Chapter 30

                                  ~~~    Cyrus's Point of View    ~~~

      It's Sunday. Meaning, laying in bed all day, eating, and watching Netflix. I push the sheets down and get out of bed to go to the washroom. I get out a couple of minutes later to find the annoying jerks on my bed. 

"No guys, I don't want to deal with you today. Today is Sunday. Meaning all day, alone, in bed," I say pushing them off my bed getting ready to get back in bed,

"Very funny. Now get changed. We're going somewhere," he jokes,

"Guys, this is no time to joke. Who even let you in?" I am pretty sure dad has already left by now,

"We've been to your house a lot of times, do you think we don't know that you put your key under the rug?" Nate says,

"Whatever. Get out of my room," I say pushing all of them out of the room,

"Nope. Get cha

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