The Moon Goddess' Sins [BL]

The Moon Goddess' Sins [BL]

By:  Vanessa Nicole  Completed
Language: English
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The Moon Goddess and the king of the forest fell in love, but their love was that of a forbidden love. Separated by the rulers of earth they lived on but she bore his sons and daughter. Afraid that she couldn't care for them she cast them off into the clans beneath her along with her Wrath, Sloth, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Pride and Greed. Because they were her children they suffered in many ways but they knew that they were the chosen ones and needed to endure all the sufferings so that one day, they could be happy.* Loyal to Wrath* For Their Sake* Honey and Mate (Sloth)* 8th Sin (Vampire x Werewolf)* Extra's - Envy's Lust* Lust & His Woman* Greed the Rogue* Pride's Lonely Road* Gluttony's Dance

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191 Chapters
Loyal to Wrath 1
He flops down onto my stomach and I pull myself out as I rub my hand up and down his back, still marvelling at the wonderful experience we shared. Kissing his lips, the words, “I love you more ###” leave easily. My eyes snap open. The smell of my fluids enters my nose, making me frown. I can still feel my heart racing at the surrealism of that dream - can it be that I just dreamt of the future? >That was too realistic< My wolf Cyro says and I can hear him panting at the thought. “I thought our mate was Samantha?” I say confused and get up, heading to the bathroom. >It felt so real and so good. Samantha has never made us feel this way< he argues. I shake my head. “We never slept with her, remember?” >I want to mate with him Corbin, I want to find him soon< he demands. Normally, he isn’t so turned on. I look down at myself and find that I’m still seriously turned on.
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Loyal to Wrath 2
Frowning, I pulled back and looked down, displeased. “Why not?” “I have work,” he says, pissing me off. My hand clutched at his throat. “Make sure you attend my party or else I’ll punish you. Do you hear me?” I growl dominantly. Kaeden looks at me, shocked, but nods. I place a loving kiss on his lips and squeeze his butt, making him squeal and stare at me in horror. I go back to my bed and make him sit between my legs, that make him shiver as he settles against my semi-erect member. Hugging him, I place the frame in front of him on his lap, which he holds, and I unwrap it. My eyes widen as I feel a burst of emotions — unexplainable. Mesmerizing, beautiful, incredible, fuck it, all the positive emotions in one go. “Did you paint this?” I ask him as I trace the name “Kae-Ga” on the left-hand corner and he nods his head slightly. Cyro howls happily, >Our mate loves us< he says. I nod my head in agreement. Kae
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Loyal to Wrath 3
>No one said happy birthday to us yet< Cyro reminds me. I clear my throat and look over at Chris. Taking out the box from my pocket, I throw it at him, which he quickly catches and looks at me surprised, “Happy birthday,” I say.He looks down at his hands and mumbles thanks. Opening it, his eyes widened. He looks at me and asks confused, “Grandpa’s ring?”Everyone stares at me, surprised. I sigh and look at my mother. “Do you have chocolate ice cream?” She nods at me, confused, but I don’t answer her and get up. Going over to the fridge, I pull open the freezer door and grab the tub of ice cream. Shutting it, I grab a tablespoon out of the dishwasher and head back to the table. Grabbing five pancakes, I place them on my plate and scoop out the ice cream, and start eating it as I think of Kaeden.“Grandpa gave you this ring when he said you should be Alpha. Why are you giving it to me?” Chris as
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Loyal to Wrath 4
“Dick, what’s going on?” Miranda asked, running after him. He looked at his wife and said, “Cyro said he hates everyone here.”Miranda stopped in her steps and looked at her husband, that was walking away. Charlese came out and leaned against the door frame, rolling her eyes and scoffed, “He really knows how to ruin everyone’s day but at least one good thing came out of this, Chris found his mate and his position is stronger than Corbin’s.”The sky got dark real quick, and before he knew it, Corbin was on his way back to the pack house. His scent was still masked, and he was now driving the same make of car but just in the colour of royal blue. Stopping outside of the pack house five hours after the party began, he wound the window down and the warrior guarding the gate, eyes widened, “Sorry Alpha Corbin, I didn’t know it was you.”“Just open,” Corbin ordered. The gate opened, but everyone was completely overwhelmed.
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Loyal to Wrath 5.1
“Nonsense!” my grandfather said.His hand tightened around my arm. He began pulling me. >CORBIN MY MATE!!< Cyro yelled in my head. I firmly put my foot down and pushed my grandpa away. Glaring at him, I growled, “I said I’m waiting for someone!”My blood boiled. Even this old man that showed me a glass of love bossed me around, I’ve had it! “WHO ARE YOU THROWING THIS PARTY FOR? DID I EVER SAY I WANT A PARTY? NOW YOU WANT TO FORCE ME TO ATTEND IT TOO? GO CELEBRATE IT WITH YOUR OTHER GRANDSON AND LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!”My father came running in. “Corbin, calm down!”“O ho ho, if it isn’t the spoiled brat! Get off your fucking high horse, will you!” Charlese came in taunting me. She rolled her eyes when I growled at her.“You don’t scare me! All you are is an attention-seeking whore. Since you and Cyro are so eager to be savage leaders, why don’t I fill
