The Crimes Of The Silent Man

The Crimes Of The Silent Man

By:  Solome  Completed
Language: English
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With the rise of a new crime lord who calls himself the 'Silent Man', Goldfinch is brought to disruptions. A small town in west California, known for being home to numerous criminals. However, no villain in the history of Goldfinch has come close to being as sinister as the Silent Man. Four friends, convinced they can defeat the Silent Man and bring their town to peace, start their adventurous journey, not aware of the tests and life-threatening events the rough road holds for them.

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Brenda Zhang
yeah its great
2020-10-28 14:18:42
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The book is great but I think some details of the story were left behind without explanation!
2022-05-09 12:01:34
35 Chapters
Chapter 1
Everyone was gathered. From grandparents to siblings and friends. The house was full of people, eagerly waiting for the birthday boy, Christoffer Derrick, to arrive. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Derrick, were one of the wealthiest people of Goldfinch. One of the smallest towns in California, recognized for being a target to endless crimes. It was mandatory for people to stay inside at night. The town was rumoured to be cursed. There was no other expalnation to the sickening crimes committed by maksed criminals. From the time the mayor's house had been set on fire, to the time people were violated and killed under the public's sight. It was 9:40 pm and Christoffer was expected to arrive at around 10 pm for the party. Every guest was grinning with anticipation. The doorbell rang just as the clock hit 9:50. "Chris is here, everyone! Gather up!" Mrs. Derrick excitedly announced, The guests crowded the door, eager to surprise Christoffer. The moment the parents open the
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Chapter 2
Two weeks have passed since that night. The night when the Derricks have received their own son's ashes on his birthday. The Sheriff's department still hasn't discovered who The Silent Man was, but the curfew was still remaining. Just a day before Thanksgiving, everyone received an invitation to a funeral. an invitation that said it was Christoffer Derrick's funeral. Everyone assumed the invitation was from the Derricks, but the Derricks also got the same invitation but only to a different person's funeral. The funeral held a place in an underground bunker. Everyone was expected to be there an hour before the curfew. It was a must as the invitation said. By 6:30 everyone was there.As each person got in the bunker, they expressed their sympathy to the Derricks and the confused Derricks accepted the sympathy though they never understood what was going on. After a while, things started getting deeper and deeper. People started bringing photos of Christoffer while others brought flower
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Chapter 3
   Words are out everywhere. Gossiping about how the Edwins family turned their backs on each other. That morning when Jeremiah and Jacob were turned in, the news was exploding with it. All everyone would say of was "How could they turn their backs on each other?", "The Edwins are cursed,", "How did their parents raise them?".          The Edwin family started getting attacked with words after the news. Far and wide the whispers about the Edwin family being cursed continued.    When the Edwins were displeased, they reported it, so after that, anyone talking bad about the Edwin family would get charged.The gossip and whispers died after that was announced. People started minding their own business. Some going back to work, others going to school while waiting for the next rumor to tattle about.                 A week or so later, people found another thing
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Chapter 4
      The letters kept coming and coming. Though the further it went, the more clues people started to get about what The Silent Man might look like. In each letter he sent in every house, he left the color of his eyes, his weight, or easy things like his hair color. Every time people got those clues, they would take it to Sheriff Issac.        Sheriff Issac had a clue board. The clue board had every detail they knew about the silent man. Though they had some clue about him, they were still not sure they would find him. Sheriff Issac has done anything and everything to keep the kids of Goldfinch out of trouble. From getting kidnapped or killed like Christoffer and the Edwin girls.               Sheriff Issac's son Cyrus Issac has been getting involved in the crimes of Goldfinch. Even though his father Sheriff Issac has told him millions of times not to get involved, he never listened.
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Chapter 5
       That day, after Cyrus and Alice got kidnapped, no one said anything. No one knew. Not even their own friends.                                                 ~~~    Jackson's Point Of View    ~~~Cyrus and Alice said they would meet us in the cafeteria at lunch. They didn't tell us where exactly, but I was really sure they would be at the same place we always eat lunch at.      Strangely, they were not there. We looked for them everywhere but still couldn't find them. We thought of calling them but their phones are both not working."What do you think they are doing?" Sally said worried,"I don't know, I mean they told us they would be here. If they wanted to go somewhere else wouldn't they tell us? Like call us or text us?" I asked more to myself,
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Chapter 6
                                ~~~    Alice's Point Of View    ~~~"Jackson! Go faster! They are following us with two cars!" I say looking behind me at the two black cars. "I am trying!" he yells at me not looking back,"Then try harder Jack!" I yell back. I look down to check on Cyrus and he's passed out. "Shit," I mumbled checking his pulse.  "What?" Sally turned around, "We need to go to Dr. Harlod, Jack," I say tears appearing in my eyes. Dr. Harlod is Sally's cousin. He graduated with a doctorate degree. He graduated about a year ago and started working in the biggest hospital in Goldfinch.           When we get to the hospital, it is pretty busy so the black cars aren't behind us anymore. I am sure they have given up on us and pro
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Chapter 7
                      ~~~    Cyrus's Point of View    ~~~          "Jackson, start the car, they are still following us!" Alice yells at him and he swiftly starts the car and drives off to the road hitting the gas hard and driving it as fast as it could go while mumbling 'we're dead'.         I am not sure where Jack is driving to but it certainly isn't the way to any of our homes."Jack do you know where you're going?" I ask, "No, but we can't go home. It's too dangerous, so we are just going to drive until they lose us," Jack says gripping the steering wheel tight, "Are you insane?! No, we are not going to do that. Our parents will be worried-" Sally says"Would you prefer them dead than worry about us?!" Jack yells cutting her off, "We can tell the Sheriff!
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Chapter 8
                                ~~~    Cyrus's Point of View    ~~~               It is not something I knew long ago. It's not something I discovered in grade 7. It's something I came upon just now.The fact that I am in love with Alice.           I am sitting on the bed looking at the one and only...Alice. She is sleeping peacefully with her face turned to me. She is absolutely irresistible. From her dark brown hair up to her beautiful long eyelashes to her small cute nose to her appealing pink lips. She is just glamorous.           Jack walks out of the bathroom wearing shorts and nothing on top showing off his 6 packs. He has a towel around his neck and his hair was dripping wet. He looks at me swooning over Alice.He rai
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Chapter 9
                              ~~~    Cyrus's Point of View    ~~~      The town looks like it's having what we call a costume party. A 1920s costume party. While we are driving through the town people give us looks. "What the hell is this town?" Jack whispers more to himself, "Why are they looking at us this way? And why do they all look like they are in the 19 somethings?" Sally says looking out the window giving them dirty looks, "Guys, I don't think we can find a hotel just driving around. Let's take a walk and look for one," Alice says getting ready to get out of the car, "Are you out of your mind? Don't you see the look they are giving us when we are in the car? Who knows what they would do when we are out of the car?" Jack keeps driving through the crowded roads, 
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Chapter 10
                                  ~~~    Cyrus's Point of View    ~~~    On our way back to Goldfinch, the only thing we could do was sleep. Jack and I switched places a couple of times while one of us drive and the other sleeps. It was a 6 and a half hours drive back to Goldfinch. We expected the black cars to follow us on our way back like they did the last two times, but there was no sign of them. Right the second we got to the hospital we ran to my mother's room. She was lying on the bed while my dad was sitting on one of the chairs. They were both asleep and we didn't want to wake them up so we decided on getting some breakfast until then.      We are currently on our way to the cafeteria to eat something while my parents rest. I barely said two words on our way to the hospital and until now. I can tell my friends
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