The Fire Within

The Fire Within

By:  Mona Mikaelson  Ongoing
Language: English
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" the fire takes everything with it, love, pain, happiness. worst of all, it's never enough. "Ruby Hart did everything she could to maintain a normal life with nothing out of the ordinary but the discovery of her older adoptive sister being a Nyx turns everything upside down. A very old and powerful vampire comes into town determined to take the life of Eliza Hart and break a thousands of years old curse. In doing so, he discovers that Eliza's sister is his soulmate, Ruby. Ruby thought her life couldn't get more hectic, then it did. She realized her ancestry and how extremely dangerous she could be when ticked off and the fact that she could blow up a place with her mind, like, literally.

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6 Chapters
Chapter 1.
 "the beginning" Ruby Hart was your normal college student. With normal brown hair, which she twirled around her normally pudgy fingers, and normal doe brown eyes that shone just enough to make her normal height of 5'3'' really stand out. Even her clothes, ripped jeans and an oversized red T-shirt, were normal.The only thing about Ruby Hart that was not normal was her family or, to be specific, her adoptive sister, Eliza Hart, only two years older than Ruby.Eliza was outstanding, she was the blonde popular schoolgirl, or at least sh
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Chapter 2.
  Throughout her life, Ruby used to make a lot of reckless decisions. Her teenage years topping the list, dating all the wrong guys, smoking the wrong stuff, barely ever studying, then her parents died. She and Eliza were all alone. It was her last year of high school, she once promised her mother that the day would come where she could be a doctor, so she did it.She went through high school with a high enough score to be a doctor and soon she would be in her second year of med school. People say that she is intelligent and incredibly inspiring to be where she was today, from a messed up kid to a college student. Wow.Truth is, Ruby owed it all to her aunt Mira. She stuck by her and Eliza's side, putting her personal life aside for them. Ask Ruby Ha
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Chapter 3.
  Emmett informed the Hart sisters that the curse must be broken during a celestial event, that being the full moon and that when Nicholas is being channelled along with the full moon, he'll be at his most vulnerable and that a witch with enough power can kill him once and for all.In return, they told him about their witch friends Clara and Winnie who had enough power to take on Nicholas King and he informed them that there was a
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Chapter 4.
  Ruby jogged to the Quarry and saw Andy and Stefan at the top of the hill with Nicholas. She placed her hand on her chest, sucking in a deep breath, "Yeah. I ain't going up there."She started walking towards the fire altar, spotting two figures sitting on the ground, surrounded by a fire ring each, so she stood back behind a tree.
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Chapter 5.
   Eliza was sleeping safely inside after there were no more tears, she did need that sleep. Ruby was sitting on the porch swing, staring at the empty streets. It was two in the morning and not a single citizen was in the streets.She hadn't slept since she woke up from her deadish state. Too scared she might not wake up again and realizing how many nightmares she was bound to get.
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Chapter 6.
  The funeral was filled with tears and you could feel the sadness and despair lingering in the air. Mira and Noah were already buried, but they wanted a little memorial. Ruby, Eliza, Kevin, Van, Winnie, and Clara were all there. Some to say goodbye and others just to be there for their friends.Ruby held two roses to put on her parents' graves, as Eliza had one to put on Mira's grave. Eliza was teary-eyed as she walked from Mira'
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