Chapter 15 : P**i-p**i Volcano Part 3

Erica's Point of View

"It must be a piece of cake to get inside the Volcano, then." I had a startling question for myself after Remus and Hugo had quickly moved the large rock that we would pass into Puki-puki Volcano.

When on Sierra and Maru Island, we struggled to get in the first time because of the amount of tests we had to finish. 

But, this time, Remus and Hugo were able to maneuver the rock in an easier way, as there were previously paved trails we could use.

"Take out the flashlight" Viktor ordered Hugo.

Hugo reached into his bag and get the flashlight. He handed one to Viktor, and he and Viktor lit it, thus creating a light in our ways.

"Let's be extra careful. It is impossible to say what will happen to us as we enter the Puki-puki Volcano, " Viktor reminded the four of us

We gave him a nod as an answer to his reminder. 

We entered inside. Viktor and Hugo is in the lead, as they had our flashli

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