The Lunar prophecy

The Lunar prophecy

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Katherine Danvers grew up in a pack where she was treated like an outcast, her small size and status as a common Omega making her a target of ridicule. She clung to the belief that her mate would one day come and love her unconditionally. On her 18th birthday, her dreams were shattered when she learned she had been mated to Alpha Nathaniel Hawthorne, the most feared and ruthless alpha of the woodland pack. Nathaniel had made it clear he never wanted a mate, viewing them as weaknesses. He was already engaged to Emilia Danvers, Katherine's very own half-sister. Torn between her desire for love and acceptance, and the reality of Nathaniel's ruthless nature, Katherine must confront the truth: Can she truly find happiness as the mate of a man who sees her as nothing more than a burden, or will she risk everything to seek a future where she is valued for who she truly is?

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25 Chapters
chapter one
Katherine’s POVAs I entered the house, the cacophony of voices and footsteps was deafening. The detention I'd just returned from for getting into a fight at school seemed like a distant memory now. But I knew what awaited me at home would be far worse. My mother spotted me and immediately let loose her fury, shouting my name with a venomous hiss. Her eyes shone with a dangerous light as she advanced towards me, her cane claws clicking against the floor with every step."How dare you attack the son of the delta of this pack!” She screamed.Her words were sharp as daggers, sinking deep into my heart. "Mom, he attacked me first! He said awful things…" I tried to reason with her, but my words fell on deaf ears. Another slap stung my cheek as she spat, "You're weak and useless! I don't wanna hear any more complaints about you!"As she stormed off to her room, I could feel the tears brimming in my eyes. My name is Katherine Danvers - the Omega runt. Being an Omega isn't so bad, but being
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chapter two
Nathaniel’s POV"I didn't mean to, Mama, I'm sorry!" a little Nate cried out, his voice trembling, as his mother dragged him by the hair. He had accidentally broken a plate while washing dishes, and his mother's wrath was unleashed upon him. "You worthless piece of shit!" she hissed, her malice palpable.She grabbed her cane and began hitting the seven-year-old Nate, who screamed desperately for help. His cries were met with a drunken father staggering towards them, bottle in hand. "Rose, leave the kid alone!" he slurred, his voice a mix of anger and desperation.His mother's grip on the cane loosened as she turned to face her husband. "Oh, shut up, you stupid fool!" she screamed, her rage redirected at the man who had fathered her children. The air was thick with tension as the father's voice boomed in response, his hand raised in a threatening gesture.The mother's eyes flashed with anger, and she retreated, her cane still clutched in her hand. The five-year-old sister, sensing an o
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chapter three
Katherine's POV“I, Nathaniel Hawthorne, rej…” Nathaniel started but his speech was cut off by a voice that screamed, “stop!”. We all turned to see the mysterious man, it was elder Walker, who was one of the oldest men in the pack.“You can not reject an Omega like that,” he said, making our eyes widened. I was an Omega but I knew nothing about that. Well I knew nothing about the omega genes because my family made me feel ashamed of it.“Why?” Emilia asked, elder Walker sighed at our ignorance, “if you do, the omega would likely die, because most omegas depend on the strength of their mate bond alot,” He answered us. My eyes widened at the knowledge that if he hadn't walked it, I would be dead because of Alpha Nathaniel's rejection."That's bullshit, this wedding needs to happen, so Alpha, please continue with the rejection," my dad said, his words piercing my heart like a dagger. It hurt to know that my own family didn't care if I died. "Don't insult my knowledge, Danvers," Elder W
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Nathaniel wolf immediately retreated giving back control to Nathaniel, Emilia stared at them in disbelief, Katherine swallowed nervously before pushing the Alpha off her. “You couldn't even wait a little for pouncing yourself on the alpha” Emilia snarled in anger before slamming the door and leaving angrily. Katherine’s mouth widened in confusion, the alpha was clearly on top of her not the other way round. Nathaniel's expression twisted in disgust as he regained control. He couldn't fathom why his wolf would deign to mate with a common Omega. "Get out!" he growled, shoving a bewildered Katherine out the door with a harsh push. He slammed the door shut and slumped onto his bed, berating himself for his behavior.Katherine stood before the locked door, perplexed. No one had told her where to sleep for the night. She descended the stairs to find the petite girl who had informed her of the alpha's summons. "Hey, sorry to bother you, but I don't know where to sleep or anything," Katheri
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chapter five
Katherine's arms encircled Emilia's trembling body, holding her close as she whispered words of comfort. But instead of reciprocating the embrace, Emilia suddenly pushed Katherine away, her eyes blazing with anger."Get out, Katherine!" Emilia's voice was hoarse from crying, but it was laced with a venom that made Katherine's heart race. "Just leave me alone!"Katherine's face fell, her eyes wide with shock. She had never seen Emilia like this before. "Emily, please—" she started, but Emilia cut her off."No, Katherine! Just get out!" Emilia's voice rose to a shout, and she stood up, her fists clenched at her sides.Katherine felt a sting from the rejection, but she didn't want to make things worse. "Okay, Emilia. I will leave just..” she tried to reason before a growl caught her off.“Get out!” Emilia’s wolf snarled dangerously as she barged her teeth at Katherine. Katherine swallowed as she hurried downstairs, it might seem like a dick move to others, but Katherine knew that she cou
