The  Alpha's Witch

The Alpha's Witch

By:  Hawtsaus  Completed
Language: English
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With his gaze fixed on her, Ryker Parted his lips, moving his hand down until it was on her shoulder covered robe. As he trailed down further with a feather like touch, a stream of tingles erupted on Tamara's skin. Her heart thumped at the feeling of her mate's touch, awakening the feelings that had since subsided. 'So smooth. ' Low, sexy voice enveloped her form as he pushed the edges of her robe off her shoulders. Her eyes followed the robe as it fell down and pooled by her feet. Anticipation, his beast panted and salivated as he admired the goddess before him. She enthralled him, man and beast were bound by the woman. 'Please. ' A spell binding whisper called on to him, her green eyes becoming slightly watery. She took his hands, guiding them up and down her stomach. ****** Tamara is an orphaned witch with multiple abilities in her sleeve. She lives in a pack of werewolves as the only witch, hated and looked down upon by many. However, everything changes when her mate turns out to be the Alpha of the pack, Alpha Ryker. Their relationship is fated and so is Tamara's ability to save the pack. Alpha Ryker and Tamara must team together to defeat the enemy, following a prophecy about the very witch the pack hates. Nothing is as easy as it seems, and secrets get revealed through out their journey as leaders of the pack.

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Beverley Summers Ne French
Whens the sequel?
2023-04-11 20:11:00
user avatar
Lailani Bayabos
the story is great but it drags in the later episodes ..i dont know how many chapter it will consume before they will catch the becomes boring
2021-08-30 06:25:01
user avatar
B Durant
I'm truly enjoying this book, its well written and detailed. The author really took time to personalize each character. I can't wait to see what happens next ...
2021-08-01 11:36:25
user avatar
Already in love with the two chapters
2021-04-21 01:19:00
user avatar
Cindy Searle
I'm enjoying reading this
2021-08-17 05:38:38
user avatar
Jo W
Got to Chapter 36 and it just ends. Is this supposed to happen? It's terrible if it does.
2021-08-07 04:59:13
52 Chapters
Chapter 1: The beginning
My eyes swept over the dark green forest with steady ancient majestic trees standing tall on the ground. The deep-sea of dark green plant life had a calming effect on my eyes, mind, and soul. I always spent most of my free time in this particular part of the forest, away from the prying and judgemental eyes of my pack members. It was my perfect getaway from the busy life in the pack.The treetops swayed in the wind, crashing and bumping against each other. I lifted my face, staring at the canopy that only allowed afternoon scattered sun rays to filter through. The minimal mellow sun rays penetrated through the different shades of green leaves, lighting up the ground with polka dots.Most pack members didn't like me obviously because I was not of their kind. I was the only witch amongst them, and it had remained so since my parents passed away.What the pack didn't know was that I could tell each one of them what their hearts harboured. Their characters were made visible and clear only
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Chapter 2: Fantasy
I stood by my bedroom window, watching as the sun gradually dipped below the horizon. The twinkle in my eyes was a clear appreciation of nature even as my mind ruminated over the day's happenings. The heat that was brought forth by the yellow star began to ebb away, paving way for a warmth that promised a good night. The setting sunbeams of light scattered all over, leaving the sky ablaze with the fire. It was indeed an undeniable beautiful site. The sun rays painted the sky with a mixture of red and orange. The colours blended well with my fire yellow window curtains that were neatly drawn. Watching the sun sink deep on the horizon brought some peace to my mind. The beautiful natural sight helped me push back the horrible images my very eyes had been subjected to earlier. Earlier that day. I had watched as the Alpha lunged, shifting mid-air
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Chapter 3: Meeting
My mind kept on drifting towards the happenings at my place earlier. Even as I approached the pack infirmary, images of the Alpha as he stood there continued pushing forward.  Focus, I kept on repeating the word in my mind as I gently walked over to see Janette. With sure, gentle and harmonious footsteps, I finally made my way into the infirmary. The ground floor hallway of the infirmary stretched beyond. The walls on either side of the hallway were painted with an ultra warm white colour, that seemed to revive life somehow.  As the sole of my shoes came into contact with the clean baby blue vinyl flooring, the light sound of my footsteps could be heard. My eyes snapped up to the calla ceiling whose colour matched that of the floor. The LED warm blue lighting made me feel comfortable despite the underlying nervousness. I had walked through the hallway countless times and yet the smell of the
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Chapter 4: Alpha's Pleasure
'Tamara. ' His deep voice reached out to me. It caressed the shit out of my body, sending desire down to my core. I was very aware of the fact that we were all alone, a fact that my lady parts seemed to confirm. They wouldn't stop clenching and pulsating as the Alpha approached. 'Dang! you are making this conversation hard. ' The Alpha male swore, running his hands on his hair. I stared at him, my feet rooted to the ground, my heart beating erratically. What had I done to make him react this way?  I was waiting for him to talk, I wanted him to outline my duties, then I would be out of that office before moisture seeped through my panties and onto the floor. But he had other plans, the Alpha suddenly came closer to me, making me take a step back every time he stepped forward.  He suddenly backed me on the wall, caging me between his veiny arms. This position took me yet again
