Chapter 47: The Wedding

"Everything is ready, Princess Erica," the maid said, and Erica opened her eyes as soon as she heard the words.

Her entire physique was visible in the full-body mirror, which she used to check herself out in the morning.

She donned a blue long gown with rubies that sparkled in the light, highlighting how stunning the blue long gown was in the first place. Aside from that, she was decked out in jewelry, from her earrings to her bracelet on her hand.

Erica felt apprehensive at the time. She was well aware that Viktor would not abandon their marriage, but she couldn't stop herself from thinking negatively of him.

"Please keep your loveliest smile on your face, Princess Erica," one of her maids instructed her.

Erica attempted a smile as the maid explained the situation.

"Congratulations, Princess Erica, after this night, you will be officially known as Prince Viktor's Luna," she said.

Erica gave the maid a friendly smile but she did not say anything to her.

Erica began to make her way out
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