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Chapter six
“Nana, plewase I am sared” little Naomi called on to her big brother Nathaniel, she was two so her words were barely audible. Nathaniel ran and pick her up from the cold cemented floor. Nathaniel's mother had locked them in the dungeon because of Naomi's constant tears.“It's okay, I will protect you” Nathaniel promised her as he cuddled her to his chest. He promised himself that no harm shall come to her, Naomi was his baby sister.Nathaniel jumped up from his sleep, he was hyperventilating as he scattered the cupboard for his anxiety drugs. His hands were shaking as hot tears ran down his eyes, he failed her, he failed Naomi. That was his last thought before he collapsed on the floor.Kilo was going to his cousin's room, after countless knocking Nathaniel wasn't responding, Kilo was scared to go in because the last time he entered Nathaniel’s room without his permission, the alpha almost killed him. But kilo would take the chance, as he pushed the door slowly he saw the alpha on th
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chapter seven
“You worthless piece of shit” my mom screamed in anger as she picked up a bottle and smashed it on my dad's head. They were having their usual fights, I held my baby sister close to me as i hid under the table scared to face their wrath.“You're the worst mate ever to exist” my dad snarled at my mom as he retaliated and pushed her to the ground. He staggered his drunken self towards me and Naomi and dragged me harshly from under the table. “” I pleaded as he hit me again and again and again, Naomi was on the floor crying. My whole body shivered in fear as my mother ran to the kitchen to bring out a knife. She smirked as she held Naomi's tiny neck..“I will show you how much I hate you Jones” she spat at my dad. My eyes widened at the implications of her words as Naomi cried out for me.“Hit me, hit me please leave her alone” I bargained as blood oozed out from my head, “leave her..leave her alone!” I screamed desperately as my body shook frivolously.I jumped up from my nightm
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chapter eight
Katherine POVIt's been days since I saw the alpha, I can confidently say that he's been avoiding me like a plague in the clinic incident. I knew that we weren't friends or anything but before at least I usually see him. I sighed deeply drawing Emilia’s attention to me, Emilia came to the pack house for training so she decided to come see me.“What's the problem?” Emilia asked in concern but I only gave her a fake smile, I couldn't tell her that I was thinking about her fiance, who is still my mate.“It's nothing” I shrugged off, Emilia looked skeptical but nodded in understanding. Emilia and I decided to stroll into the pack dining Hall, there was always free food given to all pack members. We went into the hall and immediately there was silence, instantly I knew they were gossiping about me because of their harsh glares. “I am not hungry, I will wait here for you” I told Emilia as I pulled a chair and sat close to the entrance door. Emilia nodded in understanding, she always knew
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chapter nine
Nathaniel PovI had been avoiding my omega like a plague since the clinic incident. I hated showing weakness, and it was even worse when it was that damn omega. But recently, my wolf had been getting frustrated from not seeing his mate, and I couldn't concentrate on anything.My secretary's voice broke through my thoughts. "Mr. Hawthorne," she said, and I realized I had been so lost in thought that I hadn't even heard her call my name. "You have a meeting tonight," she reminded me. I nodded, but I knew I couldn't attend. My teeth were growing longer, and my claws were elongating. I told my secretary to cancel the meeting and rushed to my car, needing to get home.It took me 30 minutes to arrive at the pack house, and I immediately ran to my room, transforming into a huge black wolf with white stripes as I went. I used my claws to climb onto the bed and relaxed, feeling a sense of relief wash over me.Just as I was starting to calm down, I heard a knock at the door. I wondered who it w
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chapter ten
Katherine POVThe alpha's idea of being civil was to ignore me, which suited me just fine. I grumbled to myself as I glared at the math teacher, my mind preoccupied with thoughts of my mate. It felt strange to refer to the alpha as my mate - this mate bond was utterly confusing."Miss Thompson, what is the answer?" Mr. Nitin, my math teacher, asked, snapping me out of my reverie. I hadn't been paying attention, but my wolf hearing had picked up the whispers of my classmates, so I blurted out the answer: "5 or -4, using the quadratic formula." Mr. Nitin's eyes widened in surprise before he smiled and confirmed my answer was correct. I knew why he was shocked - I usually got Ds or Fs in math. But today, I had relied on my wolf hearing to get the right answer.The rest of the class passed without incident, and I was relieved when it finally ended. As I walked out of the school building, I saw my mom and Emilia waiting for me outside.They weren't looking hostile but rather calm, it was q
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