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Chapter 5 : Taking a stand
It was an offense to disobey a directive from the Alpha, a serious one at that. Every single werewolf across the community knew not to defy an order from their respective Alphas. Especially if the Alpha in question was the most vicious man in the werewolf community.  So why was I having second thoughts about meeting the Alpha this morning? I had questions, my petite self couldn't help but wonder about some things. Like why was I suddenly getting the attention of the Alpha male? Why now? I mean, he hadn't really breathed my way before that incident in the forest. Why did I even let him touch me? Yes I found him extremely attractive, hell, every female and some men would definitely agree. It didn't explain why I'd blindly allowed him to go down on me though.
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Chapter 6: Punishment
'Quit slacking around you filthy witch,  the table won't set itself. ' Mrs Kagwe sneered, her protruding teeth coming into view I still didn't understand why the Alpha had resolved to giving me duties at the pack house. I rued the moment I had angered the Alpha wolf.  Thinking about the abounding tasks that awaited me had me mumbling to myself. 'Hey yo twerp! ' Monica clapped her perfectly manicured hands together. Her annoying shrill voice brought a scowl on my face. I would have shot back a rejoinder but just like always, I held my tongue. 'Hurry the fuck up before the teens get back from training. ' I picked up the last bowl of orange fruits from the granite kitchen counter. Even through all the shouting from the two women, I had still managed to put the fruits in the bowl. I made my way to the general dining area briskly yet carefully. I didn't want to miss a step, fall down and end up br
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Chapter 7: So it begins
**Ryker**I leaned on a tree by the training grounds chatting abstractedly with my beta. My eyes swept methodically through the training grounds, searching for Tamara.The little witch affected me in ways ayond my understanding. Her limited presence turned me into an horny dog. I couldn't even think properly whe...'Alpha..' My beta called me, snapping me out of my thoughts.'What is it Jayson. ' My irritation showed off. He was my closest friend after all. One of the reasons why he qualified to be my beta, well apart from the beta blood running in his system.' Are you looking for someone? ''What if I am? ' I snapped.'Sappy doesn't look good on you my Alpha friend. ' Jayson drawled the words, smirking and enjoying the vexatious expression on my face.Jayson and I had grown together, with his father being the beta and mine being the Alpha. We did almost everything together, including girls.He was the brother that I never had and he always understood me. He never once saw me as the c
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Chapter 8: Newly found ability
***Tamara***Alpha Ryker backed orders to his warriors, giving very precise  instructions to them.He had divided them into groups to cover each part of the vast pack lands.  They were to simply search, detect and fish out anything that was out of place along the borders.'Bring  the mut who dared to infiltrate my pack . ' He ordered in a serious directive tone.'Alive. ' His grave clear voice was heard as his long tongue snaked on his bottom lip, licking the soft pink flesh in anticipation. No doubt in my mind that he would draw pleasure from imposing torture onto the culprit.A chorus of 'yes Alpha' rang on the meadow followed by strident footsteps.The question was...Would they really find the supposed infiltrator, or was 'he' already gone?A million thoughts jumbled in my mind as  the frontal lobe
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Chapter 9: Alpha Ryker
***Alpha Ryker***My ears perceived her words clearly even though they had been whispered. My vision zeroed on her petite frame, wanting to confirm the mere truth of what she had just uttered.However, her contrite expression rid off whatever  ounce of uncertainty  I had about her words. I wanted to ask her questions, I needed her to explain exactly how and when she started hearing my thoughts.'I didn't mean to. ' She softly muttered.Chuckling humorously, I pinched my nose between my thumb and index finger. ' You didn't mean you say. 'My nostrils flared at her blatant lie.' Then why the fuck did you wait till now to tell me? 'She shivered at the ascend on my voice scale. I wasn't vigilant of the change of my own testosterone until her body visibly shivered out of fear.'I uuh...I only heard you back at the meadow for
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Chapter 10: Invisible force
***Tamara***I wiped my tears with the back of my right hand desperately, kicking invisible pebbles with my sneakers. My heart felt just a tad bit heavy, enough to keep my tear ducts working.The chilly wind that blew in the night bit and pricked my exposed skin, causing small bumps to layer up my outer body tissue. The intensity of the Alpha's utterances however outweighed the cold.I struggled to grasp the reality of the Alpha finding my truthful explanation rather dubious. As if being doubtful wasn't sufficient, he had gone ahead and accused me of being traitorous like my parents.If only he knew the truth and the weight of whatever had happened years back.I traipsed along the gravel path, ignoring wholly the scraping sound my feet made, as they trailed lazily on the ground. I tried figuring out how I was able to capture his thoughts.My mother's words had began making
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