The Billionaire's Butterfly

The Billionaire's Butterfly

By:  Shivani  Completed
Language: English
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Sneak Peak " You're wizard ....." " You're a swindler...." " You're a soleplayer ...." " You melted me ,by your filthy touches and broke me into pieces so, that I can't be refixed again .Make sure , now on !!! Now on !!! You won't even deserve a single chance to reach this Asher Jonah " , Asher warned for the final time before throwing Nithra out of her house . Nithra's eyes watered. She never expected,her lovable Husband would untrust her . Her heart, shattered into pieces . Without wasting for seconds nor using her ego .She reluctantly falled on her husband's legs and pleaded ,. " No Asher !! No !!! No !! I never, betrayed you.Instead ,I loved you more . please .... please, don't take steps to leave me . Because,I love you so much .I can't live without you .I never betrayed " ,she whimpered out with tears ,until her eyes and throat feel dry .she hoped this is the only way to prove her innocence . " Pack all your shit and leave the house" ,Asher kicked her on the floor and left the place with a demand . Trust is only gained when one person risks and doesn’t get harmed. It grows as both people increasingly risk and don’t get harmed in the process. Anyone can say ,I love you but not all can say I trust you . So , better wait for a relationship but don't rush and ruin your happiness .

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please update on your book its really amazing ...️
2022-04-03 15:23:12
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Give it a chance and you'll love it!...
2021-08-05 14:51:16
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Wahhh amazing plot by amazing author😍😍😍😍 I'm excited to read more🥰🥰🥰🥰
2021-06-16 19:56:49
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Miya Kutty
stupid male lead 😡😡😡how dare he hurt her for his selfishness
2021-06-11 23:41:42
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Carboxylic odour assorted along air ambushed the nostrils of people gathered. A pin drop stillness supported the floor. Submerged nervously, all maintained quiet. None recited nor have expressions. Carrying a lot of sorrows, all chimed only one thing, " Nothing awful, should occur " A lady on a chair, Intertwining both palms and ending her uneasy eyes, mumbled under her breath. She appeared to be nervous and afraid. Her hair is trash. Arranging, she draped herself under a bun. And, the face had wrecked up. Anyone could tell she had been hauled from bed. The vibes from her are overall, constructive. but presently, it's unthinkable. Entrenched in a lot of difficulties she peeped at the main entrance. News, she had been loitering for. No need for energetic news. But, news of fulfilment. She is Aria George. The daughter of, Dr George. A provincial Surgeon.Next to her, stood a man. Leaning toward the wall, his hands bridged against his chest. He is Arnav. The sincere and Intelligent Pol
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" No.....No ...Not anymore..... We're out " whispered Nithra .Her palms resisting hard to control the actions of the most handsome husband on the world . Asher Jonah . Her husband .The man ,Born for her. His one hand snaked across her waist , preventing from escaping . He is much studious in exploring all the shades of the most gorgeous women on the world . Nithra Atharv . He consider , himself to be a man of Pride in marking her to be his wife. She is his .Only his . " Mrs Jonah , Don't regret and awake the beast . Trouble ,Might be yours " , mumbled Asher back , Knowing all the sensitive parts of her body . Nippling her soft alluring lips , He slowly activated himself and plunged his sharp tongue inside her mouth ." Ash...." She squeezed her fingers tight into his arm . Melting sensually , the grip of tiny fingers become stronger . His actions on her body is magic . Awakening himself , he tempt , devour and torture her sweetly . " A moan , Can seduce husband " stated Asher in be
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" No… Landen ….you don't know !!! On that day, Nithra called me , Happily . She said ….." An cheerful chuckle engulfing a pleasant smile , captioned his face " She wanted to share an important and happy news with me .she said ,it's important one for our life . I can imagine the moment , she is excited. It's me…..It's me ..the one who ruined her overall happiness .Assume !! How much she would have hurt … that ,she left the mansion at late night , resulting in accident and then God embraced her …….." Asher bammed his fist once again to the wall. Tears flowed out , like rivulets . It's hard to control himself .Ethan , Landen and Anushka tried hard to console this guy .This nasty,wicked and cruel man's heart is enough to make people die out of heartattack but to others surprise , he is whimpering his heart out . The most cruel and prestigious Asher Jonah crying heart out ." Wait a second " , Anushka excused . Moving towards the door ,she locked the door and reached ,Asher . This is
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MATURE CONTENT ( WARNING )On the Other side ,It's an gigantic dark room . All the spaces are closed except a lengthy window ,which paved way for drifting air inorder to escape from suffocation. The entire place is occupied by a dark gloomy gaze except an single bright red light loaming on . And below , there is a single seat where sat a man whose hair is already undone ,sweats dropping drop by drop .His body is stiff and also ,hot .His aura is intimidating and scary . An nasty aura , covered his face leaving way to make others recognise ,it's dangerous . The dangerous and terrifying man is none but , Norman Blade .The top most , Mafia ,well known for threat , murder ,rape ,kidnap ,molest ,etc ,etc .His black marks are all buried under his deep business World. " Are you liking it ?? " Exclaimed the lady , pressing her body more to his back as her erect nipples grazed against his back . he could feel her hard nipples brushing against his skin.He sighed and moaned out loudly ,his ma
