The Lupus Luna

The Lupus Luna

By:  Lilly Rose  Ongoing
Language: English
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A girl is raised human only find that on her 29th birthday with the first Full moon she has an awakening. She finds her destiny while in search for her missing sister. She has to choose between two fates.

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11 Chapters
Chapter One: Lilies and the Forest
My head is throbbing I reach for my eyes only to I realize that my arms are restrained. I try to move my legs and they are tied to something. I tell myself to breathe and not panic. I'm racking my brain for anything to figure out where I am, and how I got here. I hear what sounds like a door open and footsteps. I know those footsteps, but I can't remember his name. Why? Why can't I remember my own name, but I know that those footsteps belong to someone I love. How is this possible? How is it possible that I'm tied up, with a ragging headache and this person is walking around? I'm starting to forget how to breathe when the person touches my hand and says "you are safe now. I rescued you last night. I'm sorry for the theatrics but if I didn't do it this way, your cover would have been blown. How is your head?" My breathing is calming, his words and voice give me resources. I open my mouth, but nothing comes out. I have lost the ability to speak, and try moving my hands o
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Chapter Two: Who?
I'm gently place on the bed, as he walks around the room closing the blinds and curtains. He dims the lights and comes over and sits next to me on the bed. He gently rubs my back up and down and places a gentle kiss on the side of my head. I lean into his embrace, as I ask him "where are we?", I can hear him take a long breathe before he responds. "Honey, we are at our cottage in the forest. My name is David, your husband of 8 years now. Your name is Maggie, your 29 years old. You have been undercover for a little over a year now, trying to find your sister who taken by werewolves." His words sit in my head, and I try to process what he just told me. I remember none of it. The names don't sound right, the age or the amount of time "we've" been married, or that I’d go undercover. Wait, did he just werewolves? Now, I know he is crazy. Werewolves don't exist. I don't know much, but that I'm positive of. Great I've taken by a crazy man, who tied me to a chair, told me fake nam
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Chapter Three: Confession
"David, I need to get back. I know you just saved me but if I don't return soon, they will come for me and kill anyone who is near me. If they knew you were my husband, and I was already would be horrible for you. You must leave this cottage and go somewhere. Anywhere. Hide. I'll come find you when this over. I promise." The look om his face went from care to confusion, and I can see that he is upset. "Baby, what’s wrong?" He shakes his head "why did you say already married?". I sit up realizing we don't get much time to talk. He has no idea that the alpha has requested me to be his Luna. Even though I'm not a werewolf, he says I have a Luna heart and will. Also, that is the only way he will let me sister go, is if I agree to marry him on the next full moon. Which is in two days’ time. I stare at David and see the hurt in his eyes. "Have you been seeing someone in the pack? I know your memory is altered and changed but Maggie, every time you go back it gets
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Chapter Four: Confusion
David’s words hit me like a ton of bricks. He is right. There will be no where I can go where the Alpha couldn't find me. Worst of all is that when we are connected, he will feel the love in my heart for David. Before I could respond, I feel a vibration under my feet. I look down and know there is something huge coming this way. I look at David with pleading eyes, "I'm sorry, but we don't have much time. There is a pack of wolves headed here. I can feel the earth shaking. I will find a way to fix this. I love you, please don't lose faith in me. I need you to go along with I say. It will save your life. Then you leave. Get as far away as you can. Change everything. I promise you I will find you when this is over." We're cut off by a loud howl at the beginning of the forest lines in the front of our cottage. I look at David and pull out a pill that I kept hidden in my wristwatch, I put it in my mouth and drink down the water. I kept one just in case something like this
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Chapter Five: The Save
I head for the front door. I take a deep breathe, calming my nerves. I open the door and head for the biggest wolf. He is a beautiful creature. He is taller than all the other wolves. His coat is black, so black that in the light it shines it shows hints of purple. I stop walking when the wolf turns and looks at me. I look into his bright eyes and find ease. He looks relieved before his eyes turn to pure hate. I raise my eyebrow as he stalks my way, sniffing the air as he growls. It sends shivers down my spine, as I pick up on the scent he is fixed on. The Lilies and forest. David. Alpha stalks towards him and I step in front of him. Alpha sends a bone curdling growl escape his lips. "Alpha, a man took me and when I escaped, I was lost and disoriented. I stumbled across this place and hoped for rest. This man helped keep me safe when the others came looking. Surely you wouldn't harm the person who helped your soon to be Luna?" He takes a few steps back and changes back into
