Chapter 2

Zara's POV.

''What about this?'' I ask Lucy.

This is like the fifteenth dress I have tried on in the last five minutes.

Okay, I am exaggerating.

''Not that. You look like you are going for a burial or something. I mean you are wearing a white dress and it is so long and you look angel? Just change, you are not wearing that.'' She says waving the dress off.

An angel? Really Lucy?

''Look, I know you are fashion model...''

''The best model at that.'' She interrupts.

I shoot her the stink eyes.

''I just thought to add that... Since you forgot to.'' She says shrugging her shoulders casually. 

''But you seem to have forgotten that I am not going for some fashion show.'' I remind her.

''But you are going to meet The Jason King...''

''Well duhh'' I interrupts.

''There is no way I am letting you go there in there in that dress. You are a fashion designer for goodness sake but you want to go and meet your future husband...''

''He is not my future husband.'' I correct her.

''Sorry, it slipped out. Anyways, you won't be going in that dress. I won't allow it.'' She says, quite sternly might  I add.

''I guess I will just have to change, again... Like I have been doing for the past five minutes. '' I say out loud. The last part was an attempt to guilt trip her but she just flipped me off.

I pick the next dress in my closet. It is a black backless dress and it stops right on my thighs. I put it on and turn to Lucy.

''And this? '' I ask turning around a little so she could see the back.

''This is the dress. Pair it with that hot shot shoe we got the last time we went shopping.'' She says and I nod my head.


I move to the shoe section of my closet and grab the black heels. 

I put the heels on and tie the straps. The straps stops right on my calf. 

''Your hair. You have to pack it up so you can show off the back of your dress and then you let some down at the front so it can frame your face. You always look pretty that way.'' Lucy orders from where she is seated on the bed.

''Hold up Lucy. I shouldn't be looking pretty... I should rather look...''

''Like a hobo?'' She interrupts 

I roll my eyes at her ''Like a desperate person. He has to see how desperate I am.'' I say lifting my eye brow at her.

''You work on your expression. Give him that eyes you always give me when you are trying to steal my favorite pair of sneakers. That will work just fine. '' She says giving me the stink eyes.

''Don't give me that look Lucy. It was only one time. '' 

''Really. What about the pink and white sneakers that had...''

''Okay, twice.''

''Not twice boo, thrice. You want me to remind you about the one that Renia got me for my...'' She starts.

Renia is Lucy little sister.

''Okay okay. I get it.''

''I wonder why you steal from me when you can just get it. I mean you are frigging billionaire daughter and you steal from me all the time.'' She says jutting her lips out.

''Where is the fun in buying when I can just steal from you.'' I say smiling at her.

''But I loved those sneakers so much.'' She complains.

''You could get another one. I mean you are a frigging billionaire daughter too.'' I say laughing lightly.

''Whatever. Just do your hair.'' She says shrugging me off.

I sit down in front of the mirror and started packing my hair up. I pick up some pins and attach it to my hair, to hold my hair up. I let a few strands of hair down at the front so it is framing my face.

''And now the makeup.'' Lucy announces as she gets up from my bed. 

''No way. You are not doing my makeup.'' I tell her crossing my hands in front of my face.

''Come on, I will make it really light. I promise.'' She says, giving me the puppy eyes.

''I know you Lucy.'' I state.

''Just some mascara and eyeliner and some eye shadows and we definitely have to gloss that lips up.'' She says, ticking her fingers.

''There were a lot of 'ands' in that sentence of yours, it scares me.'' I tell her as she walks closer to me and place her hands on my shoulders. 

''It will be over in five minutes tops. Just close your eyes.'' She says as she grabs my makeup kit from my drawer. 

I know you are wondering why I was so wary of Lucy doing my makeup. Lucy is a makeup freak, she lives to wear makeup. She doesn't wear makeup all the time but whenever she does wear makeup, she goes all out. 

She starts by cleaning my face with baby wipe- a wet tissue. I tune her out when she starts applying eye shadows on my face. 

How the hell am I going to face that guy? I am not one to shy away from confrontations but I am really nervous right now and I haven't even seen Jason face to face yet. What will I do when I see him? Pass out?

Really Zara? Pass out?

Okay maybe I won't pass out but what if I my tongue refuse to work when I see him or I just end up doing something embarrassing. 

''I don't think this is a good idea.'' I mutter out loud and Lucy pauses in shock.

''What do you mean?'' She asks, raising her perfectly carved eyebrows.

''I mean what will I even say to him? What if I end up embarrassing myself?'' My voice comes out as a whine. 

I can feel Lucy's eyes on me but I can't bring myself to look at her.

''Don't tell me you are nervous.'' She finally speak up after boring holes in the middle of my head.

''Okay, I won't.'' 

''Don't be a smart ass. Come on Zara, you never get nervous. What is up with you?'' She asks as she forces me to meet her eyes.

''I don't know okay. I am just nervous and scared that I will end up messing up. What if I get there and my tongue fails me?'' I ask in frustration.