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Loyal to Wrath 5.2
I look at him and grumble, “I’m quitting school. I’ll join the humans, join me!”Kaeden shakes his head. “I can’t be a burden to my mate!”I scoff, “I’m sorry Kitten, but this mate of yours isn’t someone to be trifled with. I became a multi-billionaire under the noses of those Crimson bastards,” I say and his eyes widened.“Really?” he asks and I nod. “It’s a loss for the Crimson Moon Pack. I decided this morning that I won’t be the Alpha after meeting you. Cyro and I are permanently taking over and starting anew so that I can buy you everything you need.”“And what if I told you that the only thing I need is my mate?” Kaeden asked me teasingly.My eyes widened. “And what would you say if I told you, you weren’t my mate, and I was only taking advantage of you?” I ask in return.Kaeden looks at me, unamused. “I wouldn’t believe you.”I dig my fingers into his sides and t
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Loyal to Wrath 5.3
“Charlese!” Their father stepped in and pulled her away from Corbin. She turned around and glared at her father. “Why did you stop me? You all agreed that I could say what I want and I am just doing that!”She turned back to Corbin and smacked him twice across his face, but stopped when her hand throbbed. “You and your fucking face make me so sick!” She said and spat in his face.“Charlese! What’s gotten into you?” Their grandmother stood up and pulled her away from Corbin before she could do anything else. She went up to Corbin and tried to use her shirt to wipe away the blood from his nose, the corner of his lips and the spit under his right eye, but Corbin pushed her hand away.His grandmother looked down at him, flustered. She tried it again, but he moved his face out of the way. Pain showed in his grandmother’s eyes, but she left him and went to sit down. “I’ve honestly had enough of this sibling rivalry! All of
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Loyal to Wrath 6
“Corbin, enough,” his grandfather spoke. Corbin looked at his grandfather incredulously. “Why should I stop? You de-manded answers from me not a moment ago and now—and now you want me to shut up? Why? Because it’s the truth and you don’t want to hear it?”His grandfather didn’t want him to stop because he didn’t want to hear his words, but because he didn’t understand why he was crying. First Corbin smiled, shocking them and now, not only his words but his tears, were shaking them to the core - Isn’t he supposed to be strong? So why was he crying?.Corbin sighed. Looking back at Charlese, he said, “I did nothing to you yet you hate me. YOUR father doesn’t discipline you and so because you were rude to the person I invited to YOUR brother’s party and smacked, humiliated him too, I taught you a lesson. I never hurt you once because you are my baby sister but every day, you call me an idiot multiple times, an asshole, a piece of sh
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Loyal to Wrath 7
“The only reason I gave him his presents early is because I didn’t want anyone to see the painting of him and Cyro, since I painted nothing for Alpha Chris. I also thought that it would cheer him up since he seemed a bit off and it worked until he came back from breakfast with the head family,” he added.All of his words seemed to add up, but they needed to dig deeper. Zander looked at Kaeden and asked, “What is the deal between you and my granddaughter?”Kaeden answered bleakly, “She thinks I like her boyfriend.”“Do you?” Zander asked.Kaeden scoffed, “He’s not my cup of tea.”“Then why were you looking at him?” Charlese asked, not liking his attitude. Kaeden looked over at her and sneered, “Cause he was crying to his mama the night before about how Corbin beat his ass up, like the mama’s boy he is.”“You!” she started and raised her hand to slap him, “Go ahead and slap me again,
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Loyal to Wrath 8
To some, it seemed that Kaeden was keeping himself high and mighty even without talking to any of the pack members, but it’s not like he wasn’t talking, no one was willing to listen to him. His mother, father, and siblings were in a completely awkward position. There was Kaeden and then there was the pack.After training, Kaeden went on border patrol, then came back and showered. He ate alone outside, then went back in and did his homework. After homework, he went through his videos. Uploading the video of himself dancing to Vanessa Nicole’s Everyday to his status update. In the video, he had on the clothes he wore on Corbin’s birthday but was in his socks. He stood in the middle of the living room in front of a five-seater couch. Seconds through the video, he stopped dancing and looked to his right, and started laughing.Corbin walked into the camera’s line of view and walked towards the camera, asking, “What are you doing now?
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