Chapter Five

“Finally… Simon has arrived. How’s life, man? You’ve just missed a big chunk of your life here!  You were away for so long!  What have you been doing in France anyways?” Dylan said as he tapped Simon's back strongly, who just happened to take his seat after emerging from the door of the massive guest house which was a mansion Lee’s family owned.

“Damn you, Dylan...” Simon replied while smiling, “It was just a year.  And i always keep in touch, remember? Don’t act like you missed me, you fucker. “

Lee just shook his head as he watched his friends laugh and bicker together.  Being the oldest among everyone, he felt accomplished that he managed to gather all of his closest friends and spend time with them once again.  It has been years since they were complete because everyone is just so busy with their own lives, so that moment when they were all together is as rare as a blue moon.  However, there are still some persons that haven’t arrived at the place yet, so they are still waiting for them to join. 

With his efforts, he invited his friends to his guesthouse in an island.  There was nothing to be worried about it, since they have their supplies and they can go back to the city anytime they want.  They have boats which Lee happens to own, and they can utilize it if ever they need to go back. 

Lee hit Dylan's head with a pillow. “Quit that, Dylan...  You're starting a fight with Simon again...   Is that how you're going to welcome him?”

Elliot rolled his eyes at Lee and smiled at the other boys.  “Hear the preacher, guys...   Listen to him!  If you don’t, he’s going to feel really bad.  Remember, old people can be a little sensitive. “

While everyone was laughing, Simon was puzzled as he looked around the living room of the place.  Most of his friends are seated on either the couch or the floor, enjoying some wine.  But it is obvious to him that they are not yet complete. 

“Hey…” Simon said, “I thought Hans is joining us. Where is he?”

“He's still out there. I think he bought some stuff at the closest convenience store.  But I'm sure he's just around there somewhere, so don’t think about it to much,” Steffan said as a reply. 

“What about Sean? Robin? Yuan? Where are they? I thought everyone is gathered here.”

Karlisle smiled and shook his head, “Well, there are several issues about them, you know. For instance, Sean is already married, remember? Of course he can’t go because his wife is pregnant and is almost getting married. Yuan is busy with his upcoming wedding, so he told Lee he cannot go...  And Robin is sick...  Which means that they're not going to be able to join us. “

Not long after, Hans arrived, looking very sleepy. He slammed the door shut lazily and went inside the house owned by Lee, approaching the flock of friends sitting across the floor and couch of the living room. 

“Whoa! Hans! You're here at last! Where have you been?” Lee said as he pushed Hans down, making him sit beside Simon. 

Hans smiled as he entered with a white plastic bag in his hand, “Oh, I was just walking around. And then I saw a convenience store so I stopped by and bought some stuff. I'm sorry...”

Simon tapped his back. “It's alright, Hans...  We're used to it...  Right, boys?”

Hans hissed, “Of course...  All of you are always used with my weird habits and antics. By the way...  Simon, are you going to share stories about your stay in France?”

Simon sighed, “It’s boring. Nothing really special about it. Besides, I was busy with work most of the time.”

Dylan chuckled, a meaningful smile on his face, “But French women are pretty, right?”

Simon scratched his head. “Yeah, they are. But I only had flings. I didn’t really took anyone seriously. And besides I never really liked it there... “

“By the way, Lee… Thanks for letting us stay here in your villa for a week. This is really awesome...” Elliot said while drinking beer from his can. 

Steffan nodded, “He’s absolutely right... And can I just say that your place is really amazing. I wonder what pranks and fun things are we going to do in one whole week.“

“Well, we’ve got a whole week. And for you, it’s not just pranks or fun things, you horndog…” Karlisle teased the older guy. 

Elliot leaned on the couch behind him and heaved a deep breath, “This is awesome. I feel younger by five years...  We were like this five years ago, right?”

Dylan nodded, “Exactly. I missed this. After we finished university, we seldom go out. It seemed like everybody's busy...  By the way, do you still remember when the principal visited our classroom?”

Lee laughed. “Of course! That was when Elliot and Sean placed a pack of feminine napkins inside the principal's bag, right?”

“Exactly! That was really funny!” Dylan threw a look on Elliot. “How did you ever thought of that idea?”

Elliot laughed, “Actually, it was Karlisle’s idea. I seriously laughed at that stupid plan when I first heard it…”

Steffan stared at Karlisle, his eyes full of disbelief. “What? You planned that?”

Karlisle waved his hands defiantly to show denial, “Nope. It was Simon who came up with that idea. . Not me... “

Curious pairs of eyes focused on Simon. The latter smiled evenly as he chuckled. 

“Alright, chill...  I just thought of that idea so I could help Hans here...  “

Hans raised his head in surprise, “Hey! Why me?”

“Those were Yvonne’s napkins, remember? She was your stalker and she was bugging you that day so you asked help from me. That's why I stole her napkins from her locker to shame her for you and I asked Karlisle to place the napkins in the principal's bag, but he hesitated because he said it was too far from him... “

Elliot continued what he was saying, “So Karlisle here asked me and Sean to place the napkins inside the principal's bag because it was closer to us... “

Dylan clapped his hands in awe, “Whoa...  Who would ever think that bachelors like us would do stupid things that are only done by rascals? We are all respected in the society, some of us are famous… If people will know that we were just cheeky boys back in the day, they’re going to have the laughing fit of a lifetime.”

Lee replied. “No one. Unless there's this another bastard who would have his once in a lifetime chance to see us do stupid things. “

The seven boys laughed their hearts out. Just then, a burning smell mixed with the air. 

“Hey...” Karlisle said, “Is there something burning?”

Steffan started to sniff. “I think there is...  And it's coming from the kitchen... “

Lee hopped from his sitting position and he almost fell face down on the floor. “Oh my God! The food that I was cooking! It's burning! “

Hans laughed as he slapped Lee's butt. “Then hurry up, or else we're going to call 911 to put out the fire! Hurry! “

As Lee ran hysterically towards the kitchen, the other four boys followed, leaving Simon and Hans at the living room. 

“Lee really changed. He became more hysterical,” Simon said while smiling at Hans who wasn't even listening. The latter is just quiet, busy opening his can of beer. 

Simon smiled even more and grabbed the can from Hans. The latter was annoyed as he watched Simon open the can for him and when Simon gave it to him, he rolled his eyes and sternly grabbed the can from Simon's hands. 

“Hey Hans...  You're not going to thank me?”

“Thank you? For what? For opening the can? Of course I won't... I didn’t even ask you to do that.”

“Hans, I didn't mean to insult you –”

“Look, stop treating me like some fragile girl that you need to take care of.”

After that, Hans aloofly stood up from his seat and walked towards the bedrooms on the left wing of the mansion. Simon was about to follow him when Dylan and Elliot appeared, stopping him from following the other guy.

Simon tensed a little, and heaved a sigh of frustration as he thought of what he should do just so he wouldn’t piss Hans off completely.

The night is just getting started, and he doesn’t want to begin it on a wrong foot. Not with the love of his life around. No fucking way.

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