The Alpha's Dhampirica [Mafia Games XII]

The Alpha's Dhampirica [Mafia Games XII]

By:  M.Z. Mauve  Completed
Language: English
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Back in New York to pursue her medical degree, Mykaela navigates her way through a dangerous web of lies and family secrets while contemplating a long-distance relationship with Miles, her best friend. Maximiliano "Miles" Falco, a pureblood from a surreptitious clan of vampires, wants a quiet life away from his family and only wants the best for Mykaela—but that means pushing her away and dealing with the mobsters awaiting his family's downfall. Magnus Roiz is a wealthy vampire-werewolf hybrid and the firstborn of Ilya—a pureblood alpha and boss of the Božić crime syndicate. When Magnus learns of his estranged father's deathbed wish, Magnus tries to find Mykaela to inherit the alpha's multibillion empire. Will their choices protect them from the dangers along their path? Or will they resort to drastic measures to escape the lethal fury of the Italian and Russian mafia? 18+ Romance Crime Vampire Werewolf [This story is intended for MATURE readers.]

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M.Z. Mauve
Hi, friends! Book III of this series has been published on this profile. The new book is titled "The Mafia Heir & The Secret Heiress". Enjoy! And do let me know what you think! Thank you so much .........️...🤎
2023-06-11 05:29:16
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Another good story by this author. When will the next book be out?
2022-02-24 02:00:15
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Xian Madie
good mafia romance series. when is the next book coming out???
2021-12-31 19:36:00
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Alexa Stein
another exciting mafia romance story ............
2021-10-07 05:05:20
user avatar
awesome read! it has been a while since I added this book to my library and when I finally started to read, I wasn't disappointed.
2021-10-04 00:33:03
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...️...️...️ I'm enjoying this
2021-09-25 02:39:24
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Don't forget to leave a review if you love her works. This deserves to be rated!
2021-06-14 22:54:52
user avatar
Yet another good read. How long till 5 stars? Come on!
2021-04-23 20:36:21
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Mafia's and supernatural fantasy all in one. I love the character of miles and the creativity of the setting and names. It was clearly thought out well by the author. And congrats on the new book!
2021-01-18 21:16:30
user avatar
M. Z. Mauve
seems like a great novel . . 🔥🔥🔥📑
2021-01-15 15:06:36
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Notes + Preview
• Copyright © 2020 by M.Z. Mauve • All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or used in any manner without written permission of the copyright owner except for the use of quotations in a book review. Unauthorized reproduction of any part of this story or plagiarism of any kind is prohibited by the law. Scenes, characters, dialogues and events in this story are all invented. This story contains mature themes, profanity, violence, sexual and some triggering content (descriptions of SA) not intended for young readers. ◆ Author's Notes ◆ This is Book II of the Secret Heirs Series. The storyline in this book takes place after the last chapter of my first vampire/crime/romance story originally written in 3rd person and published on another platform. This book is a standalone but if you want more context behind the main characters, I suggest you read "The Heir's Secret Obsession" (THSO) [the non-paranormal version, a rewrite] on this same profile. • • • • PREVIEW •
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Prologue ◆ His Bonded ◆
2 years earlier ◇ Milan, Italy ◇ ◇ KEL ◇ It was his dark, wavy hair. Or was it the devil-may-care air about him? His height was also a plus. He was of lean build and several inches taller than me. Quite muscular. Distinct and symmetrical features. Plus a unique name. It made me think he was a full-blooded Italian. Apparently he was of American descent as well. Actually I found everything about him rather interesting. Subtly mysterious. He probably had a bad boy streak, too, but I didn't mind. Miles gulped some more of his beer as the loud party music drowned out the conversations simultaneously happening around us. I reclined in the sofa with my legs crossed. Miles went on chitchatting with his friends, the dull lights making his shoulder-length hair look somewhat shiny and soft to the touch. It was only the second time I saw him here in Italy. But I already felt drawn to him for some reason. Or was it because of the freakin' blood pact? We did it in front of his friends barel
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2 ◆ Fresh Start ◆
◇ KEL ◇ New York Power through. "You escaped death." "You're invincible." Those words became the pretentious mental conditioning I fed my traumatized brain for weeks on end, until I was able to shut off the dreadful memories and my life felt normal again. Somewhat normal at least. I had to. Otherwise I might've ended up in a psychiatric ward. Alone. Ill. Ensnared and paralyzed by evil thoughts and horrifying images of that night. I had to fight it all off and push through with my life. I kept telling myself that I was fine. That I was past it...until it eventually became the reality in my mind. The pretense became loathsome and felt ridiculous at times, was necessary. My family shouldn't know what happened back in San Pietro. They'd go berserk. No doubt they'd push me to file charges against the perpetrator. It would entangle Enzo into the whole mess. He'd be dragged into the investigation and might even be required to testify in court against his brother. I didn't wa
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3 ◆ The Alpha and His Mate ◆
