The Catalyst

The Catalyst

By:  Jilguera  Completed
Language: English
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Danielle Mason was born different than all other werewolves and just her near proximity makes them nervous so she chose to live as a normal human apart from all packs. When a strange attack, leaves her without her shift suppressant Danielle returns home. The strangeness doesn’t end with the attack, she finds herself was drawn to an ancient black magic book, and a handsome stranger claiming to be Balric the Betrayer. As Danielle suddenly shifts into her true form, Danielle realizes there was more to her differences than her parents led her to believe. Now she must find out who she can trust before her new gifts destroy the entire world. A stand-alone sequel to The Betrayer.

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Maranda Roberts
Great book, but a very sudden ending with a lot of open questions.
2021-03-14 18:24:56
user avatar
Good read - ends on a cliff hanger! i hope there is a 3rd book.
2021-03-05 10:26:24
default avatar
I am guessing that there will be a third book in this series? I certainly hope so. I am desperate to know where the story of the demons and the wolves ends up.
2021-02-08 09:44:50
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Lindy Bledsue
A good read
2021-01-03 08:21:13
user avatar
Alexis Campo
I sincerely hope this was not the last chapter. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and want to learn what happens.
2020-12-10 04:55:13
default avatar
Great read! A bit different than steamy warestories, but that's even better. Took me a day to read?
2020-11-13 18:52:19
default avatar
Seriously half-a**ed ending… and no updates or sequel? A good story in general, but not worth being left hanging with a hasty wrap up.
2021-12-13 07:43:53
39 Chapters
Chapter 1
The gruff lyrics of Marilyn Manson’s rendition of Tainted Love thrummed through Dannie as she swung around the pole. She twisted her body, letting it slide along the length of the metal bar in time with the music. It was only in these moments did she ever feel truly alive and at peace with herself. It made up for all the other crap she had to deal with.
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Chapter 2
“So,” Kandrea said after a moment of silence, again glancing at Dannie. “What’s your story? Who is Dannie Mason, really?”Dannie snorted. “Really?”
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Chapter 3
Dannie passed through Otsoa towards her parents’ house. The little town wasn’t much. There were just a few locally owned stores and the basic public services like a school or fire station. Every building had that dusty, worn down, Wild West look to them. It was a setting perfect for Eastwood or John Wayne to come swaggering down Main Street with a six-shooter on their hip.
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Chapter 4
Lee walked up onto the platform. Her dark, almond eyes jumped to Dannie. Instinct kicked in. Her eyes widened then narrowed as her body tensed. She took a breath through her nose, let it out, relaxing. Dannie gave her a grimaced half-smile in apology. Lee dipped her chin in a nod before focusing on Dannie’s dad. “Praetor, everything is ready to begin.”Her dad leaned back in his chair, nodded as he rubbed his chin. “Then proceed. Thank
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Chapter 5
The pungent stench of rot hit Dannie as the dust-filled breeze ripped around her. She held up a hand to defend herself not only of the smell but the dust. It stung her eyes, making them water, and filled her nose and mouth with grit. When the breeze died Dannie lowered her hand and looked around. She wasn’t in her bedroom anymore but in a dull, red-hued landscape. If Dannie had to guess what Mars would look like this would be it.She stood on a cliff wi
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Chapter 6
The infirmary was halfway between the main entrance of the house and the gym. It was a good-sized room with white walls and white tiled flooring. It had one of those beds you see in hospitals, the ones where you can adjust about everything, in the far right corner with a nightstand against the wall, tucked in the corner and a railing along the top that allowed a ten by ten section of that part of the room to be curtained off.
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Chapter 7
When they reached the backyard, Cass and Dannie slowed down. Cass didn’t even look winded while Dannie was gulping air like it was going out of style. Maybe running full steam like that wasn’t such a good idea.“Dannie,” Cass said, looking worried. “We’re good right? I disag
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Chapter 8
Dannie took a long drag from the joint, counting to three before she released it. Her confrontation with Cass had her afraid of being a hair’s width from triggering another shift. Dannie tried taking a hot shower, reading and even dancing, but she couldn’t get her mind off of the nightmare and the black magic book. So she went for Plan B — Mary Jane. Drugs like pot usually didn’t work on the wolves due to their super-high metabolism, but as hers was maybe only a little above human normal ranges, so things like pot worked on her just fine.
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Chapter 9
Dannie picked up another joint from her room and went to the library. Among the ancient books was one of the largest collections of werewolf history in the world. If there was anything on Balric or the black book it was there. She gathered a variety of titles that looked promising and lit the joint. Taking a hit, Dannie opened the first book. Inside was mostly what she already knew.
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Chapter 10
Balric walked out of the library. What was he doing? He was not here to flirt with Danielle. Balric told Desi this was a bad idea. He shouldn’t be around her daughter. All his training and discipline had apparently gone out of the window when he was alone with her. God, if he had stayed there any longer who knows what would’ve happened.
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