Anastasia Romanov

Anastasia Romanov

By:  Sveta  Completed
Language: English
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Anastasia Romanov, one of the Last Grand Duchesses of the Russian Empire, finds herself lost in memories and heartbreak. Unable to forget her former love, she wanders around the world, looking for distractions. But then a surprise attack from the Hunters spins her life around. Anastasia meets a beautiful Huntress, whose code name is 'Princess of the Wild', but the girl just wants to the Duchess at every chance she gets. Will they be potential lovers or forever sworn enemies? |A sequel to the Romanov Princess Book|

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Jossie-An S. Estrada
I love this story ...
2022-01-13 01:04:02
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margaret wanjala
one your many masterpieces,,, keep up the good work.........
2021-08-14 17:25:00
42 Chapters
Chapter 1
Anastasia  In Greek, "nostalgia" literally means "the pain from an old wound". It's a twinge in your heart, far more powerful than memory alone. It is a time machine. It goes backward and forward. It takes us to a place we ache to go again.One of the strangest things about living is that there is only the now, but we all seem to be wrapped up in the past and wandering aimlessly in the present, yet always wondering about the future.I brushed another light stroke of wet paint over the white canvas. My hand started trembling again as it always did when I thought of her. Every time I tried to finish the portrait, emotions would come rushing throug
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Chapter 2
I left the exciting and lustful life in Rio De Janeiro and came to Paris with a fancy invitation from someone who claimed to be a nephew of King Louis XIII of France.At first, I did not plan to be there as I had ignored all sorts of interactions with the royal class and other aristocrats, but I remembered how the very name of Paris had brought a rush of excitement to me in the past. And considering that there were no other places I could let my uneventful stretch of existence loose anyway. I decided to make France my next sojourn.If things got boring there, I could just return to America and find somewhere to spend a tiny portion of my eternity there or go around those ghost cities like a lost soul I always was and party with those fine beauties like I always had.I stood on my bedro
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Chapter 3
The misty air around the ballroom had thickened with more scent of alcohol and the smell of fresh blood. The golden light had dimmed down, making the atmosphere even more appealing.I watched the vampires enjoy their feast and music, laughing and talking nonsense to one another.Before I knew it, Jean and Estella had become each other's company. Each had a human slave by their sides, ready to serve their needs. I was too preoccupied with my own lust to even care.The girl sitting on my lap began to move, gently rubbing her heated private against me. She bravely took my face in her hands."I want you to have more of me."The punctured skin on her neck had stopped bleeding and healed.
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Chapter 4
"What a surprise to see you here," Victor said, putting his fist over his heart and bowed. There were about thirty black-coated soldiers standing behind him. Jean's bodyguards approached them, but they were signaled away by the host."Likewise," I said."My apologies for showing up unannounced, Grand Duchess," he said again.Lyra was about to move away, but I wrapped my arms around her waist to keep her with me."You stay here," I whispered. Lyra silently complied. She then rested her head on my shoulder. Her long bare legs still straddled over my lap. I wanted to make Victor feel uncomfortable talking to me like this. Besides I didn't mind letting Lyra curl up in my arms since her warmth comforted me.
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Chapter 5
We boarded my private jet, getting ready to fly back to Moscow before dawn. It was a long boring flight. Over the years, I had found ways to deal with boredom, but as of now, they didn't seem appealing anymore.Fortunately, Jean-Phillip had given me a few presents to amuse myself with during the trip-two human girls and a human boy. Among them was Lyra, the little beauty I seemed to grow fond of ever since the lustful night in Versaille. The French royal had insisted on seeing me off, but I refused with a promise that we would meet again in the near future. The nephew of King Louis was a fun company after all.Victor didn't bother me with any boring details of the Council's matters though he could have done so. For now, he just left me alone. I knew it wouldn't be long until I was bombarded with responsibilities. This gave me more reaso
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Chapter 6
~ALEXANDRA~ I looked from the portico to the aqua blue sea. The tides were gently rolling over the whiteness of the shore. The light tropical breeze constantly caressed my skin. Yet, I sensed that it was going to rain anytime soon. The calm before the storm was obvious in the air.Turning back inside, I walked towards a small table by the open window and flipped over some of the golden envelopes that laid on a silver tray. They were sent to me from Kremlin many days prior, but I didn't have the heart to read them until now.I dropped myself on a cushioned armchair and reached over to switch off the lamp as the bright light stung my eyes. With a long exhale, my hands effortlessly broke the red wax that sealed th
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Chapter 7
ANASTASIA The great façade of the cathedral glimmering with gold onion domes rose in a multicolored mass opposite the Red Square.My eyes were a bit sensitive and my mind was still hazy, but I could still make out the city layout for miles. The beautiful Kremlin, in the heart of the City of Moskva as known in Russian, was still a huge walled enclosure containing many magnificent buildings and monuments as I had remembered. Beyond this central area were vacant highways and railroads that divided the city into five great circles with their own gates.Turning back from the window to look around my enormous dwelling, I realized that I had not been here for quite a long time, but the heavy feeling th
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Chapter 8
Within the confinement of the marble-covered building, Beliy Dom, the White House of Russia, I sat among the parliament members, listening without the slightest interest in their contents of the meeting."Grand Duchess, we would like to inform you of a few cases that you haven't reviewed from the past few years," one of the men spoke with a respectful bow. Moscow had a council with as much power as the government of a republic. The city was divided into ten districts and each elected its own council representative. Behind me was a white marble wall hung with the royal emblem of a two-headed eagle made of gold. I sat in my respective place, which was actually a throne for the Czar.I sighed to myself, thinking of all the lineages and histories that had woven into this seat. I shifted my body uncomfortably. As the acting hea
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Chapter 9
Strolling along the hallway of the Kremlin Palace, I could remember vividly all the events that took place in its five enormous reception halls. My family used to host elegant banquets and official ceremonies numerous times in here. Terem Palace could also be seen from one of the arched windows.Among the seven hundred rooms, one of them I recognized by heart. My hands pushed open its grand double door and then I stepped inside. The richly sculpted antique desk was set by the window. It had a large globe on one end and was usually littered with maps and papers.Behind it was a great curve-legged chair made of dark wood and painted in gold. I walked around my father's large office, taking in the unforgettable surroundings and recalling the day when I had burst into this room with my brand new China doll and asked my father to come and pl
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Chapter 10
Ostankino Palace was one of the most beautiful places outside the Kremlin Walls. Many stone mansions were made of white marbles and plaster-covered woods. It belonged to a count named Sheremetev back in the day. His servants performed plays for his wealthy friends in his beautiful Theater Hall. Obviously, the count was into classical music and dances. And that was what I was here for.After we stepped out of the car, I looked around the frozen manicured garden. Everywhere I turned was covered in deep white snow. The whiteness almost blinded me. Turning to a royal guard, I requested for a pair of sunglasses."Are you well?" Estella asked as I adjusted the shade on the bridge of my nose. Claire looked on with concerns but I just waved them off."You shouldn't let yourself weaken so much,
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