The Alpha's Chosen Bride

The Alpha's Chosen Bride

By:  Vivian  Completed
Language: English
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"Tell me what you would permit Nina." He snuck his hand around her neck, gripping her in a loose, but possessive hold. Nina forgot how to breath for a moment, her body unexpectedly reacting to him. "Would you let me touch you here?" He slowly moved his hand away from her neck, and trailed it down her body, feeling the dip in her waist and the curve of her hips. He then went up again until he got to the swell of her breasts. "Here Nina. Will you?" He slowly grazed the swell of her breasts, his hand almost not touching them, but she could feel it move along, and she was surprised at the anticipation it built within her. "Answer me, baby girl." He just let his palm brush over them a little. "Yes..." ***** After being rejected by her mate, and then forced by the people she call parents, Nina had no choice but to marry the infamous Alpha of the Night howler's pack to pay up her father's debts. She had heard nothing but scary things about this man, Alpha Ezra! But what happens when he turns out to be the dream she never dared to dream about?

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Because this book was so good have started reading her other books. Great find. Continue your great work
2024-05-21 23:11:23
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Thanuri Kalanika
It's just wow
2024-05-14 11:00:43
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Great book! I enjoyed the story and the characters are interesting! I definitely recommend this book
2024-04-09 14:35:04
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Gayle Ecklund
Very nice read. Enjoyed the story immensely. Excellent character development and humor. Highly recommend this. (Just a few errors found).
2024-03-04 11:59:56
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Can’t wait to read another book by this author!
2024-02-27 01:30:26
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Love this book! Really enjoyed it and highly recommend reading it!
2024-02-27 01:27:33
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Y'all, my new book is finally out. Please check it. The name is "The Alpha: Fated to my enemy's daughter". Thank you so much for your support so far.
2024-02-22 18:00:48
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Thoroughly enjoyed the twists and turns of Alpha’s Chosen Bride. Excellent plot and I loved the length, too!
2024-01-12 15:05:01
default avatar
Really enjoyed this book! Well-written and very heartwarming! Thank you author!
2024-04-25 17:08:05
100 Chapters
The wedding
Nina sat in front of the large mirror in her room, while some of the omegas dressed dressed her hair. She was putting on a white long wedding gown.It was the day she had been waiting for. The day she would be getting married to the man her parents chose for her, Alpha Ezra, the Alpha of the Night howlers pack. The thought of that made her shiver in fear.Alpha Ezra was well known all through the land of the werewolves. He was known to be the strongest Alpha, and his pack was the largest. But what made her afraid of him was the fact that he had a reputation for being cruel. He cared for no one but himself, and he wanted control over everything and everyone he comes in contact with. Alphas of smaller packs did well to stay out of his way. But here she was, preparing to be his wife."Nina." She heard her mother's voice call as she made her way into the room, but she didn't turn to look at her. She could see her from the mirror anyway. "You look so beautiful sweetheart. Alpha Ezra is goin
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I am your Alpha
Nina turned to look at the Alpha who was now staring at her with curiosity. She was shocked that he asked her that question, as she had not expected him to be interested in her personal life. That was a question she never liked to answer. In fact, she didn't know that answer to the question."I am sorry Alpha, but I don't want to talk about my rejection.""Why? I am your husband now. You should be open with me." Ezra pressed. "I heard that many Alphas turned you down after the rejection. Do you know the reason?"Nina could barely stop herself from rolling her eyes. Was he mocking her now? "They didn't turn me down. They turned my parents down.""The public does not know that.""I don't care what the public knows.""You didn't even bother to ask me the reason for accepting you."Nina only shrugged, as if she did care. "The reason does not matter. I am already your wife."Ezra didn't say anything to her anymore. He just drove them to the pack house. When they got there, Nina was surpri
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Little Nina
Ezra's eyes were wide as saucers as he stared at his new wife. She was more daring than he had expected her to be. He had even expected her to be very compliant as she had been rejected before. It was very likely that she would never get to mate with anyone again, and no werewolf would like to live their entire life without a mate. It was only on very rare occasions that they get a second chance mate."I am sorry." Nina apologized. She just wanted to get out of his presence, and out of the wedding gown. She made to walk past him, but he grabbed her arm and pulled her back."I didn't ask you to leave.""Forgive me Alpha, but this dress is uncomfortable." Her eyes then trailed the length of his body. He had taken off his suit, but he still had on a white shirt, and a pair of suit trousers. "Aren't you going to change? Or do you always dress this formal in your house?"Ezra couldn't deny that he was taken aback by her casual concern about his clothes. He expected her to be more worried t
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Ezra took Nina to his office and closed the door. He stood with his back resting on the door, his gaze focused on her. There was a way he looked at her, as if he was relaying some messages to her. It made her feel the need to run away, she couldn't deny that she felt a bit excited."Why are you staring at me that way, Alpha?""What did you say about playing fair? You are the one being unfair here Nina. You are my wife and yet you won't let me touch you." He smiled slyly."You need my permission? I thought you were the Alpha, and you would do what you want with or without my consent?" She tilted her head, watching him. He was a mystery to her. They had only known each other for a few hours, and yet she had seen various sides of him. His mood changes too often. He appeared to be more stoic during the wedding."Of course I could if I want to, and you will do nothing about it because you can't." He then focused on her face, just to watch her glare at him. "But that is one thing I will not
