made a hell of noise. Despite the fact it was helpful to her,she still think of burning it. Melissa stretched her arms and hoped for a very good day at school. "Bad luck everyday at school, it's so frustrating to go to a school where you have bad luck every single day of your life"Melissa muttered beneath. "I just hope today is gonna be a good day"She thought. Melissa stood up and did everything necessary that she needed to do and then she Walked out of her room before heading to the sitting room where she found her dad sitting on the couch,with a popcorn in his hands and he was watching film on the television. "Good morning dad"She greeted politely and then she went straight into the kitchen to find
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Chapter Eight
The three young men are out there looking for the daughter of Mrs Chloe,they had all gone separate ways looking for her daughter. And that was because of the money Mrs Chloe was willing to give them. The three young men agreed not to use their powers while searching for Mrs Chloe's daughter and they created a punishment for any one who disobeys the rules would be out of the group. So none of them were to use their powers. One of them Fredrick, was at the outskirt of the town to accomplish the mission. He was dressed like a bar attender in the bar and that was because of the plan. "What's your order gentleman?"He asked a man who had come to counter to buy a drink or drinks. "Give me three bottles of liquor"He said and with immediate response, Fredrick brought three bottles of liquor and handed it over to the man.. "Pay
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Chapter Nine
So have you seen what you are searching for in that book?"Gerrard,the man Ria had stayed with asked.   "I haven't seen what I'm searching for,the book is so big and totally sure it would take a day before I would find what I'm searching for"Ria replied.   "I still don't know what you are searching for,but can you tell me,I might be of help"Gerard said still chewing some meats I his mouth.   Ria sighed and spoke up."I'm not sure If I should tell you this because it's only concern werewolves".   "It's fine if you don't want to tell me,I was just being of anyways"Gerrard replied.   "Alright,I would tell you."Ria said.   "Go on, I'm all ears"Gerrard replied and Ria cleared her throat and gulped before speaking.   "The werewolves pack is a pack containing different werewolves with different abilities in them.Three are different pack all over t
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Chapter Ten
"I think I've found Mrs Chloe daughter"One of the young men,Chris told the others. The way they spoke to each other was through a phone,not an ordinary but phone mainly specified for Armed force. They had to purchase just to make sure they communicate with each other. "Really?"Fredrick asked through the phone. "Yeah, but I'm not really sure she is the one."Chris doubted. "Those she looks exactly the way mrs Chloe described her?"Theo,the last of them asked. "She is kinda short and chubby"Chris replied. "She isn't the one,Mrs Chloe said she is tall,slim and have a scar next to her left eye"Theo replied. "Ohh"Chris muttered. There was Silence between the three of them until Fredrick spoke up. "I need to go,I would see you guys later", Fredrick said and disconnected from the call.
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