Married to the Scandalous Billionaire

Married to the Scandalous Billionaire

By:  Julia Rain  Updated just now
Language: English
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[WARNING! FOR 18+ ONLY] After a fight with her stepmother, Beverley Holmes suddenly received a wedding invitation that made her face pale. Not because it was from her ex-boyfriend, who was getting married to another woman. It was because the bride's name written on it was her own! How could it be?! So, her stepmother didn't lie to her? The woman had actually sold her to pay off a multi-million dollar debt? Then who is her future husband? *** The first time Brent Oliver saw his future wife on the wedding altar, he vowed never to be seduced by her beauty and sexiness. However, he didn't expect that the more time he spent with her, her innocent, virtuous, and hard-to-get demeanor would be so seductive that it drove him crazy. Can he continue to maintain his relationship with his secret lover? Or is he stuck with his alluring wife instead?

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Great storyline. Although some scenes are common, some things intrigued me. Keep writing, Author. This story will be popular soon.
2023-04-26 22:35:30
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Julia Rain
wow, nice!
2022-10-02 09:49:29
81 Chapters
1. A Crazy Wedding Invitation
"Marry?!" Beverley could hardly believe her own ears. Her gaze was filled with confusion as well as shock. "If I get married, how can I work and raise money to treat James?" asked Beverley. Her mother, Emma, ​​started to get annoyed. "That's why I want you to marry the son of the Oliver family!" "So you want to use me to pay off your debts?" Beverley's eyes were red. Not because she wanted to cry, but because she felt very angry. How could Emma think of such a thing? Is it because Emma is just a stepmother? "That is not what I mean. I just want you to live comfortably with rich people. You can live in peace without having to think about money. Am I wrong?" Emma asked innocently. Beverley snorted. “Who do you think you are tricking? Emma, ​​I'm not a kid to be fooled. I will never agree," she hissed sharply. She knew what situation she was in. Emma, ​​the money-loving stepmother, wants to use her daughter to pay off her debts to the Oliver family. In what way? Marry Beverley to M
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2. Let Go of My Hand!
Beverley felt like her soul was falling to the bottom of the cliff. Emma had indeed told her about this marriage beforehand. However, she thought there was still time for further discussion. It turned out that the woman had already decided on the marriage well in advance.What should Beverley do now? Her chest became sore. How could Emma do this? Hadn’t she given even the slightest consideration to her feelings?“Bev ....” Katy didn’t know what to say. She rubbed Beverley’s back gently, hoping to calm her down a little.“I have to see Emma,” Beverley said suddenly. Her gaze turned icy. She grasped the invitation paper, along with a folded letter that she had yet to read. She straightened her back and tried to strengthen her resolve.“I’ll drive you.” Katy grabbed her car keys, and the two of them walked out of the room. Katy left a few messages for the café cashier before walking away.Katy’s café was quite a distance from Beverley’s father’s house. She had been working as a manager at
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3. The Groom
One man in black pushed Beverley out of the car. No more screams came out of her mouth. No more crying or pleading of any kind. She realized it was a futile struggle.She stood up, staring at the big house in front of her. No, it was no ordinary house. One would more appropriately call it a mansion. The mansion looked very grand and elegant. A bone-white color dominated the exterior.Was it the Oliver family’s residence? Beverley did not know. Although it was a place filled with luxury, she did not feel attracted. She could not afford to spend her life there with someone she did not like at all.The night wind blew her hair. Her heart was pounding. Her feelings became erratic. Was this still real? Perhaps it was just a dream when she accidentally slept at the cafe table.“Miss, please come in.”The voice instantly broke Beverley’s reverie. She let out a long breath. “This was not a dream.” She finally stepped into the large mansion. Two men in black followed her from behind.The entran
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4. Damn Marriage
This is bad! Beverley wanted to turn around and run as far as she could. However, Brent's pair of black eyes seemed to nail her in place. Her legs became weak and…. And she couldn't escape! Oh my, what should she do now? "Why are you just silent?" Emma whispered emphatically. Everyone in the venue turned their heads and looked at Beverley curiously. She didn't want her stepdaughter to embarrass her. Beverley glared at Emma. She gritted her teeth in anger. She wanted so badly to curse that woman. However, it couldn't be done because everyone was focused on her. Finally, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. If she really had to marry that jerk, then so be it. There was nothing she could do for now. For the first time in her life, she completely surrendered to fate. Her feet wouldn't move, but they continued to be forced until she finally arrived in front of the man. Brent Oliver. The sharp-eyed man who had been secretly haunting her for months. Beverley's eyes turned red. H
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5. Brent's Lover
