The Villainous Emperor is My Pet?

The Villainous Emperor is My Pet?

By:  Norah Koch  Completed
Language: English
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Magic ✅ Undeads ✅ Male Leads ✅ Dumb younger brother ✅ Pandemic ✅ Crazy Cults ✅ Ancient Vampires ✅ Family Secrets ✅ An ex-boyfriend who wants to get back together ✅ After offending the author, a shamelessly narcissistic woman transmigrates into a book and faces the most cliched characters ever. Did she transmigrate into the main character? a side character? A villain? She wasn't that lucky. Being a nameless background character, she's supposed to stop the emperor from getting married to the evil ex-fiance and wage the war? As if the emperor knew anything else other than people! Can she find a way to tame the emperor and give a happy ending to all the characters? Heck yeah! She has too much to lose if she doesn't succeed. However, she has no idea about the secrets of the book that will change her life even after she returns to her world. After returning to her world, Savina only wants to find a job or a rich husband to smooch. But it seems impossible to find a good marriage partner or a good-paying job during the pandemic. The stress is giving her pimples and she has no interest in talking to opinionated animals who have their own views about humans. Can she find a job or a rich husband and live happily ever after?

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78 Chapters
It was a cliche story.It was those kinds of stories in which an average office worker transmigrated into a novel and saved herself from a bad fate.It was one of those kinds of cheap stories that I knew how it would end… but I couldn't stop myself from reading it.There was magic, action, drama, shitty ex-fiancees, and love triangles.It was a famous web novel. The story always ended on the cliffhanger. There were a lot of snu-snu moments. The male lead was so frustrating at times that I wished to go into the book and choke him. The female lead, who was so dense despite being from a modern world, made my blood boil at all times. Why couldn't she see the second male lead who was in puppy love with her? She should be with anyone else but that cold-hearted asshole male lead who kept forcing himself on her.So, I had a lot of reasons to hate the novel. Yet I couldn't stop myself from reading it. I was addicted to it. I knew that it was a poison
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Three inches long
As soon as I finished reading the letter, it disintegrated into nothing but dust."..."
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Can't wait to fuck her!
"You don't deserve two shits from me." I spat on his face.  I hated this man already. I hated what was happening to me and the fact that I could be raped by these men at any moment.The Commander didn't bother to wipe the spit on his face. He roared at the soldiers, "What are you looking at? Take her to the camp. She's going to be a slave."
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Wouldn't mind being tossed around by him
The moment I entered the camp, I felt a heavy pressure in the air.The camp was smaller than my room but bigger than my office cabin. A black curtain divided the room in half. There was a large red ochre table in the middle, and a map was spread out on the table. There were a few locations crossed out.
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Why is she not kneeling?
Why was I thinking of kinky stuff? Shit! When did I become a mindless female lead? I shook my head to exorcise the evil thoughts. I won't get tempted. Anyway, I would rather toss him around than getting tossed around by him.I was S. I was definitely an S.
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What if it's an undead?
What should I do?Many thoughts raced through my mind. I was not an Olympic runner. There is no way that I could escape this valley of the dead without having them witness me. I didn't have any special cloak either that would help me turn invisible. Damn! Why didn't I transmigrate into that wizard novel? Why did it have to be this trashy novel?
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At the most serious moment?
The soldier inched closer to me hesitantly. I could sense that he was extremely reluctant. Just when he grabbed my soldier, I held my breath. It was a matter of death and life.He turned me on my back and placed his finger under my nose briefly. Then, he pulled away. My body was already cold and he was damned scared.
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Savina, the Red
The emperor continued to watch me with his dead eyes. He didn't look angry or upset. There was no difference between him and a robot. Maybe a robot could show better emotions. "Why are you here?" I managed to spit out the words. "I wanted to check if there were truly no survivors," He answered me in a monotonous tone. "What is your name?" I looked at his sword and then, I glanced at his face. How long would it take for him to kill me? He killed me last time without any questions. I took a step back from him. Where could I run? If I ran in the other direction, I had to pass by the camp. Some soldiers would notice me. If I ran in the direction of the emperor, I would meet the sword. Even if I had one life left, I wasn't keen on dying. "I am not a member of this tribe." I placed my hand on my chest. "I came here to… to…" "To?" He raised his brow.
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All the characters are nuts
[Dear Transmigrator,So, you died again.
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I asked what you are
I did the same thing: pretending to be a corpse to escape the soldiers and then, I made a run for it before the emperor could arrive to check. I didn't read the letter until I reached the stream that was cutting into a cave.It was already dark. My feet ached as I walked along the shallow stream on its shore. The blood of the corpses on my body had dried but my
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