The Gaze of a King

The Gaze of a King

By:  Elizabeth Mack  Ongoing
Language: English
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Her whole life she had been called beautiful. Glances and envious eyes were always cast her way. But never had Bathsheba expected to catch the eye of her King. And never in her wildest imaginings did she anticipate the tragedy it would wreak.

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23 Chapters
Chapter 1 | Beautiful Curse
It is nights like these when the wind sweeps through the dusty streets--coating my thick brown hair--that I ponder over my life. The house is still. There is no pitter patter of tiny footsteps echoing through the house. No deep laughter rumbling from my love's chest. Silence looms all around me. For some this would be welcome tranquility, but not for me. The quietness is a hollow reminder that the man I love is someone far out of my reach fighting enemies instead of sharing these moments with me.As I pad softly across th
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Chapter 2 | The Taste of Sin
The sensation of my chest constricting causes my breath to hitch. My heart sinks with the gnawing realization that something bad is about to happen. My head swirls. I suddenly feel dizzy.Why does the king want to see me?I take a clumsy step backward and
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Chapter 3 | Discarded Lillies
The tears that threaten to spill from my eye line sting excruciatingly. He sighs in satisfaction in my ear then gradually slides off of me. My muscles stiffen as I bite back a shudder of repulsion. I clench the velvety covers beside me and conceal myself quickly. When I look through the slivers breaking apart the strands of my tussled hair, I see the king's chest rising and falling in an easy rhythm. He seems at peace.His lust has been quenched and his sanity has returned to him, but this is no
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Chapter 4 | Brother Dearest
A sturdy knock rouses me from where I sit. I abandon the afternoon meal that Elisheva had diligently prepared for me and meander toward the source of the persistent rapping. I swing open the door, slightly irritated. My brother's hand, mid- knock, hangs in the air.His deep honey brown eyes comb me over. His gaze burns through me, igniting a fear in me that he will discover all my secrets with those inquisitive eyes.
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Chapter 5 | Aftermath
A finger tenderly sweeps away a thick strand of hair sticking to my face. I clench my stomach and focus on the soothing hand rubbing circles into my shoulder.I gag as the remnants of my breakfast resurfaces. A foul aroma stings the inside of my nose, intensifying lingering nausea. With clammy palms, I push up on my trembling knees and stand. Martha wraps her arm in the crook of my elbow to hold me up while I try to walk.
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Chapter 6 | The Punishment of Sin
"How could this have happened?!"I look at him with disbelief. He paces across the length of his chamber, his sandals clicking against the tiles. A flame of anger ignites within me.Tightening my grip around my arms, I reply scornfully, "I can't be
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Chapter 7 | Returned
The violet silk draping from my head down my back encompasses my arms and hides my growing stomach. I stare uneasily out the window wondering, waiting, and hoping that the rumors my ladies overheard while they were in the marketplace are true.The King has summoned Uriah home. When I first heard the report from my ladies I was filled with sheer terror mingled with longing. I miss him so much. For months at a time I have thought of nothing but him. Every night I worried over his safety and wondered if he was still alive.
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Chapter 8 | The Madness
I storm past the guards and clip around the corner. They don't try to stop me. I don't blame them. I must look horrifying. The anger pulsing through my face radiates from my cheeks as it carves deep crevices in my forehead.I am beyond furious. I'm not exactly sure what I will do once I see him. I hadn't planned that far ahead. As soon as I heard what he had done I hastened toward the palace, leaving any reason at home.
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Chapter 9 | Departed
The faces of these men that I recognize so well blur as my eyes begin to sting. Tears stream down my cheeks, unleashing a torrent of emotions that I cannot hold back. These soldiers who served with my father and with Uriah in the King's elite group of warriors called the Thirty have ripped out my heart with three words."Uriah is dead."
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Chapter 10 | Foreshadow
"How can you do this?!"His eyes flicker up to mine, the corners of his lips pulled into a crooked frown. This small semblance of remorse gives me hope. He strides towards me and I begin to feel small. His lean figure towers over me, his shadow engulfing mine.
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