The Mafia's Personal Stripper

The Mafia's Personal Stripper

By:  Stephanie Benjamin   Ongoing
Language: English
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Aliyah White is a stripper whose life changed totally when Liam Thompson, a big figure in the country, gave her an offer which she couldn't turn down.

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6 Chapters
Chapter One
It was busy as always in Mars strip club which was a very popular strip club in Italy.In the VVIP section of the club, the music in the background was slow and it was soothing to the ears.The only people that can be found in this section are prestigious men in and all over the country.At one side of the section sat a young handsome man clad in a blue tuxedo suit.the expression on his face showed that he was in a very bad mood and none of his men dared to near him during this time,they were just guarding him from afar.His name is Liam Thompson a billionaire business tycoon,the CEO of Thomp company which was popular in construction in the day while he was a mafia don in the night.Meanwhile in a closed room,many young girls were being dressed up as they were getting ready to strip for the men.These were young girls of 20 years who were trained specially for this day which was known as pick your virgin was done once in every year and many prestigious sex starved men didn't fail t
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Chapter Two
*LIAM*I just came here to pass away time.I could still remember everything that happened today vividly in my bedroom when I caught my personal Stripper in bed with another man not just an ordinary man but a man who was supposed to be my of the things I hated was sharing my property.The cheers from the men caught my attention and I looked up to see a very beautiful girl standing on the stage.I asserted her with my eyes as she introduced herself as red.I must say that she is a very sexy and beautiful girl but I was not interested.I went back to drinking without caring about what was going on.I was drinking when I felt another presence.I looked up to see the girl in red lingerie which exposed her plump breast and hourglass figure. She was staring at me with her hazel eyes which was so was a pleasure to see her waist length flowing red hair.When I saw her,I couldn't help but remember my Stripper.I don't date,I only slept with women for sexual satisfaction.I stare
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Chapter Three
*ALIYAH*He dragged me to his car which was parked outside. His men opened the door and pushed me in before sitting beside me.he leaned closer to kiss me but I moved my face away from actions got him annoyed because he grabbed my jaw tightly while laughing like a maniac."Did you just reject me?"he questioned, slapping my face hard.I felt like my teeth were about to fall off,I could feel the metallic taste of blood in my mouth.I glared at him and he increased his hold on my jaw maintaining a serious look on his face."I spent so much to have you to myself so I won't tolerate any form of disrespect from you,I want you to be a good girl and do everything I say because you are my slave now""Ho Capito?(am I understood?"he questioned."Capisco maestro (I understand master)"I replied to him and he let go of me.He beckoned on one of his men who came immediately.he whispered something in his ears and the man left in a hurry.Soon the man came back nodding his head.,"It's clear,"he sa
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Chapter Four
*LIAM*Her image couldn't disappear from my head,I could still remember the pain in her eyes when she was bought by Don Santino Russo.I don't know why but there is something different about that stripper that I can't pinpoint.I should have just helped her."No I shouldn't be thinking about her,she is not my responsibility, since when did I start caring about people?"The car came to a sudden halt pushing my chest forward and my head hit the chair as I wasn't on seat belt."Dante do you want to kill me?"I questioned my driver who is also my most trained guard.he turned to face me with a sullen expression on his face."Boss,I think I ran over someone"he replied and I hissed at him."Go fucking help the person out"I yelled at him and he got out of the car immediately.Soon I saw him approaching the car with a woman in his arms,he opened the door and placed the woman who was unconscious beside me."Let me rush her to the hospital first"he said to me before inserting the car key into the ign
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Chapter Five
*ALIYAH*I was discharged from the hospital after I was fully discovered and I discovered that this stranger was the man who ran me over with his car.he was my only hope of getting far away from this city so I told him that I didn't have a place to go to and he decided to help me by taking me to somewhere he knows of.I clutched my dress as I could recognize the path he was driving to,this was the exact path I was running from.As his car approached closer,I could see the colorful lights coming from the building which had the heading"WELCOME TO MARS STRIP CLUB"this was the place I dreaded the most and I didn't want to go back there not in this life or afterlife.I turned towards him immediately."Where are you taking me to?""To the place where you belong,you can't fool me,you are a stripper who escaped from the club"he replied as I stepped on the brake and the car stopped.he parked the car,he was about to open the door when I held his hands and he looked at me questioningly."Please I
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Chapter Six
"Grandpa, it's none of your business; don't get involved in this," Maximo stated angrily."I organized the placement of your favorite red in the exhibition because a mere look at her I can tell that she would bring the syndicate a lot of money, and guess what? I was right in the end. Maximo glared at his grandfather who was talking while clutching his smoking pipe and a walking stick in one hand."Grandpa!!!" Maximo yelled, striving frantically to keep his fury in check."Rule No. 1: Avoid losing money by keeping emotions at bay when conducting business; it appears that you are already forgetting the rules". Grandpa told him."You don't need to remind me of the regulations since I haven't forgotten them", Maximo said."Then what makes you so upset that your favorite girl was sold?His grandfather enquired.Maximo retorted, "I wanted to buy her and make her mine.""Will you agree to pay 10 billion dollars on her head?"His grandfather enquired.Maximo retorted, "That's a lot of money for
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