Beverley turned her face out the window to avoid Brent's piercing gaze. Her brow furrowed as she realized the car she was in was not making its way to Brent's house. She felt quite confused. Where will the man take her to? Despite being curious, Beverley refrained from asking. She didn't want to look anxious or worried in front of the man. Whatever the circumstances, she wanted to be a calm and indifferent woman. Moments later, their car stopped in the basement of a luxury hotel. Brent turned to look at Beverley. "Don't go anywhere. Stay here and don't make trouble!” he hissed coldly. Beverley didn't answer. She just watched the man leave with narrowed eyes. Where will the man go? Suddenly her vision caught something suspicious. Not far ahead, Brent seemed to meet a woman. The woman was wearing a red dress that was quite revealing. If there wasn't a long coat covering her body, maybe her body would be exposed. The woman was wearing sunglasses and a black fedora hat. Although her f
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6. Do You Know the Mistake You Made Today?
That day Katy's cafe seemed quite busy. When Beverley got there, the patrons and cafe staff immediately turned to look at her. Her current appearance was too flashy. And that made her hard to ignore."Oh my gosh!" Katy, who was initially recapitulating financial data, immediately ran over to Beverley. Her expression looked surprised and worried. "Honey, what happened to you?!"Beverley shook her head limply before finally settling into a chair away from the cafe patrons. Sweat was already soaking her body. She felt tired and thirsty after walking so far."Give me some cold water, please," she begged Katy. She removed the white bride veil from her head and a few other hair accessories.Without asking much, Katy immediately ordered her cafe staff to fetch cold water for Beverley. Moments later, a bottle of cold water was placed on the table.Beverley immediately took a sip of the water. Finally, her thirst was quenched. She took a deep breath. "You know, this is really ridiculous."Katy
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7. Special Rules for Unwanted Marriage
Brent's gaze grew colder. He took his phone and placed it on the table. "Do you know your current status?" he asked, holding back a growl. The muscles in his neck seemed to tighten. Obviously, he was furious.Beverley glanced at Brent's cell phone only to see her picture on it—a photo of her still in her wedding dress, on the side of the road, messy and barefoot. Part of her face was covered by a veil, but her spectacular wedding dress was sure to be recognized by those in the business community."Why does it look like Mr. Oliver's bride's dress?""Did Mr. Oliver's wife run away from her marriage or what?"People will think like that if the photo manages to debut on social media. Yeah, unless they think Brent ordered a cheap dress of the same ten designs. But it certainly did not seem like the arrogant style of Mr. Brent Oliver.Beverley felt a little satisfied at the sight of Brent's anger, though she had to say it was also a little scary. The man had made her suffer enough today, an
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8. Brent's Lover Staying at the Mansion
The atmosphere was quiet again. Beverley put down her fork and touched the black folder on the table. Just imagining its contents made her head go numb. Why is that man so annoying?On the first page: The wife must be kind to the husband and the husband's family.Beverley snorted.On page two: The wife must act like wives should when appearing in public.Beverley snorted again. Her face became even more sullen.On page three: The wife should not interfere in the husband's personal matters, and the husband will do the same.This time, Beverley agreed. That means they won't meddle in each other's personal affairs. Then she turned to the next sheet.On page four: The wife should not travel alone at night."No," Beverley protested. "Why can't I travel at night?"Brent looked at her flatly. "Unless you want to be kidnapped or harmed by my business rivals. And if that happened, I wouldn't care."Beverley snorted. What kind of person is Brent? If the man was a mafia, then she believed there
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9. Driver's License
"Oh, wasn't that your wife who was caught walking around while still wearing her wedding dress?" Brent's girlfriend's voice was so loud that Beverley could hear it. Her tone was sarcastic and mocking. It was a little annoying, but Beverley wanted nothing to do with her. She just narrowed her eyes and walked away. "Wait a minute!" Brent's girlfriend tries to stop Beverley. She walked over to her, holding Brent's hand. "Miss Holmes, why are you in such a hurry?" Beverley took a deep breath. She stopped her footsteps without turning back. "Sorry, but I have other, more important business." "Oh, dear Brent, look how your wife talks to me. She won't even look at me." Natalie complained spoiledly to Brent. The man kissed her briefly on the lips and then walked over to Beverley. "Where are you going?" "Unfortunately, it is a working day. So, I have to go to work," Beverley replied nonchalantly. She was preparing to continue her walk when suddenly Brent grabbed her by the wrist. "Let go
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10. Pick Her Up
Beverley felt very upset and worried. She kept herself still all the way until the car she was in arrived at the nearest police station. She was just about to get off when Brent suddenly reached out to her."What?" she immediately asked."Lend me your phone," Brent said."What for?"Brent snorted. "You will find out later."She hesitated for a moment. But after thinking for a while, she finally gave her phone to him. "Don't open what you shouldn't open!"Brent just glanced at her sarcastically before getting out of the car. He dialed several numbers to call someone. Moments later, Beverley approached him just after he finished the call."Who are you calling?""Someone more useful," Brent replied flatly. His words just sounded as if Beverley were completely useless. That made her feel even more irritated.'Aren't you the one who caused all of this? You even have to ask someone else for help to solve this. You are as useless as me!’ She grumbled inside.Brent didn't know and didn't care
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