Chapter One Hundred Seventy Six

Eve took sluggish steps toward the door. She had been avoiding them for quite a long time and she knew that the sooner she faced them, the better for her sanity.

She stood by the door for several seconds and tried to keep her breath in check. She didn't see who was banging on her door but she could bet that it was either Olivia or Jen.

After exhaling twice, she opened the door and saw the ladies standing outside. She flashed a quick smile at them and before she could usher them into the house, they flew in.

She slammed the door behind her and turned to face their inquisitive faces. They were both folding their arms across their chests and staring at her like an owl.

"And why the hell was your phone off for two days?" Olivia flung the question at her.

Eve sighed and moved to the twin couch.

"Some ladies from your hate club had been blowing up my phone. I don't even know why I gave them my phone number in the first place." Jen lamented.

She moved to the couch and settled next to Eve by
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