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Chapter Six: The Lupus
I turn walk to the forest line. With every step I feel this is right decision. I feel my body heating, and my bones are aching, my headache is growing stronger. The sun has set, and the moon is huge and bright. I reach the Alpha that has managed to find a loose pair of sweatpants. They are hanging loosely off his hips. "Have you figured it out yet Maggie?" as he reaches out to feel my forehead. "Figures what out?" He lets a small laugh out "You are a late bloomer. You are known as Lupus werewolf. You get your wolf on the first full moon of your 29th Birth year. You are a rare breed but to be one of the strongest of wolves out there." I'm puzzled by his enlightenment. "Is this why my head is aching, constant thirst, I feel like I’m burning hot and my bones are aching?" He there is a small tug on the one die of his mouth, "yes. The only downside to this type of wolf, is that it's rumored to be the hardest one to shift into the first time. You have be in direct moonl
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Chapter Seven: The Change
The closer we got to the opening the more my headache increased. I can feel pressure in my bones, and my head. It feels like my brain is stretching while waking up after a good long nap. The Alpha picks up pace as a new howl starts to appear. It is a startling new sound, that sends shivers down my spine, and I can feel the Alpha trembling underneath me. We stop at the opening of the of the forest where the moon is directly above. There are blankets, placed on the ground with buckets and rags next to it. I feel as if I’m floating while I'm approaching the blankets. I feel the warmth of the alpha arms, around me and he puts his lips against my ears. "You are about to start the change; I can smell your wolf. She is here. The pack is guarding the forest around us. They cannot see you. You need to strip your clothes off so you can start the change. I will be here by you the entire time. You will get really hot, and you will want to fight the shift. Don't fight it. Let go of the control
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Chapter Eight: The Wedding
It's been two moon nights since The Change and my getting my wolf. It has been an interesting time and getting used to having someone else in my head. I wasn't sure if there would enough room for both of us. Well Willow explained that’s why my head was hurting for those few days. She decided it wasn't big enough for both of us and she was making more room for both of us. Alpha Ranger was correct. I have different abilities that most don't have. For once I hear what all are thinking, my nose picks up scents farther away then most wolves, I know will be mated together before they are even 18 years of age. I can sense things happening outside of our territory, and I’m told that is just the beginning. I have been focusing on training and planning our wedding. Willow and I have agreed to not mention that we have two mates. Willow has had conversations with Mason, and he is not one share what is his. We both agree that keeping David safe is more important. We will have time to work
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Chapter Nine: The Mate Bond
He takes his coat off, hangs it over the chair in the room and starts unbuttoning the cuffs on his sleeves and rolling them up. He walks over to me and holds my hands. He closes the small distance in between us "the initial bite will sting at first then pleasure will flood through instead, then what we're both feeling will pull through. It's best to take off your dress so the blood doesn't stain your dress." I smile and turn around so he can unzip my dress. I can hear his breathe hitch as his fingertips grazes down my back as he unzips the dress. He steps in closer as he slowly runs his hand back up my back and put both hands on my shoulder. Alpha bends so slightly and places his lips on my neck, as he kisses and sucks lightly he starts to push the sleeves of the dress off my shoulders as he runs his fingertips over my shoulders in a trail of the missing sleeves. With every kiss, suck and every touch of his fingers and hands it sends chills all over my body. I can feel him growing as
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Chapter Ten: The Note
The party was a blur and not nearly as fun as connecting our mate bond. We danced and celebrated, then headed home. Home. Now, that is a change for me. I'm still getting used to saying "our" instead of "his" or "yours". I've been changing things around the house, and putting a womens touch on it. When I started the home also know as the Pack House, was dark. No pictures, no painting, no flowers. Just dark tinted windows, black walls, white floors, all the tables, chairs, in the common rooms were black. Before my mate would let me enter "our" home, he said "it's probably not to your liking, but you can fix it up to what you like. Make it your own style." I looked at him slightly confused until he opened the door. My jaw dropped and wondered how anyone could live in a cave like home. The first to change was the walls colors. I painted over the black walls with a pretty pale Green color on the bottom half of the wall and a slightly darker green on the top, and added pastel pink cur
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