The Kingpin's Possession (BXB)

The Kingpin's Possession (BXB)

By:  Anna Kendra  Updated just now
Language: English
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Kimhan, Kim, needs to produce an heir in order to rule over the empire that his father built from scratch, but since he can’t change what’s in his heart, he will need to change ways to produce an heir. So the only option left is to ask his best friend, Kanya, to become his surrogate. She’s the only one who had always understood him and accepted him for who he was. However, when Kanya’s younger brother Kit decides to follow her to the mafia household for her protection, Kim is instantly drawn to the boy at first sight. From the moment both of them laid eyes on each other, it’s the beginning of their endgame. But being a part of the criminal world is full of dangers. Is Kim willing to let Kit enter his world despite the fear that he could lose his life at any moment? Or will he let go of the only ray of light he has left in his dark, dark world.

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29 chapters on September 25th 2023
2023-09-26 03:56:36
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Esma Avril
I am really enjoying this story. I've read it at least three times, but I am beginning to get frustrated, reading to the same chapter every time hoping ithe book is updated, How often do you update at least please let the readers know. Thank you
2023-09-03 04:47:35
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I love this story... Please how often do you update???
2023-03-28 19:05:15
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Rose Vasaya
I'm enjoying this story plz update new chapters
2023-04-12 14:25:51
33 Chapters
Prologue: The Decision
Prologue: The DecisionKim:The man with dark brown eyes and midnight hair had easily caught the attention of the entire café the instant he had walked in with his pinstripe blue suit and dress pants. Not only was he ruggedly handsome, but there was something about him that screamed danger and that drew people to him like moths to a flame.However, Kim disregarded the stares and headed straight for the private booth at the back. His men were stationed right outside the café, looking out for any danger that might come his way, but most of all, they were there to ensure that he got the privacy he needed. This was an extremely important affair for him and he wanted it to be solved as quietly as possible.And that’s why he’d chosen this café in particular. Because it was one of the many legal businesses he owned in Bangkok.“Sir, your guest has arrived.”Kim nodded and headed for the private booth at once to find his guest waiting. “Kanya.”“Kim.” Kanya stood up from her seat at once, rea
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Chapter 1: Friendly Little Diner
Chapter 1: Friendly Little DinerKit:Kit placed the neatly cut slices of pork into the plastic bags and placed the poached eggs onto another plastic bag , before finishing it off with a garnish of fresh spring onions.It wasn’t often that he got to bring back something delicious to share with his sister, especially because he had to save up all the money from his part time job to help his sister pay off the debtors.So when the restaurant owner had told him to take home some of their freshly made porridge with any of his favourite toppings…he hadn't stopped to think before rushing to the topping’s station with packs in hand as he piled up on the veggies. He knew that taking too much of the meats would make the other employee’s frown, so he kept it to a few slices only but usually the customers didn’t like adding too much greens to their dishes, so he made sure to take some extra with him.“Got everything you need?” The restaurant owner, an old man of about fifty years of age, came to
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Chapter 2: The First Meeting
Chapter 2: The First MeetingKim:The burly man on the ground, who was straddling the young boy, desperately trying to get his pants down, looked up at Kim enraged.“Aun! Didn’t I tell you to lock the door?” The man screamed in a gritty voice.Kim looked up to see another man, about the same age as him, running out of the kitchen, his eyes red-rimmed as he tried to shoo him out of the shop.“Khun…we are closed.” The man named Aun said urgently, his lips trembling as if in fear. “Please…”“Closed?” Kim tilted his head to the side. “Closed for what? So you can take advantage of the kid?”“What advantage?” The older man screamed once again, this time, his voice rose an octave, making Kim grit his teeth in irritation. “Can’t you see we’re closed? Get out! Get the fuck out!”“Thuanthong Rattakul,” Kimhan called out, looking the older man directly in the eye. “I came to collect the five million baht that you still own us…but I see you’re busy digging your own grave instead. If you can pay t
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Chapter 3: An Unforgettable Night
Chapter 3: An Unforgettable NightKit:Kit brought his hands to his throat, trying to stop the voice that tried to escape his lips. He bit down on his lips to stop it, but a low groan still escaped his mouth before he could stop himself.It made him feel incredibly embarrassed but he no longer had any control over his own body. What the hell was happening to me?He was hot…so hot…He was drenched in sweat with his clothes plastered to his body. His hair was sticking to his forehead and his nape and he wanted to take everything off just so it could help cool him down.But worst of all…he was hard and so, so turned on that it hurt.Another moan escaped his lips without his conscious control and he clamped his hand on top of his mouth to stop it.Tears brimmed from the corners of his eyes as he fought hard to regain control of his body. Why was this happening to him? What did he ever do to deserve this? P’Aun…Khun Thong…he had trusted them…he had simply wanted to find a job to help his s
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Chapter 4: Regrettable Choices
