The Broken Omega's Revenge

The Broken Omega's Revenge

By:  Lucas Wise   Ongoing
Language: English
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When Adele's world is turned upside down by betrayal, she vows to get revenge when she's miraculously granted a second chance at life by the moon goddess. Given just 90 days. Adele vows to use it well. She turns to the supreme Alpha and suggests a marriage contract between them. But what happens when she finds herself drawn to him in ways she never expected. But with so much at stake, can she allow herself to follow her heart?" Will Adele be able to get her revenge on those who wronged her?

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4 Chapters
Chapter 1
ADELE STARK P.O.VToday was the happiest day of my life. It was the day I was finally going to announce my pregnancy to the pack.I would have done that long ago but Eleanor suggested I keep quiet about it and announce it as a surprise.I sat on my bed rubbing my small tummy when a knock came on my door and before I could even reply, Eleanor had walked in.Eleanor's smile was wide, but there was something in her eyes that gave me a pause but I shove that aside, my happiness overwhelming."Ready for the announcement tonight?' she asked, sitting beside me on the bed.I nodded feeling over excited."Yes, of course. Everyone will be so surprised!' I tried to be enthusiastic though something felt off."Just remember to keep your cool, no matter what happens tonight" she said to me and I shook my head slowly."But don't you think my father is going to be disappointed in me?" I asked softly. I was an only child and my father adored me a lot.He'd be so disappointed if I got pregnant without
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Chapter 2
ADELE STARK'S P.O.VMy mind was racing, trying to figure out how to get out of this situation. I knew I was in big trouble but what happened? Eleanor was supposed to be on the lookout."Explain yourself!" my father's voice was like thunder, filling the room. This was the first time he was speaking so harshly to me. He looked so disappointed in me. Like he never expected me to do this.I took a deep breath, trying to calm myself. I knew I had to speak carefully, or I would only make things worse."I…I can explain," I stammered, my voice shaking in fear."Then explain, and make it good!" my father's voice was stern, and I knew I had to convince him."It's just that I…""I told you your highness.." Eleanor's fake cries suddenly filled the room and I turned to look at her in surprise."She's been having an affair with the enemy and she wanted to steal the map to give to him!" Eleanor's words were like a dagger to my heart. I couldn't believe she would lie like that, especially about somet
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Chapter 4
ADELE'S P.O.VThe loud sounds of the gong bolted me out of my sleep as I yelped out of my bed loudly and I landed on the ground.My heart was racing, and I felt disoriented.Was it a dream? Or was it real? I touched my hand to my chest, feeling the steady beat of my heart beneath my fingertips. I was alive, and it had all been a dream or was I in heaven?I looked around, and saw that I was in my own room.I sat in shock and confusion, I was killed. Yes betrayed and beheaded and my father passed out the order."Am I in heaven" I gasped, slapping myself repeatedly but I was greeted by a sharp pang of pain. I was not dreaming!!!I was still in shock when the maids came running In."My princess are you alright?" They must have heard my scream and came to check up on me."Don't come near me!" I snapped at them, wary of my surroundings as I needed to understand what was going on.I died.The maids looked at each other confused and one of them spoke."My princess we have to get you ready fo
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Chapter 4
ADELE'S P.O.VMy eyes fell on the stranger, his gray eyes staring intently at me and the corner of his lips held a smirk as he helped me stand up.I felt a shiver run down my spine as I returned his gaze. There was something about him that made me feel both nervous and intrigued. He was tall, strong and handsome, with broad shoulders and dark brown hair. But it was his eyes that drew me in, their intense gray depths seeming to see straight through me."Excuse me.." I cleared my throat as I arranged my dress."I'm sorry. I didn't see you…" I apologized as I had bumped into him."It's nothing.." he waved me off. I couldn't help but admire his unique features.The man standing before me was the epitome of good looks.He was dressed in a nice Royal attire which I immediately recognized to be the finest silk in the whole of Wolfhaven.But who was this man standing in front of me? I never recollected meeting him at the party in the past.I studied him carefully, trying to figure out where I
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