◆ MAGNUS ◆ American soil. Finally. After weeks of lonesome, anxious, sleepless nights in unfamiliar territory... Going home never felt so easy and gratifying until now. At long last. Broad daylight. Free to drive around the city. No unwanted company. No gun-toting punks tailing me everywhere I went. Even better: no demeaning mafia boss telling me what to do. Bossing me around every way he could. Shit. I missed this place and the anonymity. Nothing like living your days and nights of your own accord. Driving to wherever you wanted. Whenever you felt like it. Except now I only had one destination in mind: Evonne. She should be home. Alone. Waiting for me? Highly unlikely, but I still hoped for it. Days on end, I'd been waiting for this, hoping and praying hard for things to go back to normal. I wasn't even the religious type. That last argument shouldn't matter. Shouldn't be the deal-breaker. Things were looking up again. I stepped on the accelerator, letting a smile stay on my
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4 ◆ Catching Up ◆
◇ KEL ◇    New York    9:29PM   "How's Miles?"   "Better," Niccolo sighed over the phone.   "You sure?" I sat on the couch as I watched my Mommy Tilda tidy up the small dining table, unsure whether I should mention that I was on the phone with Niccolo, Miles' ex-boyfriend.   She'd definitely ask a barrage of questions I didn't have the will or courage to answer.  I'd rather not mention that I was also friends with Niccolo.  Otherwise I might bring up some highly confidential facts about the Falcos and their elaborate involvement with the Italian mob families.   My mother had cooked dinner and practically forced me to eat more than usual, knowing I was mentally and physically exhausted from our training.  Clinical rotations, still.  Mom said she would only be staying here for two days
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5 ◆ Legal Matters ◆
◇ KEL ◇   "Are you frickin' kidding me? Why didn't you just tell me you needed more money? I could've asked Dad."   I plugged my earphones in and sighed to myself, minding my best friend's incredulous tone and apparent disappointment in my recent decisions.  Although I knew that Gaia's family had some real estate properties under their name, I never tried to borrow money from her or her family for my tuition, student loans, and some of Daddy Jim's hospital bills.  I just didn't want to inconvenience them in any way.    For the past few years, Gaia had also been busy studying for the bar exams.  Clearly she thought I should've just asked her for financial help, instead of borrowing a huge amount of money from Enzo, a guy I just met some months ago.  Her point was valid.    But, too late for reprimands.  I had already paid for loans and hospital bills using Enzo'
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6 ◆ Not A Fair-Weather Friend ◆
◇ KEL ◇ 1) Study. 2) Eat. 3) Sleep. 4) Study. 5) Pass the assessments. 6) Complete the trainings. 7) Study some more. Rinse. Repeat. It was my routine for the past months, and more or less a full-time job I was tied to. Then, in just a couple of months, we would have to seriously prepare for the Shelf Exam. No doubt sleep and I would be having more daily arguments by then."So proud of you, sweetie. Just keep up the momentum. Get enough sleep, eat healthy, exercise..." It was my mom's repetitive advice every time she'd see me struggling mentally and emotionally. The 'exercise' part, I had been ignoring quite often—only because I preferred to read books in bed for hours than going to the gym by myself. "Always here if you need me or a workout buddy," Gaia would say. "But I'm too busy right now so we're just gonna have to stick with texts and scheduled calls," she would also say.No biggie. I knew why she was too busy. Like Miles. This year being my third year in medical scho
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7 ◆ Something To Think About ◆
◆ MILES ◆ Brichese, Italy "What now?" "He's livid. He's going to kill me this time." Okay... Death threats at eight in the morning. Great. Just commonplace for anyone in the business, it seemed. Sleepless and enduring another headache, I opened the garage door to let a seething Niccolo in. Between the two of us, I had often been the unpredictable one. The one with daily mood swings, temperament issues. Except for that time when he tried to piss off my father by blackmailing me, Niccolo was my total opposite: he practiced restraint and behaved more maturely. Smart and never a slave to impulses. The type to think rationally before making a move. Almost always in control of his emotions. Until now. The guy looked like he just walked out of a crime scene. We stepped inside my garage to hide from the bodyguards. Some privacy would be necessary. From the look on his face alone, he didn't need to say that something drastic and unlawful happened before he got here. The unmistakable t
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8 ◆ Nice To See You Again ◆
◇ KEL ◇ The next day, after spending a few hours in our campus library, I decided to go home early for a change, too tired to burn more mental energy on General Surgery books. Also, I was failing to manage another anxiety attack. No surprise there. It had been a difficult couple of months without Miles around. He used to be my Xanax. Spending time with him was always better than taking anti-depression meds. He almost always knew how to cheer me up and he helped me overcome my inner demons countless times. I loved him for that. Too bad he couldn't stick around anymore. Sometimes I really missed him that it would upset me how I couldn't hang out with him anytime I want. I couldn't call him up every day because I knew he was busy with a lot of work—his father clearly wanted Miles to earn his pay, and not get handed money simply because he was the boss' son and only child. So I made a conscious choice to keep our communications to a minimum. As busy as Miles was, I had to dedicate most
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