The Light in the Dark [English]

The Light in the Dark [English]

By:  Fallen Leaf  Ongoing
Language: English
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Yveon Sid Baltazar has feelings for her childhood best friend, Grant Velasquez. Grant is a famous actor, singer and model who has an excellent reputation. Yveon never tried to confess her feelings to her friend, and she knows that it will just ruin everything and she's contented on what relationship they have now. Minseo Xin, a boy who lives in the other world, was a rule breaker. He's the next one to be the king of Hanyang Dynasty, but he doesn't like the idea of being in the throne that's why he does his best to make his father angry and let his brother Jun take the throne instead. His father- the current king of Hanyang, decided to send Minseo on the other world where Yveon and Grant lives and let his brother Jun take the spot of being the next king temporarily. What will happen if Yveon and Minseo meet? Does Grant will know what his childhood best friend feels for him? The feelings will be mutual or not?

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44 Chapters
“Catch him! Don’t let him escape. Don’t you dare come back without bringing the Prince with you,” The King’s voice echoed in exasperation as he forcefully threw the cup he’s holding then annoyingly seated on his throne.“What am I supposed to do now? I’ve run out of ideas… every punishment that I knew has been given to you but you keep on disobeying me anyway. Do you loathe me that much, my dear prince?” his eyes were sharp, but he can’t deny the weakness in his voice. He then let out a deep sigh as he closes his eyes and rests on his throne.He knew that he needed to think of the best plan to make his son sensible. He can’t possibly let his countrymen meet his son, who’s going to be the next king of Hanyang, at his playful state right now. What are they going to tell me when they knew about his behavior?“My dear King, do you want me to call Baek?” asked Prime Minister Jang who bows down at me to show his respect. I stared at him for a while and thought of his plan, if this is the onl
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He went to the city of Joseon where he had a lot of flings. A handsome face like mine should be put to use. And they do not even know that I am a prince, and I won’t let them know that because death would probably be my punishment. He thought.He’s the next king in line and no one knows that except the King, the Queen, Jun, Prime Minister Jang, and the loyal people in the palace. He went to a place in the City of Joseon where parties are held every Friday and people were also having fun when he got there.His smile was gone in an instant when people started to stare at him and started whispering with each other. He heaved a sigh. Do I really look that handsome to be stared this way? He asked himself and didn’t mind the attention he was getting. He went to the usual place where he hangs out with Wikyung, Huyan and Kwanghee but he couldn’t find them. Where are my play dolls? He thought because this is the first time they didn’t attend the event. “Maybe this isn’t my lucky day…” He whis
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“For sure he disrespected the King… you know what happens to whoever disrespects the King.”He couldn’t take the gossips anymore so he eyed them both, which made them stop, “I ‘am the pri---“He wasn’t able to continue when a soldier covered my mouth and got me out of the place.The soldiers started to fire their katana to the nearby trees with a yellow in it which is a sign that everyone must not go out of their house. In an instant, the people were gone. He laughed out loud and bit the hand of the soldier covering his mouth. He spitted, “Do you have any idea on how salty your hands are? The next time you do it, I will kill you.” He bowed down as I eyed him sharply.“Hey, you two, holding arms. It hurts. Do you want me to kill you?” they both shook their heads and loosen their grip on my arms. He smirked.“Where would you take me?” I asked.“We’ll take you to the sacred city, dear Prince.” His forehead creased right away. “What am I going to do in Gyeongju?” Geongju is a holy and sa
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Truth be told, Grant is my childhood best friend. And apparently, yours truly fell in love with him. If you’re going to ask if he knows about my feelings, the answer would be no. I would never admit it because I knew he’d just get mad at me and he’d cut our ties as best friends.That’s what I see at dramas, the reason why I kept these feelings all by myself. And one more thing, it’s enough that I get to talk to him and that I matter in his life. Though I would feel neglected at times, what’s important is that he’s still talking to me, right?And if I confess my feelings, I bet it would spread like wildfire… because of his fangirls. In that case, his image as a model, actor, and singer would be at stake.Aside from being talented, he’s also smart, but he’s the cold type of person in real life, but then again when it comes to his fangirls, the friendly side of him would be resurfaced. As if his lips are always ready to smile.And that’s okay with me…He kind of had thick and dark brows,
