Chapter 37: Family Matters

Chapter 37: Family Matters


Kim and Kla rushed to the main house as fast as they could, urgency coloring their hasty steps as they raced against time to reach Kit and Kaya before it was too late.

But the sight that welcomed them as soon as they reached the main house wasn’t something either of them had expected.

Kit and Kanya sat on the couch opposite to Charan Ayutthaya, guns pointed to their heads as they cowered in fear.

“Khun Lung!” Kim called out to his uncle, his voice filled with authority as looked the man in the eye. The tension in the room was palpable and Kla was ready to step in case the matter resulted in guns being fired.

“Kimhan.” Charan Ayutthaya, Kim and Kla’s uncle, their father’s youngest brother, raised his eyebrows with interest. “I heard you were shot. But I see that you are still fine and alive.”

“Unfortunately.” Kim gave him a wry smile. “Looks like you have to wait even longer to dig your nails into our father’s fortune.”

“Oh! Don’t be so sour, boy!” Chara
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