''I don't know what is going on in that head of yours but this is the only option you've got. It is either you do this or get married to Jason and I know how much you don't want to get married.'' She says. I hate it whenever she is correct. This is the only option I have and I need to stop over thinking. 

I sigh in defeat ''Fine.'' I take in a deep breath and let it out ''Let's do this.'' 

''Good. Apply your lip gloss and you are good to go.'' She says handing me the tube of lip gloss. I apply some lip gloss, I apply enough to make my lips shine. 

''You look good...good enough to eat.'' Lucy says chuckling lightly. 

I stand up wavering a little. I grab my bag from the bag racks and then do a spin for Lucy. 

''Jason is going to fall in love when he sees you.'' She mutters giving me a smile of approval. 

''What the fuck? That is not what I am  aiming for Lucy. Will you just focus.'' I literally scream at her.

My best friend here is a hopeless romantic. She always watch this sappy romance movies on Netflix and then ends up crying river halfway through the movie. I love romance too, I mean I want to fall in love, I want all those mushy stuffs that comes with being in love but I can say it anywhere that I am way better than my best friend.

''Sorry, sorry. So I made my research and it says he is currently in one of his hotel that is located at Rochester. I don't know how you plan on getting in though. I only did a shoot with him once so I don't think I can help. You will have to figure that out yourself.'' She says typing away on her phone.

''That is simple. I just have to tell him his future wife is here to see him.'' I say smiling smugly.

''Not bad Zara, not bad.'' Lucy says.


''And who are you ma'am?'' The receptionist asks for the hundredth time in the last ten minutes.

I have been standing here in the reception trying to get Jason's bitchy receptionist to let me in but she seems hell bent on not letting me in.

''You tell him Zara Meera is here to see him'' I repeat for the hundredth time.

''Do you have an appointment?'' The bitchy receptionist asks without even bothering to look at my face.

''I don't need an appointment to see my future husband now, do I?'' I ask her and her head snaps up so fast that I fear it might have broken. She eyes me from head to toe before bursting into laughter.

''Really miss?'' She asks and I could literally see the sarcasm dripping.

I slam my hands on her table and bent  a little so my eyes will be leveled with hers. 

''Do you want to lose your job?'' I ask firmly. Her eyes widens and then she glance back at the closed door behind her before turning back to me with wary eyes. 

''Don't try to scare me miss, it won't work on me. I know you are just one of his many girls and...'' 

''That is his office right?'' I ask her gesticulating towards the back door. 

''Yes but...''

''Good.'' I stare before walking around her and barge into the office with the receptionist hot on my tail.

''You can't go in there Miss.'' She cries. 

The first room contains a couch and a coffee table. There is a little glass table in the middle of the room. It didn't look like an office, it looks like a lounge. I look around and spot another door in the right side of the room.

''You can't go in there. The boss will be so mad and...'' I shut her out and walk to the door. I open the door without even knocking.

My breath hitch a little when I saw his office. I have seen a lot of beautiful rooms and offices but the view in this particular office is jaw dropping gorgeous. There is glass instead of walls, the glass gives a clear view of the city and every furniture in the office is in one color, grey. 

Jason's head snaps up from where he was sitting behind his big gray desk at the sound of the door opening. His eyes locks with mine for a while before roaming down my body. I try not to squirm at how intense his stares were. His eyes lingers on my bare legs before he drags his eyes back to my face.

''I am so sorry sir. I tried to stop her but... I am so sorry.'' The receptionist apologizes.

''It is fine. Leave us.'' Jason says without breaking our eye contact. I hear the door close behind me.

''How may I help you, Zara?'' He asks in that thick and sultry voice. I almost shuddered at how he pronounced my name.

So he knows my name.

I walk into his office properly without breaking eye contact. I know I should just break our eye contact but there is something about those baby blue eyes of his that makes me want to stare right into them until I drown in his eyes.

What the fuck are you thinking Zara?

''Won't you ask me to sit down?'' I ask him raising my eyebrows the way Lucy does. 

I hope I did it right.

''Forgive my manners. Please sit down Zara.'' 

There he goes again, saying my name.

I smile at him before shaking my head ''Thank you but I would rather stand.'' I say smiling sweetly.

Stop smiling and get straight to the point.

''Suit yourself. What brings you to my workplace? I wasn't aware of your intended visit.'' He says closing the file that was sitting on his desk. Finally breaking our eye contact.

I turn to the glass to admire the view. How do I go about this? Do I just say it or...

Oh fuck it. Imma just say it.

''I want you to refuse to get married to me.'' I say turning back to face him. 

His expression is blank but his eyes are shining with amusement.

What the fuck is amusing about this?

''No.'' He finally says.

"No?" I ask in confusion.

He smile at me flashing those damn dimples. I swear my heart skipped a beat at the sight of those dimples.

Don't be an idiot, Zara.

"I am not going to refuse. I want to marry you Zara.'' He says firmly.

Ohh Shit!

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Faezah Az
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Why does he want to marry her what’s in it for him except a wife in name only

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