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“All right, Kuya!”“Kuya, let me join you in your motorbike!”I stood up and bid my farewell. I walked away from there and bought a juice on my way out before walking myself to home. I forgot that I didn’t have extra money with me.It was already late when I reached home. I stared at my phone and tried to contact Grant but to no avail.I hang up immediately and place my phone inside my pocket.While walking, I heard a guy’s voice near the garbage. I went near to where the voice is and I was surprised to see a guy, as if shocked as to why he’s in the trash.Or was he mentally ill?When his eyes caught me, he smiled at me.I was wondering why he’s dress that way.He’s wearing old clothes probably centuries ago. He has a long hair and is very good-looking. “Such a pity if he’s mentally ill…” I whispered to myself.“M-me? W-what? Mentally ill? Are you crazy?” he shouted at my face. Maybe he’s not mentally ill, just… out of fashion.He looked as awkward as he stated, “Can I go with you?” My
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“Where’s Sid?” I stared at the door when I heard my name. I creased my forehead and my classmates pointed me.The guy went near me. He’s a grade twelve student. He placed a small box in my table, “Someone wants to give you this.” Then he’s gone.He’s really weird, ever since. He goes to our room twice a week to give something to me. If not food, then it would be a flower and he won’t tell me who’s giving it.I only know two things about him- he’s Raphael Sabante and he’s weird. I shook my head and wondered what it is this time.The teacher was late for a minute but started to the teacher right away before the discussion ended, she even asked me a question as to which I haven’t answered.I don’t mind anyway, what’s important is to pass. I don’t need high marks.I couldn’t help but stare at Grant’s seat once again, and I was surprised to see that he’s also looking at me, with a lollipop still in his mouth. Grant… I really do not know how his brain works…I swallowed hard because I couldn
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I was shocked to see a guy’s back. I see we have a visitor today. I noticed my sister staring at the guy smilingly, so I creased my forehead. I sat down and placed my bag on the table.My eyes widened when I saw the face of our visitor, “What are you doing here?” I screamed at his face.He stopped eating and stared back at me. His eyes widened at the realization, “Hello!” I twisted my lips involuntarily because of that; don’t tell me that he doesn’t know what hello means.“Why are you shouting Sid? Sit down and calm down, will you? Don’t treat a visitor that way. We should actually be thankful to him.” Mama defended the guy as she seated beside Daya.“What’s your problem, Sis,” Daya asked.I chose to ignore her and asked Mama, “What do you mean, Ma?”Daya is now staring at the guy while eating. I promise my face must be looking so awkward right now. He looks like he hasn’t eaten for days and is very hungry.“I went to the market a while ago and on my way home, I passed by the park. I
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She met his gaze and eyed him with the same intensity. The prince got affected because those eyes seem so familiar to him, like he saw it before, in a place he couldn’t recall.But he was certain that was the first time he saw her eyes because of their encounter in the forest, she was avoiding his gaze big time.“I order you to tell me their language here. Why don’t I know that?” He asked her. The mysterious girl chuckled, “You’re a prince, but then you don’t have an idea about their language. That’s why you get from always escaping from the palace instead of reading.”He raised his brows on her, “What did you say again? Did you just say that a prince like me doesn’t know a thing?” He shouted and his eyes turned red, an indication that he’s mad. He felt his hands freezing but the mysterious girl is gone and Sid appeared.“Hey moron, what are you doing right here, and why are you talking by yourself? Are you finally out of your mind?” Sid asked him. His hands stopped forming ice spears
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We just finished having our dinner. I am also done taking a bath and do the things that I need to do. I sat down at the bed and got the box that Grant gave me.I automatically smiled at the thought of Grant. I opened the box and saw a necklace with a snow pendant."Whoa, it’s cute!” I took a selfie and sent it to Grant with a caption of: Thank you for this cute necklace, Grant. I appreciate.I screamed in romantic excitement, I’m sure I’m blushing right now. Who wouldn’t be when your crush gave you a gift?My phone vibrated and I saw his reply: That’s not the necklace that I gave you.I frowned and replied: What do you mean? This is the necklace inside the box.”Grant: The pendant isn’t snow, its love.I blushed at that, love as in heart? Why would he give me such?Me: Love as in a heart shaped pendant?Grant: No, let’s talk tomorrow.Me: Okay. Goodnight, Grant!”I removed the necklace right away and returned it to the box. I stood up and walked outside the house and I’m about to throw
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Mama told her to use her car since it’s her day off. She asked me to drop off Daya first and I’ll accompany Triton. I nodded because it’s a hassle to commute.But Mom’s decision must be changed by some bad spirits because she told us that Triton would drive the car. I glared at Triton, “You? Are you sure you know how to drive?” I asked speculatively. He nodded and stared back at me, “I know how to drive, are you doubting me? Don’t you trust me?” I rolled my eyes in annoyance. What’s up with that guy?We rode the car silently, I mean, I was silent but Daya and he were talking.”Daya was seated in the front seat anyway. When we were already at the entrance of the school, I heard Daya with her annoying voice trying to act cute, “Kuya Triton, could you accompany me till my room? Because my teacher might get mad because I’m late.” I rolled my eyes to that and interrupted, “Daya, your class starts at 8:30 AM and it’s still 7:40 AM so you’re still early for class.”She eyed me but I didn’t
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