The Altundral Princess

Chapter nine

 Princess Deliah Blue's point of view

I wave my father off the following morning along with his Army of Altundrals and many allies from around the universe.

He takes me in his arms before he gets onto his spaceship, as he says.

"No powers baby.. promise me you won't use your powers while I'm not here."


I look him in the eye as I say.

"I promise I won't use my powers father."

My father spent the previous evening with Beven and me; he insisted Beven must know when to pull me away when I'm using my powers.

It's left me a little worn out today. My father told me to stay in bed and get some rest, but I had to see my father before he went away.

He holds me in his arms as I whisper to him,

"You promise to come home to us."


He smiles down at me.

"I promise baby."

He looks over to Beven as he says


"Beven? If there's an emergency and she has to use her powers, you know what to do?"

Beven nods his head as he replies,

"Yes King Halturian, you have my word I will keep her safe."

My father smiles.

"Thank you, Son."

He turns his attention back to me as he says,

"Nebus and his guards are staying behind to protect you all."

He then looks at my brother as he says.

"Derriel you must give any orders, look after Altundral for me Son."


Prince Derriel walks towards us,


"Yes, Father, don't worry, just find these men who think they can come and take my sister."

"I will." My father replies as he turns to pull my mother into his arms. He wipes away her tears as he whispers to her.

"Be strong my beautiful Queen. I promise we shall talk every day."

She smiles up at him as she says,

"I love you, Halturian, please be safe."

He replied,

"I will; I love you, Megan."

Before he kisses her passionately.

My father turns and walks towards the spaceship. Beven wipes away my tears before pulling me into his arms, he whispers in my ear.

"He'll be okay baby; he's the strongest person I know."

My mother comes to my other side, and Derriel joins her as we all hold hands as the spaceship takes off.

I watch until he's out of sight feeling guilty he's leaving because of me. I feel myself swaying as Beven lifts me into his arms, he says.

"Come on; Princess let's get you back to your room, your exhausted."

 I lay my head against his chest, listening to his steady heartbeat as he carries me back towards the Palace, I whisper.


"Thank you."

He frowns as he looks down at me.

"What for baby? I will always be here for you, Princess."

Once we reach my room, Beven gently lays me down on the bed before he kisses my cheek, he whispers.

"Get some rest beautiful."


He goes to stand up. I reach out to grab his wrist.

"Please stay with me."

He looks at me, as he says.

"If that's what you want, Princess."

I nod my head.  Beven scoops me into his arms as I lay my head on his chest his steady heartbeat making me feel safe. I close my eyes exhausted the last thing I hear.

"I love you, Princess."


 I have no idea how long I've been asleep I stretch on the bed realising I'm alone. I lean over to check the time.

"fuck." I say as I look at the time.

I've been asleep for six hours. I guess I didn't realise just how much energy my powers had used up.

I sit up on the bed, ready to go and search for Beven just as the door opens. Beven walks in with a tray laden with food.


He smiles at me as he says,

"Hey, baby you must be hungry?"

 I laugh, as I say, 

"How did you know?"

Beven chuckles

"Strict orders from your father."

 I giggle, I should have known. Yes, my father always has food ready when I wake up.

 Beven places the tray down beside me,


"He said you need to get your energy back .how are  you feeling Deliah."

"So much better now," 

I reply as I stretch my arms above my head, making my top rise. Beven watches me intently, making me blush.

"Your so beautiful Deliah."

He whispers,

We share the food before Beven takes my hand insisting I get some fresh air, we open the door to my room Nebus is waiting in the hallway.

 Beven leads me down the corridors before taking me outside. We walk hand in hand into the stables Nebus not far behind. Spirit lifts his head as soon as he sees Beven.


He laughs as he looks at his horse, he says.

"Hey, buddy, I missed you too."


I stand on my tiptoes to stroke his mane as I say to Beven,

"he must have been worried."

The last time Spirit had seen Beven was when he fell from his back bleeding out from a wound.

"Hey, Deliah."

I turn around as I hear someone calling my name.


It's my cousin, Princess Lilly, the daughter of Prince Galen and Princess Sasha. Also, my best friend.

"Hey, Lilly."


I say as she looks down at Beven holding my hand.

She giggles as she says,


"It looks as though you have a lot to tell me Deliah Blue."

I laugh, as I watch her eyes widen when she notices Nebus.

I smile as I say,

"lilly id like you to meet Nebus, my personnel guard."

I watch as Nebus takes her hand, leaving a gentle kiss on her wrist.


Nebus's eyes light up as he says,

"I'm pleased to meet you, beautiful lady."

We all laugh as Lilly blushes.

lilly takes my arm in hers as Beven, and Nebus follow us.


She whispers to me 

"So you and Beven?"

I laugh as I reply.

"Yeah, he's asked me to be his mate."

"Oh my God.....really......" She says,

I laugh as she jumps up and down, she turns to me 

"fuck it's took you two long enough."

lilly listens as I explain how our fathers split us up when we were younger.

"Wow that's madness I guess you two really we're meant to be together. So what's with this Nebus guy, he's hot."


I chuckle, 

"I don't really know much about him. My father insisted I have a personal guard."


lilly giggles as she looks at Nebus, she whispers


"Well, you need to find out if he's single."

Lilly jumps as Nebus walks up to us, he whispers to her,

"That would be a yes Lilly Nebus is very much single."

Beven laughs as he pulls me into him.

"Maybe you'd like to join us for dinner Lilly? I'm sure Nebus would like you too."

Nebus grins as he says,

"Nebus would love for Lilly to join us."



I giggle as Lilly stutters.


 The four of us head back to the palace, where we share a beautiful dinner and engage in some matchmaking.

 Although Beven and I don't have to put much effort into it, it's obvious Nebus is just as taken with Lilly as she is with him. I yawn and look to Beven before I say,

"I'm going upstairs are you coming."

He looks at Nebus.


"Don't worry; I'll walk the princess to her room."

nebus, replies,

"Thank you, Beven; I already have some of my men in the corridors."

Beven walks me to my room before kissing me sweetly on my lips as he's about to leave, I say.


"stay with me, Beven?"

He lifts his head to look at me.

"Are you sure princess?"


I blush as I reply,


"I've never been more sure of anything in my life I need you Beven.


authors note

Will the King find out who is after the Princess can Beven keep her safe

Things are hotting up for the pair.

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