Chapter 4: Regrettable ChoicesKit:Kit woke up with a start as the sound of a gunshot broke through his nightmares.The bright early morning sunlight coming in through the curtains illuminated the entire room, making it easier for him to see everything that he had missed last night.Swallowing nervously, he looked back at the face of the man who was spooning him from behind, his body a welcoming warmth as it wrapped around his own under the blankets.Kit’s heart thrashed against his ribcage at the sight of him. With his tousled midnight locks falling over his forehead, he looked much younger than he had last night…probably around the same age as his elder sister. His skin was golden honey that coaxed him to run his fingers down his chest, but Kit clenched his jaw against the temptation.However…he suddenly got this feeling like he knew the Phi from somewhere…as if he had met him before.But how could that be possible? With a face like this…there was no way Kit could forget him easily
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Chapter 5: The Boy who got away
Chapter 5: The Boy who got awayKim:“It’s done.” Aawut handed his boss the tab that held the cleared out footage of the only surveillance camera that was placed outside the restaurant that the traitor Thong had built.“I guess traitors are more afraid of being cheated on than the rest.” Kim mused, going through the footage of him taking the boy into his car, followed by his men taking out Thong and the man who was his chef and escorting them to another location. “Did you get the money?”“Two million.” Aawut confirmed; his black suit and white shirt still without a single wrinkle despite him having working all night long. “The rest he had used to purchase the restaurant, so we confiscated the keys. The papers for the transfer of asset are being prepared. It should be signed and handed to you this afternoon.”“Good.” Kim nodded. “And the chef? Have you gotten anything out of him yet?”“Yes, sir.” Aawut nodded, taking the tab from his boss to pull up an information page before handing i
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Chapter 6: Unexplained Connections
Chapter 6: Unexplained ConnectionsKit:He had left marks… Kit thought to himself as he traced the patch of red on his shoulder before lowering his hand to another spot on his chest.Thanks to him being fair skinned, the marks stood out more prominently, almost like bruises all over his body. They didn’t hurt or sting…but somehow, when he was tracing his fingers over the hickeys, he could feel the lingering sensation of P’Kimhan’s fingers on his body, the way he had branded every inch of his skin with his lips, lapping at him with his tongue...Moreover, he was still sore from the encounter. Before last night, he had had no idea what sex between two men was supposed to be like, if it was even going to feel good or not…but now he didn’t have a single doubt in his mind. He had never lost control of himself the way he had last night and he vividly remembered that they had continued to make love well after the effects of the drug had worn off, until the sun was about to rise in the horizo
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Chapter 7: The Chao Pho Mansion
Chapter 7: The Chao Pho MansionKanya:The huge iron gates to the mansion were pulled open by two professional guards and Kaya found her hands tightening on her dress as the Sedan entered the gated compound and the gates closed behind them.“Was your friend always this rich?” Kit muttered from beside her, seeming more annoyed as he narrowed his eyes outside the window.There were several lights that lined either side of the path leading to the main house, which was more like a humongous, luxurious mansion. Since night had already fallen, they couldn’t exactly see the surroundings all that well, but Kanya could already tell that it was going to be a magnificent view.In reality, she had never been to Kim’s house before. Since his family dealt with several illegal affairs, Kim had never brought her over when his father was still alive, but now that he was the head of the family, she felt a lot a ease coming to The Chao Pho Mansion of Bangkok.The car came to a stop a little further away
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Chapter 8: A Shocking Discovery
Chapter 8: A Shocking DiscoveryKit:Kit didn’t know how long he slept for but as he slowly came to consciousness…it felt like someone was watching him. As he opened his eyes, feeling panic rise in the pit of his stomach, the first thing he noticed was dark brown orbs staring right back into his…a very familiar pair of dark brown eyes.Was I…dreaming?The panic begun to subside almost immediately when Kit started to connect those eyes to his memories of last night…and then the panic returned full force.“P’Kimhan?” Kit rose from the bed, surprised to see the covers drawn up to his waist. How long had he been sleeping?“Yes,” Kim looked at the boy’s tired wide eyes with a soft smile. “I thought you were going to sleep through the night.”“Phi…what? How?” Kit looked around the room in confusion, noticing that he was still inside the room that he had entered earlier. He was at the house of his sister’s friend…P’Kim…And that was when it clicked.Kimhan…Kim…It didn’t take a genius to fig
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Chapter 9: The Ayutthaya Family
Chapter 9: The Ayutthaya FamilyKit:The humongous chandelier hanging from the ceiling made the entire room look like a fairy tale. The golden light reached every corner, illuminating the room in a soft sunset glow, but if it wasn’t enough, several other chandelier stands were also placed all around the room to provide more lighting.Kit followed silently behind P’Kim down the spiral staircase to the dining hall were the other members were already waiting for them to arrive. He saw P’Kanya talking to a girl about his age, who had the same dark hair as P’Kim but her eyes were a more golden shade of brown that he had hardly seen on anyone before.“Hia!” The girl called out as soon as she saw Kim, her eyes lighting up with excitement. “P’Kaya was just telling me about how you were in University!”“Really now?” Kim gave Kaya a secret smile that she returned as he made his way to the head of the table and took his seat, but not before placing a kiss on top of the girl’s head. “And don’t ca
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