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A smirk crossed Ivy 's face . Reluctantly , she grasped the inner power and snapped " Mind your tongue ,Miss Charlotte !!! " There is a limit for everything. She may be silent and prefer adjustment infront of husband and ,also supposed not to Admit the relationship of husband and wife . The word , adjustment is necessary in a marriage life . Whatever happens is their personal . Considering that ,she can't lose her dignity infront of Anyone. She deserves respect . Maybe not from husband .But ,from stranger's . " Manners are taught . It can't be earned . Both manner and respect are the basic aspect of a Human's life " smirking , Ivy crossed the arms across her chest and stood steadily , gaining the extra attention of Shasha and also, Norman . Her husband .With a wicked smile ,she Continued " My parent's had taught me ,well !! But ,what about you ? Do you have anything ?? Have your parent's taught you ? " She is no more , bothered . Where Fearing or accepting , nothing will be acting
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" Ahhh.....Ahhh.....Ahhh......" the petrifying screams of nerve cuttings shivered the men's assembled through the corridor . Who knew , tomorrow they too have the possibilites to undergo .Maybe not the same .Yet , different .Gulping the saliva and trembling badly ,they prayed hard not to cross their line even out of knowledge . The small smooth pieces of chily powder had painted through the hairy cheeks of a man ,tied on the pillar. His Upper body was riped naked and stained revealing the marks of sharp whips completely scary and Pathetic . Certain guard's , pitied the man . " Harder...." Commanded an demanding tone . The men ,nodded His head and twisted his hands over the wooden end of the whip. " No.... master.... No..... Believe me , I ....won't repeat.... pardon me.... master.... pardon me...." , Begged the man out of pain . His hands and legs folded tieing strong connecting to the lower back . The punishment ,he deserves are beyond anyone's imagination. He never know ,his ma
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Flashback ✨" What's the need for this locket ??? " ,Asher shrugged his shoulders and exclaimed innocently to his cute RJ who is standing opposite to him in a frowned state ." Ahhh…….That…." ,Nithra stammered .Her eyes roaming everywhere excluding his sight ;creating red shades around the sides of her cheeks on getting caught,red handed " Yes !!! Come on ,RJ . I am desperately, waiting for your answer " , An mischievous glint marked his face. He is aware of the plans moreover, he is much interested in hearing certain words from her Mouth. Rather , he is delayed to work so ,Nithra is supposed to answer here. An furrow plastered the face. She isn't stupid. The two years of their married life described and illustrated a lot about this men . She guess his intention. Moreover her Cold hearted men , is best in acting. Grabbing his arm , she faced him. Asher is inspired by the actions . Fixing his tie ,she patted the blazers and assisted with a grin " You are running out of time. better,l
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" Thank you so much ,Mason . without your help , I am unsure of bringing Nithra over for treatment " , Aria Joined both the palms and thanked Mason , heart out . Mason , the Personal Assistant of Asher Jonah . Her eyes of positivity immersed over unmentionable tears of overwhelming gratitude. Mason done a favour even after knowing about the upcoming consequences probable to take place incase ,if all got red handed. " Aria , Please don't be emotional . It's my duty to guide you during the vulnerable state of madam. Moreover ,she is still my Madam . As a loyal man to Master, I owe the responsibility to protect her at his absence " said Mason , imagining tue lovely and memorable days of his masters life. Within a short Span , Asher got attached the Nithra . Every one around the family wanted Asher and Nithra to enjoy the life to their fullest and wanted the bond to last long without separation . But within a blink , A giant storm appeared on their life and created a misunderstanding .
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Also , they are the couple who inspired Mason and others believe in Love . But , excluding them all the rest ended with immense pain . And ,Mason is one of the victim . He too lost his love.All his newly found feelings started with a friendship . They created cute platonic memories and stood beside each other in rest . Everything went well until, things happened. His love is abducted and was threatened forcefully to marry a man who is the real reason behind all the odds , taking place outside the country. " Brother ...." Aria's shrug on his shoulder bought him back to sense . almost he ,lost the answer he is supposed to speak .Mason regained his sense and gazed Aria . She had a strange and bothered reaction. Aria is already depressed enough . Moreover ,he can't derogatte the behaviour and worry her , " Is everything fine . Why are you , bothered much ?? " Her question is much more than enough to make him understand ,her curiousity level . Once , the thoughts go bewildered ,she will
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Pain is predominant in Aria's face . Certain days and memories are not Easy to wipe or forget. Maybe , people moves out. But ,the memories are such a treasurer spirit. This memories break the vision and immerse inside in a world ,where only heart throbbing pain exist. Same suits for Aria too. The most wanted and popular Playboy also ,the handsome hunk of the country is Landen . His proposal on the middle of the busy road gaining the attention of hundreds of girls , took her breath away. His promise Infront of the World to protect everyone become a hot topic. Aria don't have mother. But , Landen in this very short span of time replaced the place of her mother with responsible and strict nature. For outer world ,he is a perfect jovial and easygoing one . Yet for her ,he is a true man of protection ,mature and rude . Because , nothing matters to him than her life and security. Distance matters in relationship. It strongs the bond between the partners . But , distance is not a relation
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