Chapter 28

Not going to lie, I thought today would be just fine. I told myself it would be a normal day, but how would it be?

It was a disaster, to say the least. People would be staring at us and whisper to each other loudly enough for us to hear what they were saying.

Some would say, "Aren't these the ones that were working for the Silent Man?"

Or, "Oh my god, can you believe Christoffer Derrick is Alive?"

We were so tired of the gossips. It was so childish. Now it's finally time to get away from these dorks and do community service. Another disaster, but I guess it's better than thousands of eyes being on you.

We are driving to the beach to pick up garbage. For 3 hours.

"Is it fun for you yet?" Fate sarcastically says to Nate,

"Whatever," Nate shuts him off.

We walk around the beach picking up garbage. So boring.

I guess it's better than jail...

About two hours later

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