The Bachelors Getaway (BxB)

The Bachelors Getaway (BxB)

By:  Ashe Alberts  Completed
Language: English
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Lee, Simon, Hans, Elliot, Dylan, Karlisle, and Steffan are close friends ever since they were in middle school. But as they became mature and grew as sought-after and eligible bachelors in the society, it was extremely hard for them to see each other and get together.Lee then thought it would be a wonderful idea if they take a week-long vacation, just so they could enjoy themselves, become reunited, and chill while far from the stress and noise of the city.However, this same week-long getaway will become the beginning of the romantic and steamy relationships between some of them, waking up their desires towards each other that have been bottled and unbeknownst to them for some while.The hidden love and desire they hid from each other will slowly be revealed, and with this, will they all stay as friends?Or will completely take over?

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116 Chapters
Chapter One
“Here’s the papers you need to sign…” a man said as he placed some folders on the table, “The investors also asked if you’re free next week. They said they wanted to visit the plant. Should I fit that in your schedule next week?”
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Chapter Two
“This is good,” Karlisle said as he tasted the sample wine that was given to him by one of his employees, “Is this the one we brought in from two years ago?”After finishing school, Karlisle remained carefree like how he always his. He continued wi
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Chapter Three
 “You’ve got nice shots here…” Elliot commented as he looked at the pictures hanging on the walls of Dylan’s studio, “Looks like your place is thriving.”Dylan smiled as he sat in front of his computer while editing a photo, “A lot of people are getting my services, so i
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Chapter Four
After hearing the announcement that their plane is close to the airport, Simon sat up on his seat and looked out the window. He booked a first-class seat on his way home, so he is enjoying a cozy and comfortable position inside the vehicle.While staring at the clouds, he
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Chapter Five
“Finally… Simon has arrived. How’s life, man? You’ve just missed a big chunk of your life here!  You were away for so long!  What have you been doing in France anyways?” Dylan said as he tapped Simon's back strongly, who just happened to take his seat after emerging from the door of the massive guest house which was a mansion Lee’s family owned.
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Chapter Six
“Hey Simon, what happened to Hans? What did you do?” Elliot asked him. “I just helped him open his can of beer. Is that wrong?”
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Chapter Seven
On the other hand, Hans felt somebody was watching him so he moved his head to look for it, making Simon baffled as he immediately closed the bathroom door. Hans just shrugged and ignored his fr
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Chapter Eight
Simon held Hans's cock in his hands, squeezing and teasing it. This act made the latter moan in delight and lust. After that, the two started kissing again, but this time, Hans responded to Simon's kisses. Their ha
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Chapter Nine
Simon smiled thoughtfully as he watched Hans slowly wake up from sleep. He tried his best not to move so that he wouldn’t wake the sleeping man up, and covered him with a blanket. Simon stayed still, keeping Hans and him under the large blanket. Simon allowed Hans to rest on his chest, so Simon took the chance to soothe Hans's hair back, caressing him like a baby.
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Chapter Ten
“Uh – J-just now... I – was just going to go get a – a carton of milk... Right,” Steffan then rushed to the fridge looking really flustered and agitated. He then opened it with his shivering hand, and fished out a carton of milk. “I’m done here… B-bye!”
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