Chapter 45: Erica is Confused

Erica and Viktor's wedding is set to take place tomorrow night in the evening. They have also completed all of the necessary arrangements, with the exception of the wedding ceremony between the two of them, which has yet to be completed as well.

Erica and Viktor are getting ready for the ceremony that will take place tonight by heading to their rehearsal today. They were in the car on their way to the location where they would be rehearsing their performance.

After a long period of silence, Viktor finally broke the ice between the two of them. "I've noticed that you haven't said much to me since last night, Erica," he said.

"I'm just thinking of something," Erica said in response to his question.

"Does it have anything to do with our wedding?" Viktor made a guess as to what Erica was contemplating.

Erica gave Viktor a sideways glance and replied, "kind of."

Then Viktor told her, "You may tell me anything you're thinking, Erica,"
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