Chapter One Hundred Seventy Seven

Dane pulled his sports car to a halt at the entrance to the parking lot and quickly stepped out.

"This better be good." He muttered under his breath and charged toward Olivia who was standing under a lemon tree, a few meters away from the park entrance.

It was a few minutes past 6 pm and about fifteen minutes earlier, Olivia had called Dane and asked her to meet with him, stating that they needed to speak urgently.

He got to the spot she was standing and instantly flashed a smile at her. Why the hell was he grinning like a clown Olivia wondered and quickly turned away after a smirk.

Dane cleared his throat loudly and gave his forehead a delicate scrape. He was not the kind of man who was used to putting his perfect set of dentition on display and he couldn't tell why he got excited and had to smile at the sight of Olivia.

Olivia adjusted the leather bag hanging around her left arm and began taking steps toward Dane. He remained rooted to his spot and felt like the ground was going to
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