Chapter 14: P**i-p**i Volcano Part 2

Erica's Point of View:

"Wake up, sleepyhead," I heard someone call out to me, urging me to wake up.

"Hmmm," I complained.

"If you don't wake up, I will kiss your lips," he said, saying the words right into my ear.

I immediately opened my eyes because of what I heard.

I saw the face of Viktor that made me rattle. I pushed him and sat inside the tent.

"I'd like to kiss you, Erica. Is it all right?" Victor made me nervous, and I asked him which.

As I was looking into his eyes, I saw his smile turn into a devilish smile.

I felt as if he was almost touching my face when I realized how close his face was to mine.

So I grabbed his chest and pushed him as hard as I could, which caused him to get away from me.

Looking at him, I saw that he was badly scarred.

I heard him laughing, so I was more annoyed than usual.

"I thought, you're just waiting for my kiss before you wake up?" And, to my surprise, he confirmed that with a smile.

I let out a long

What will happen to them at Puki-puki Volcano? Any idea?

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