The Finis of Everything

The Finis of Everything

By:  Rie Fabia  Ongoing
Language: English
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Are you fascinated about love? Asking questions how it works? And who most likely to fall first? North or Boreas is a BS Psychology student who pretend to be a Nursing student. Well he has a reason why he pretend. He has a summer research and he thought of an extraordinary experiment that no one will think of.He thought of this experiment because of an Article that he saw on internet That's how Penelope Astraea Alcantara Esperanza enters. The girl she messed off. Will he succeed to get the result that he want? Or it will finis everything between him and Astraea? "You lit me up but you also killed the fire"

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Intriguing story. He is pretending, that gives the twist ;)
2020-12-05 22:38:07
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it is a good story than what i have thought, can't believe this was first time to find a story like this, not the usual story you will read, a new world indeed
2020-12-02 16:04:56
18 Chapters
Chapter 00
 Finis   "Finally! We graduated!" West happily said  W all laughed when he started dancing like an idiot.  
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Chapter 01
 The Fall “Congratulations Penelope!” I immediately turn around and I saw my brother smiling like an idiot I smiled back at him. My lips almost rip apart because I smiled too much when I saw my younger brother “Paige!” I said gleefully&n
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Chapter 02
 Midnight Rendezvous   “Drink these medicines to ease the pain of your knee” My nurse said to me and I just nodded like a dead person. “You know what you are still lucky because your spinal cord is not affected, you might not be able to walk anymore if it is affected” I chose to remain silent because I don‘t know if I am still lucky. I can’t even walk so where is the luck? 
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Chapter 03
 The Guy from the Dark   My parents knew what happen yesterday and as expected they got angry to me. “You tried to kill yourself again! You knew we can’t afford losing you anymore” my father said angrily I was looking down on my plate and pretending that I am not listening to them, they just keep on repeating their words it is irritating to listen all over and over again I was thinking about the man. After crying I pass out then when I woke up I am already in my room
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Chapter 04
 Rarest Sleep  I felt that he slid something on my small pocket in my hospital dress. I immediately pushed him away. This guy! He is taking advantage on my condition! “Why is it your first time to be hugged and kissed? Hey it is just in your forehead!” he said it happily The nerve of this guy! “You are abusing me! It doesn’t mean that I am weak you can take advantage on me!” I said angrily 
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Chapter 05
 Red Color Compliment  I removed his hand on mine and punched his face. It wasn’t that strong but enough to hurt someone “Ouch, that hurts ah! I am sweet to you then you just gave me a punch” he complained “Just leave!” I said, I pushed him away so that he will leave already “Fine!” he said He leave my room without even saying anything, I felt guilty because I pu
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Chapter 06
 Missing after the Hug After what he just said I hid myself inside my blanket, I still can feel how hot my face is. And I know that he is still here, my eyes are widely open and I didn’t hear the door opened so he is still here. “Are you going to hide forever?” I got chills when I suddenly felt his breath on my ears. “Will you please keep distance on me” I still didn’t remove the blanket
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Chapter 07
 Return and Escape Four days ago is the last day I saw North, I don’t know what happen to him. Maybe I am just his past time. “Where is North penny? I don’t see him anymore” my father asked I can’t answer his question so I just remained silent. Slowly I go back to my old self; I don’t talk to them anymore.  "I see. You don't want to talk about it. I'll go back here at night. Take care Penelope” then my father leave My life went back to usual. I
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Chapter 08
  First Time  My brows furrowed because of confusion “Are you serious?” “Yes” he answered “How are we going to escape?” I asked him again “I will call my friends, they will helps us because if they wouldn’t I will drop a bomb” he said Drop a bomb? What does he mean? He brought out his phone and dialed someone’s number, he called many times and finally someone answered it
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Chapter 09
Let Me“Where are we exactly here in Benguet?” I asked since I really don’t have any idea where are we “Paoay, Atok” East Answered To be honest I am not familiar in Benguet. I visited a lot of places but none in my own country. “This is my first time here” I said in a small voice “Then that is great. It wasn’t our first time here but Atok will always be the best! Even though it is far it is worth it to be here” East commented Well yes, he is right. I would also want to go back here because this place is worth to be called “paradise”. If only Paige is still alive, he will love this place. I thought we will be riding again the Range Rover of East but I saw another car, it is color black. Gosh how many cars does East have? I think the model of his car is Toyota land cruiser, the latest one. “Why do you have to change your car? I mean Range Rover is okay also in rocky roads” I asked “The car is too dirty already because of the wet road. It is my second favorite car so I don’t want i
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