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First night together
Silence reigned between Nina and Ezra for a while, with the Alpha holding his face where she had just slapped. He stared at her, disbelief filled his gaze. Nina on the other hand didn't mean to slap him. Her anger just got the better of her, but she did not regret it the least. She believed that he deserved it.Ezra crossed the distance between them. He gripped her chin, and forced her to look up at him, his angry gaze boring into hers, matching her intensity. "The next time you will raise a hand to me, you will not be getting just a warning. I will remind you again that as long as you are in this pack, I am your Alpha, and I do not tolerate disrespect.""Then you should learn to be respectful yourself, Alpha." She stared into his eyes. She felt intimidated by his threat, but she did not want to back down. She knew that she was no match for him. Even if her wolf was okay, she knew that she could not take him, talk more now that her wolf was weak. But she didn't just want to give him
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Breakfast in the pack
"Nina, you have met my Beta, Axel, and his mate, Claire. You could make her your Beta. She is very reliable." Axel and Claire who sat next to each other waved at her, their faces filled with smiles.Nina wondered if it was possible to have two Betas. In her pack, it could not be more than one.Ezra then walked her to a woman, dark haired and blue eyes. She seemed a little older than the people there. While they all appeared to be in their twenties, she looked like she already crossed thirty."This is my mother, Elder Michelle, the former Luna of this pack." Ezra introduced, and Nina offered a slight respectful bow to her."I am happy to meet you, Elder Michelle."Michelle stood up and enclosed her in a warm motherly hug that made her body tense. She felt too warm, too homely, reminding her of all the things she could not get from her own parents."You seem like a sweet child." Michelle said to her softly. "Please let me know whenever Ezra is giving you a hard time."Nina smiled, the w
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The meeting
Nina prepared herself to hear Ezra say or do something pervert-like, but to her surprise, he said;"Dress up. We will be meeting the elders soon."Nina then remembered him talking with his mother, concerning how he didn't invite the elders of his pack. That was unheard of, and she wondered why. She decided to ask."Alpha, why didn't you invite the elders of your pack to our wedding?" When he delayed answering her, she left him and walked to the closet, looking for something to change into. She sighed. She didn't feel like meeting any elder that morning."They didn't approve of you." She then heard Ezra's voice, and it made her pause for a moment. If they didn't approve, why did he go further? Not like he knew her, or that her pack had much to offer. Even though her pack was doing fine, this was a far bigger and much more prosperous pack.Why did you go ahead with the marriage then?" She decided to ask. "Why did you even marry me? It's not like you have met me before or something.""I
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The wolf's club
Nina and Ezra stepped into the club known as 'the wolf's club'. The insides were illuminated with dim lights of red, blue and purple. Calm music played as opposed to what she had expected from a club. Well, there were only a few people dancing. Most people sat in corners drinking, involving in little chats, wildly making out, and not caring a bit that they were in public. It was more of a brothel than a club. Anyway that was nothing new in the world of werewolves. "Why did you bring me here?" Nina asked out of curiosity."This is where I like to spend my time, and clear my head." He greeted the people that recognized him, as the others were too lost in their carnal pleasure."Do you... You know get involved in..."Ezra chuckled. "Of course. That is why I come here." He watched her reaction, and he noticed her frown. Perhaps she was displeased by the knowledge. "You don't like me doing that?""You can do whatever you like, Alpha." She responded dryly."When you see me with a woman, do
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When Ezra got to the pack house, he carried Nina bridal style, and discreetly moved into the house. She seemed to have fallen asleep, but she held on tight to him. Something about her just made his heart clench. It was as if she sought for protection, for love. He could give her protection, but he wasn't too sure about love.When he got to the room, he lay her on the bed, and she whimpered a little, before falling asleep again. He then mind linked Axel, before getting up to attend to some things.When Nina woke up, she was surprised to find Claire in the room. Did Ezra send her in?She sat up, squinting as eyes as her head ached badly. "Did the Alpha send you here?"She nodded, standing up from the sofa. "Yes. He told me that you got drunk, and that you might be having a headache. I brought you some medications. You should take them." She then went to the bed and gave her the drugs. "You went to the wolf's club right?"Nina nodded. "Do you often go there?""Never alone. Axel would alw
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Marked and branded
Ezra freed Nina from the chair and carried her to bed. She expected him to keep her in bed, but instead he carried her on his laps, checking her wrists."You are not injured." He stated."You don't want me injured, but yet you keep chaining me. I don't understand the logic behind that." She reasoned as she leaned into him. She didn't bother to struggle against him as she knew it was useless. Somehow he was comforting."You are my wife. I have to always ensure that you are alright. Besides the chains are very smooth, they would hardly wound anyone, unless the person struggles too much." He then placed her on the bed. "You should sleep now."She was surprised. She thought he was going to have sex with her after their exercise. She knew that he was very turned on, watching her. She then remembered what Claire said, they needed to mate, so she could secure her position as the Luna and a member of the pack.Ezra stood up and started walking towards the bathroom. "You don't have to do that,
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