The CEO's Stubborn Matchmaker

The CEO's Stubborn Matchmaker

By:  K.T. Natua  Ongoing
Language: English
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Celine Westwood is secretly a professional matchmaker among women who are the elites of high society. When Celine takes on a difficult client that is in love with Celine's arch-nemesis Lucian Donatello, she does not expect the wild ride that would come when she tries to keep her successful career a secret. Multimillionaire business tycoon Lucian Donatello enjoys his Casanova life more than the idea of commitment. So, when he uncovers what Celine does for a living and what her current mission was, he makes the plans she has, turn in his favor.

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9 Chapters
Sixteen-year-old Celine watched as her father twirled her mother around on the dance floor. They’re high school sweethearts and years later, still in love more than ever. Swinging her back and forth, looking lovingly into her eyes. It was like watching a Disney movie. She loved seeing the look on her mother’s face as she started back into her father’s eyes adoringly. Her dad was her mom’s prince charming and her mother was his princess. It was love. They were at a friend of the family’s wedding and Celine had been excited to come when she found out about it. Her elbow-length dark brown hair had been done in soft curls. She had put on a light amount of makeup, which was the right amount to highlight her features. She rarely dressed up as much as she currently was. It was the current event that influenced her to do this. Her stunning cream-colored maxi dress made her look like she was floating across the room when she walked. It had an overlapping off-the-shoul
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Chapter 1
Matchmaker /ma-ch-may-ker/Noun. A person that tries to bring two single people together to form a romantic relationship.*******10 Years Later… CELINE WESTWOOD POV. Someone once asked me if I ever felt lonely. My answer was always the same.“Of course not.”There was no need for me to ever feel lonely when I was always surrounded by those that loved me. For example; my family and close friends.I know that’s not what people mean when they asked me if I felt lonely. I know that they were talking about me possibly feeling lonely because I’m currently single, but I refuse to give them more time to talk to me about my love life.I don’t need to be loved by another man to make me feel like I’m beautiful. I don&rsquo
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Chapter 2
Engagement /in-ˈgāj-mənt/Noun. Emotional involvement or commitment. *******CELINE WESTWOOD POV. Things never go well, when we’re near each other. Our relationship isn’t a “hate and love” relationship because there is no love between us. That word doesn’t even exist when it comes to Lucian and me.I haven’t spoken to that man in years. I get angry just thinking about what happened the last time we saw each other at his father’s retirement party.That devil had the nerve to call me a spoiled heiress in front of his friends. Claiming that every expensive thing I have is always paid for by my parents. Like the big house, I live in, the fancy car that I drive, amazing clothes, and expensive jewelry that I own.None of those things were even close to being true!I’m the one that paid for all of thos
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Chapter 3
Party \pär-tē\Noun. A social gathering. *******CELINE WESTWOOD POV. Althea “Al” Domingo, and I have been best friends since university. We met at Cucina Gustosa when I applied to work there part-time. She applied at the same time as me for a hostess position and after we started talking, we discovered that we went to the same university. We found out that we had a lot in common, such as being the same age, having the same hobbies; enjoying the same type of music, and were both the only child in our family.When I purchased the mansion that I now live in, I kept insisting for her to move in with me since I had plenty of room for her; but she wanted to live on her own. She currently lives in her own condo in the city. She’s very independent, so I gave up after the third time of asking. She knows about my successful business of being a matchmaker. Sh
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Chapter 4
Misfortune \mis-ˈfȯr-chən\ Noun. an event or conjunction of events that causes an unfortunate or distressing result. ******* CELINE WESTWOOD POV. I groaned in agony, at the misfortune that I had just allowed myself to be put into. Dropping my head onto my desk. Like a rabbit being taunted by a tasty carrot under a box, I had unknowingly let my guard down and put myself in a position to be trapped. I pulled my head up and threw Althea a glare. “You tricked me,” I said in accusation. She put her hands up in defense, “I just want to say that it wasn’t my idea but I had no choice.” Giving her an unconvinced look, “What do you mean it wasn’t your choice to trick me into attending?” “Well- “she began to answer. Looking at her, “Did someone hold a gun to your head, and threatened you in order to make me go?” “No,” she pouted. Sh
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Chapter 5
Spy \spī\Verb. To watch secretly usually for hostile purposes.*******CELINE WESTWOOD POV.Pushing back the feeling of uneasiness, “Of course I’ll come with you tonight.”Althea stands up and lets out a breath of relief. “Thank you so much, C.” She let out a small laugh, “I got to admit,” shaking her head from left to right, “I thought you would say no after what I did to you.”I raised my brow at her and crossed my arms, “You’re lucky I’m more excited to see you go on a date than think about that right now.”She gave me a sheepish grin and quickly walked towards me. Throwing her arms around me and giving me a tight hug. “I’m super” she squeezed tightly, “sorry!”I laughed, “Yeah, yeah,” patting her back, “Now let go of me, before you s
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Chapter 6
Snitch \snich\Noun. Tattletale *******CELINE WESTWOOD POV.My damp hair drops as I pull the now wet towel out of my hair and drop it on the ground beside me. I grabbed my hairdryer and curling iron in one of the side drawers of my vanity.I plug in my hairdryer and curling iron, then quickly start drying my hair. I thank God that my hair isn’t thick enough, to the point it would take forever for me to finish doing it.After deeming it dry enough, I begin to start working on my curls. Brushing my hands through my curls after being done.I stand up, walking towards my walk-in closet, and pull out my black ankle strap heels. Slipping it on my feet, I bend down to buckle the straps.I stand up and walk towards my floor-to-ceiling mirror beside the door of my walk-in closet and do a 360 turn to examine my outfit.I look at the woman in the mirror and
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Chapter 7
Hostess \host-ess\ Noun. A woman in charge of a dining room who seats diners.  ******* CELINE WESTWOOD POV. I pull up to Bonita and stop in front of the entrance. A parking valet opens my door. I grab my purse beside me and step out of the car. “Hello ma’am, welcome to Bonita,” he greeted. “Hello,” I greeted back. Dropping the keys in his hands, making sure to thank him and giving him a tip. He smiles with a thankful look on his face. Leaving my car in their hands, I walk into Bonita. Bonita screamed the definition of expensive. From the bright light shining down from the teardrop crystal chandeliers down to the gold that framed the floor to ceiling windows, and white and gold dining room. Employees wearing crisp white uniforms with gold intricately stitched into it. Seeing two young women behind the hostess stand I began to walk t
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Chapter 8
Archenemy \arch-en-e-my\ Noun. A principal enemy.  ******* CELINE WESTWOOD POV. Althea and I first had a look of surprise on her face, “No. Freaking. Way.” My eyes widened when a sudden thought hit me. Is Lucian Althea's blind date? If I wasn’t irritated from hearing his name all day, I sure am now that I’m seeing him. “You have got to be kidding me,” I spoke out loud in disbelief. Althea and I watch him as he gets nearer. I took a glance at her, to see what her reaction would be. No doubt, matching mine. I’m proven wrong when I see a look of humor on her face. It confuses me, and I don’t understand why she isn’t worried at the thought that he might be her blind date. This guy is the worst candidate when it comes to being in a relationship. The only type of relationship he can be in is one that is no string attached. “Is he
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