Recipe of Love

Recipe of Love

By:  E. J. Espina  Completed
Language: English
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Asha, an orphan at a young age, is now on the brink of helplessness and despair. Would she let despair to chase her for the rest of her life? No, thus, she faces the man who wants her dead and dares to stand as a woman in the world of male chefs. She creates her own dishes and makes his father's recipes alive again. Her adventures lead to clues of her father's real killer and get entangles with love at the same time. Somehow, when she is face to face with the murderer, will she forgive or not? The Recipe of Love will show her the right decision to make.

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Pinky Narrazo Barata
I'm so happy to read this book, for free. I really love how it was written so well, the drama , the twist and life's lesson. I also learned a lot about India's culture. Thank you Author for this wonderful story, it will be one of my favorite books.
2022-09-17 22:14:16
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This is a great and unique novel and stands out from among the novels here which almost have same theme and plot. I highly recommend it.
2020-12-14 23:41:06
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Tebatso Phao
I'm on chapter four...You work is different than anyone else in good novels...keep up the marvelous creations...💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
2020-11-28 20:34:37
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E. J. Espina
Author here. Bias review, but I really love my stories. This story is a fruit of my historical research. I used to live in Bangladesh but came back to my country now. I write here most of my experience there. I've given my all for this story, so please take your time to read.
2020-08-26 13:32:18
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Only 6 chapters so far but I'm already in love with the story. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves food and good cooking. Add to your library and you will not regret it.
2020-08-20 02:38:10
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I highly recommend this story. If you're looking for something good to read. Support this wonderful author, you will not regret it.❤️❤️❤️
2020-08-20 01:43:19
94 Chapters
In the illustrious culinary city of Paak, male chefs garnered popularity and received recognition compared to females. They said women were mainly to serve and feed their husbands and children, while men basked in glory as skilled chefs.Men filled the kitchens in the renowned restaurant, while women waited in their households for their men to come home with their pay.
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Chapter 1
Asha couldn't forget the last letter her father left her before they hung him. This was the letter,Asha,
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Chapter 2
Asha arrived at a diner at the corner of a busy street where small, close-packed office buildings were situated. She walked in a small kitchen and stepped sideways, passing her busy co-workers in their workstations."Asha, why are you late today? This is not you," Charbi, the head chef, said. He is a tall man of six feet in his thirties. He glanced at Asha while kneadi
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Chapter 3
After cooking her last dish, Asha darted to school. She would graduate this school year from her second higher education. She could have graduated a year ago, but her situation was dire after her father's death.She could hardly understand the teacher's words because her mind was full of the things she would do for the competition tomorrow. After class, she ran home, a
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Chapter 4
Asha cooked the last batch of Chicken Torkari. She began the batch of her Baba's special Bapa Pitha. This sweet rice cake was a traditional delicacy cooked in winter. However, her father's recipe was special compared to the common one and was a hit in their restaurant.The common recipe was ground rice combined with shredded coconut and steamed with molasses fillings.
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Chapter 5
Charbi faced Ronjon and clapped his palms together. "Nomoshkar. Hi, Sir. I'm Charbi, the head cook here. What can I do for you?"Ronjon did the same action, "Nomoshkar," and extended his hand. "I only have a few questions to ask, so please sit with me for a while."
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Chapter 6
It was the cooking festival week. Every year, the surrounding villages of Paak City would hold such an occasion to uphold its reputed standing as a Culinary City.Here, every corner in every street had stalls and small diners in makeshift tents to serve the visitors and the local's palates experience of the city's unique spicy dishes.
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Chapter 7
Asha continued her work without care. She let the oyster’s stock boil and added the fish, other spices, except the coconut milk and the clam meat. "Hey, how much time did they give us?" She asked a participant in front of her. The boy ignored her."What the ... still giving me a cold shoulder?" She couldn't believe this was how the males treated the female cont
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Chapter 8
Asha was indignant to herself and ashamed for deceiving a judge where she was an entrant. Her thoughts led that way with no inkling on what was in Ronjon's mind.As for Ronjon, his excitement and interest jumped a notch after tasting her dish. Yet, it never occurred to him she was the cook of the elusive Bapa Pitha and chicken torkari he craved. Neither did he connect
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Chapter 9
Twilight fell. Oil lamps lit at every corner. A few from the audience called out at the top of their lungs, "Hey! When are you going to announce the winners? "The judges went back to their seats, but the last one to sit astounded the people. Gasps resounded to see a young man in his twenties, wearing a white tunic and pants with a garland of yellow flowers sat in th
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